Top Baby Shower Restaurants Near Me

Consider these top baby shower restaurants for a chic and intimate gathering with friends and family. We’ve listed all the best locations across the US to suit every baby shower theme wherever you are. 

Each space can comfortably accommodate different numbers of people, whether you’re having very few guests or more than the usual 20 to 30 for baby showers. And speaking of baby shower restaurants, perhaps you want to host a brunch-style event for the expecting mom and dad. 

baby shower restaurants

Here are some fantastic baby shower brunch ideas, so you can also choose which restaurant has the menu you envision for the party.  


Best Baby Shower Restaurants In The US: Great Places To Host A Baby Shower With Good Food And Ambiance 


Best baby shower restaurants in Los Angeles

These are the best baby shower venues to consider if you live in LA. Not only will your guests’ tastebuds be satisfied, but these restaurants are also a feast for the eyes. 


The Front Yard

Do you have a few guests at the baby shower? Consider The Front Yard your event space for an intimate party experience with delicious dishes.

Their private dining room can accommodate up to 16 guests, so it’s perfect for people with micro-baby showers. You can fill up their proposal form for private dining on their website for ease of planning. 



Treat the expecting parents to a picturesque baby shower venue in Los Angeles; one of the best locations for this is the Openaire Restaurant. You can choose between the greenhouse for the plant-loving mom and dad-to-be or take great pictures with natural lighting on their outdoor terrace. 

Two Michelin star Chef Josiah Citrin offers different event menus, so you can choose the best one you imagined for the baby shower. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack food items while enjoying the gorgeous event place. 


Dal Rae Restaurant’s Garden Banquet Room

In celebration of the couple’s new family, why not do the baby shower at a family-owned restaurant? You can choose from different seating plans or book the whole restaurant if you have many people at the baby shower. 

You can also consider their Garden Banquet Room, perfect for the typical 30-person baby shower. It’s a private patio perfect for cocktail hour if you want to mingle with friends and family. 


Best baby shower restaurants in New York

The great thing about being in New York for the baby shower is the array of restaurants and event locations you can choose from. We hope you find the best venue for your gathering with these restaurants, known for their ambiance and delicious food. 


Maman NYC

You can choose from Maman’s different locations across New York for the convenience of everyone attending the baby shower. For example, they have a location close to the Grand Central Station, and it’s even perfect if you imagine drinking tea and coffee with a rustic ambiance and floral accents for the baby shower. 

However, considering Maman as your baby shower restaurant, you should go for its flagship location in Soho. It has three seating areas, and you can choose between indoor or outdoor dining, depending on what you think suits your imagined party for the mom-to-be. 


Alice’s Tea Cup

Are you planning on having a tea party baby shower? If you’re in New York, one of the best restaurants to have this type of gathering is Alice’s Tea Cup

You can book an event in their locations, like the main dining room, outdoor area, or raspberry room. The latter is ideal for a typical three-hour baby shower with under 20 guests. 


Sunday In Brooklyn

Another fantastic restaurant you should consider if you’re throwing a baby shower in New York is Sunday In Brooklyn. This is also the perfect location if you’re doing a brunch gathering. 

You can have a simple private seated dining room experience or a chic cocktail party at their rooftop garden. They even have a sunroom that can seat 50 people if you have many guests at the baby shower.


Best baby shower restaurants in Houston

Are you looking for great food and ambiance for your baby shower in Houston? Check these restaurants to satisfy the palate and Instagram feed. 


House of Blues Houston

Are the expecting parents fans of blues and rock? Embody this theme perfectly in the House of Blues. While most of their venues are spaces meant to accommodate large gatherings, they also have the Elwood and Rock Star Suite for under 50 guests. 

You can also check their website to know the live performances in their Restaurant and Bar. You can make a reservation of up to 20 people and enjoy live music and tasty Southern-inspired menu.


Ouisie’s Table

Founded in 1973, you can be assured that Ouisie’s Table will have a satisfying menu for everyone at your baby shower. And what’s fantastic about this location is you can choose from different venues to suit the ambiance you want for the party. 

They have the Main Dining Room with charming wooden accents and the picturesque Bears’ Garden with the sound of fountains accompanying good food. They also have the Alsey’s Nest and Cooper’s Bin for intimate baby showers and Lucy’s Porch if you have a large gathering. 


Tiny Boxwoods

It’s worth considering having your brunch baby shower in Tiny Boxwoods Houston. Browse their mouthwatering menu on their website, and you might just be tempted to make a reservation asap. 

Another space to consider is Tiny’s No. 5 for their Ivy room. This tranquil venue is perfect for an intimate and relaxed baby shower, thanks to its hydrangeas and natural light. 

And for more baby shower venues, here’s where to have a baby shower in Houston


Best baby shower restaurants in San Diego

Take advantage of the weather and delicious food in San Diego with these baby shower venues. These restaurants can also accommodate different sizes of events so that you can throw anywhere from an intimate to a large baby shower. 


