How To Fold A Baby Blanket In 3 Easy And Efficient Ways

If you want to keep them looking good and special, here are three ways on how to fold a baby blanket. With all the household chores and stuff, we tend to just fold our baby blankets in half or just throw it into the cabinet after washing. A little time and effort won’t hurt because every endeavor pays off.


how to fold a baby blanket

Ways To Fold Your Baby Blankets

Usually, baby blankets are not just used according to its sole purpose. It can serve as a cover-up, a display, or even a gift!

With that, we will teach you ways to fold your soft and warm blankets. Just follow our instructions and in just a few minutes, everything will be a little extra.


Method #1. Folding for storage purposes

Step #1. Lay your baby blanket flat on a surface. Make sure that it is completely unfolded. This makes it easy to reach its corners when you do your fold.

Step #2. Hold two corners of your blanket on the same side and bring them to the opposite side. For a rectangular blanket, fold it lengthwise.

Step #3. Remove creases, wrinkles, or folds on the blanket. Do this by running your palms across your blanket’s surface. Make another fold.

Step #4.  To make a half crosswise fold, hold the shorter side of your blanket, then bring it to the opposite side, allowing the corners to meet. Again, remove creases and wrinkles to smooth out your blanket.

Step #5. You can continue to fold your blanket in half until you reach your desired size for storage. It would help if you folded more to make it smaller but remember that it gets bulky as you do.

After all the folding, your blanket is now ready to be stored in a clean, dry place for future use.


Method #2. Folding for display

You can fold your blanket in thirds. Bring one side of the blanket to the center, then bring the other side over the first one. This makes a neat-looking blanket for display on your sofa or bed — or just anywhere you want.

If you want your blanket to lay flat, you can grab its corners and shake it out.

For more display, you can just fold your blanket in half. You can do this by grabbing the corners of the same side of the blanket then bring them to meet the corners of the other side.

For a rectangular blanket, fold it lengthwise. This fold is suitable for display across your bed or at the back of your sofa.


Method #3. Folding for a gift

Step #1. First, lay flat your baby blanket on a surface. If it has been designed, make sure that the side with the design is facing outward.

Fold your blanket in half. For a directional design, follow its direction in folding.

Step #2. Grab the folded edge, and once again, do another fold.

Step #3. Afterward, fold the right edge of the blanket to the middle. To make it easier for you to identify the center, you can temporarily fold your baby blanket in half until a mark is visible. Fold one side of the blanket until it reaches that mark.

Step #4. Now take the left edge of your blanket to the middle. You should now see a rectangle in which two sides meet at the center.

Step #5. Next, we will now do the rolling. Starting from any side, roll the blanket to the other side. The flange edge must be at the bottom.

Step #6. Using a ribbon, yarn, or even a scrap of fabric, tie your blanket roll. With your artistic eyes, pick a color or design that matches your blanket.

For a plain baby blanket, it is better to choose a patterned ribbon for contrast and a plain one for a patterned blanket.

Step #7. With the ribbon of your choice, tie a bow. Trim the edges right after. For a more personal and creative touch, you may add a card, some beads, or even keychains.


Why do I have to fold my blankets?

Although it is not totally necessary to take the time and exert effort in folding your baby blankets, it is something good to do. Proper folding helps in maintaining their shape.

A folded blanket also looks good as a display on your open shelves, bedside tables, and bathrooms. If you are thinking of giving baby blankets out as gifts, proper folding will make it look extra special.

Of course, talking about convenience, a folded blanket is easier to store and find. You wouldn’t want to rummage through your bunch of stuff just to find that blanket which you failed to fold, right?



Learning how to fold a baby blanket is interesting. It does not just enhance your creativity but also allows you to save your money by maintaining your precious coverings.

Now, go and do all that folding! Make saving space, styling your shelves, and sending out gifts much more enjoyable.