Farmer’s Bottega Restaurant

If you’re looking for a brunch baby shower venue in San Diego, why not check out Farmer’s Bottega? This farm-to-table restaurant is perfect for up to 20 guests, and you can even enjoy craft local beer and wine with their famous dishes. 

For event inquiries, you can send a message through their website. You can also check their reviews to see if the event space suits what you envision for the gathering. 


Bali Hai Restaurant

Since you’re already in San Diego, why not have the baby shower at a restaurant that provides a great view of the San Diego Bay? Plan your event in Bali Hai Restaurant where you can choose from indoor and outdoor spaces for different sizes of baby showers.  

Baby showers are intimate parties, so you will likely only need the Tiki Room. It can accommodate up to 28 guests, and you can book a site visit to see for yourself. 


Brick + Laurel

A unique space to book for the baby shower is at Brick + Laurel, a warehouse venue with no restrictions on catering. To give you an idea about their pricing, their minimum is three hours for $120 per hour. 

You can choose from daytime or evening timeframes and add extras to your package. For example, they have a balloon arch and extra dining tables, depending on the setup you want for the baby shower. 

We understand it’s not a restaurant like the previous two, but if you want more baby shower venues, here’s where to have a baby shower in San Diego. We gave you these options so you can consider booking an event space and finding a caterer nearby to compare the costs of booking a restaurant for the baby shower. 


Best baby shower restaurants in Chicago

Chicago is known for its architecture and food, and these restaurants might just be the perfect locations for your baby shower in the windy city. And while you’re at them, why not plan tours of museums if you think the mom and/or dad-to-be will enjoy sightseeing?


Etta Restaurants

If your location is in Bucktown, one of the best restaurants to consider for the baby shower is etta. This restaurant is ideal if you have around 14 guests. 

You can make a reservation in their restaurant, depending on the time you want for the baby shower. You can do a brunch or evening baby shower as the restaurant is open from 10 am to 11 pm. 


Eleven Eleven

Described as dynamic yet comfortable, Eleven Eleven might just be the perfect restaurant for your baby shower. Send them a message for your private party to inquire and plan the baby shower more smoothly. 

As for what to expect, guests will enjoy the industrial ambiance and curated menu. And to top it all off, their service is commended by visitors for a stress-free gathering with friends and family. 


Taureux Tavern

A gorgeous space to consider for your Chicago baby shower is the French-inspired restaurant and bar called Taureux Tavern. You can choose from different event spaces, but you’ll likely only need the Veranda or Mezzanine that can accommodate 40 to 50 seated guests since baby showers typically only have a few people. 

Taureux Tavern prides itself on handpicked wines and seasonal menus. You will also get to work with their dining team to specify the dietary restrictions and even the venue decors for the ultimate baby shower experience. 

And for more baby shower venues, here’s where to have a baby shower in Chicago.


Can A Baby Shower Be Done At A Restaurant?

One of the best venues for the baby shower is a local restaurant. This place is convenient for the host because they don’t need to prepare the space and book a caterer. 

Some restaurants even offer different event venues to suit various sizes of gatherings. You might find a picturesque restaurant with a rooftop, garden, sunroom, or unique setups for brunch or tea party baby showers. 

The expecting mom or dad might also prefer a short event instead of a party. For this, you can book a table at a restaurant and simply enjoy good food with good company.

Finally, restaurants can be cost-effective since the host won’t spend on activities and decorations. And best of all, there’ll be no clean-up needed after the baby shower than hosting the party at home. 


How Do I Make A Reservation At A Baby Shower Restaurant?

Check the restaurant’s official website, which usually has a section for inquiries and reservations. Make sure you’re selecting the form for private events or the option for booking a table, depending on the number of guests you’ll have. 

When to book a baby shower restaurant? You might need to book the event space one to two months before the baby shower or before you’ll send the invitations. 

Remember that baby shower invitations are sent six weeks before the event, so make sure everything, like the restaurant for the party, is ready before sending them. And, of course, clarify everything with the restaurant when planning the menu, especially about guests’ dietary restrictions. 

You might also like this list of baby shower venues for additional site considerations.


What Do I Need For A Baby Shower In A Restaurant?

The advantage of having a restaurant as the baby shower venue is they’ll be responsible for everything. However, there are event spaces where you’ll bring a caterer and decorate the location. 

Clarify everything with the restaurant to know what you’ll need for the party. But usually, you don’t need to prepare the space yourself; all you need to do is manage the booking for your chosen date. 


How Do Restaurants Decorate Baby Showers?

Most restaurants have different venues to suit various events and the number of people. You can always consult them if you have envisioned an ambiance and theme for the baby shower. 

You can also select restaurants that would already fit the gathering you have in mind. For example, pick a restaurant with wooden details in its space for a rustic setting or an outdoor patio if you want a garden tea party baby shower. 

Some restaurants will also work with you to prepare the decorations you want for the event. But of course, be realistic with your budget and adjust accordingly.



And that’s it! We hope this list of the best baby shower restaurants helped you find the perfect venue for your gathering. 

It would help to have a theme and ambiance in mind, so you can select which space suits your baby shower well. Lastly, book the venue months in advance to ensure everything’s set before the party. 

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