15 Baby Shower Questions For Mom And Dad Trivia

Get creative with these 15 baby shower questions for mom and dad on your baby shower trivia game. We’ve also listed the best questions for the Mommy Daddy Guessing Game and Baby Shower Would You Rather Game. 

These baby shower games are not only great as icebreakers, but they’re also hilarious and memorable for the expecting mom and dad. And speaking of playing at the baby shower, you can guarantee laughs and enjoyment from your guests with this list of the best baby shower games.

baby shower questions for mom and dad


15 Baby Shower Questions For Mom And Dad For Trivia Game

One of the best baby shower games to play is the mom and dad trivia game. Guests will compete on who knows the parents best, and it’s also a great way to have laughs once the answers are revealed. 

You can prepare the questions yourself or use these from the list: 

  • How many children would mom and dad like to have?
  • What name have mommy and daddy picked for the baby?
  • What is the first item that mom bought for the baby?
  • What is the first item that dad bought for the baby?
  • What is mommy’s first pregnancy craving?
  • Which parent cried when they found out about the pregnancy? 
  • What was the first word of mommy when she was a baby?
  • What was the first word of daddy when he was a baby?
  • When did mom first learn how to walk? 
  • When did dad first learn how to walk?
  • What is dad’s favorite food growing up?
  • What is mom’s favorite food growing up?
  • Who is more likely to change the baby’s diapers?
  • Which parent is likely to enforce rules?
  • Who is more likely to spoil the baby?


How Many Questions To Have For Baby Shower Mommy Daddy Trivia Game?

Each baby shower game lasts 30 minutes, so your Mommy Daddy Trivia Game at the party can have at least 12 questions. You can also prepare ten questions for each parent or have a variety of how, what, when, and who questions for the trivia game. 

Make sure to run the questions by the parents-to-be, so they can also give the correct answers and suggestions for the baby shower trivia. Include some unique trivia about each parent for a more endearing game. 

Besides pregnancy, parenting, and labor questions, you can include questions about the mom and dad when they were a baby. Just ensure they’re not obvious questions so guests won’t answer them as easily. 


How To Play Baby Shower Trivia Game

To play the baby shower trivia game, the host will prepare diverse questions about the parents. They were fun facts about them when they were babies and other hilarious tidbits related to pregnancy, birth, and parenting. 

The host will print the questions in game sheets and hand them out to the guests. Guests will answer the questions, and parents will reveal the answers as the host goes through each question. 

Another way to play the baby shower trivia game is to answer one question at a time. Guests can raise their whiteboards, and whoever has the correct answers win. 


How Do You Play Mommy Or Daddy Guess Who?

Another guessing trivia game of questions for the baby shower is Guess Who. Similar to trivia, the guests will answer “mommy” or “daddy” to questions related to different things. 

They can also be simple “xxx or xxx” statements. It’s a fun game to break the ice, and there are many ways to get creative in answering the questions. 


Mommy Or Daddy Game Directions



The baby shower host will prepare cards with “Mom” and “Dad” that guests will raise for each question. They can also be fun symbols like pink and blue booties or whatever suits the baby shower theme. 

For example, a garden-themed baby shower can have guests raising blue and pink onesies to answer the questions. Then, arrange the venue set-up so the expecting parents are at the front and sitting back-to-back. 



They can then raise their shoe or any theme-related prop for each question. The host will ask a question like the examples below, and the parents will raise their prop if they think they’d do or are more likely to be the answer. 

There is usually no tally for this game, as it’s just an interactive activity for everyone in the shower. But of course, the host can still plan a scoring system and reward the person with the correct predictions. 

This baby shower game is best played at a co-ed party. Read what is a co-ed baby shower to know the best tips for throwing this modern event. 


Mommy Or Daddy Game Questions: 

Here are the best questions to ask for the Mommy or Daddy baby shower game:

  • Who is more likely to be nervous during labor?
  • Who will be the baby’s look-a-like?
  • Who will change more diapers?
  • Who is likely to sleep in?
  • Who is more likely to get up for the baby in the middle of the night?
  • Who will take more baby pictures?
  • Who is more likely to spoil the baby?
  • Who is more likely to be strict? 
  • Who will be faster in setting up the stroller?
  • Who will organize the nursery better?
  • Who is likely to want another child sooner?
  • Who will sing baby lullabies?
  • Who will babyproof the house?

You can also include questions about the parents when they were babies:

  • Who weighed more as a newborn?
  • Who was born early/late?
  • Whose first word was xxx?
  • Whose first food was xxx?
  • Who lost their tooth sooner?
  • Who walked first?
  • Who was potty trained earlier?
  • Whose mom was in labor longer?
  • Who cries more when they are a baby?


How To Play Baby Shower Would You Rather Game

Another question game that would be a fantastic icebreaker for the baby shower is the “Would You Rather..” You can play it with all the guests, or the expecting couple can be at the front answering these questions. 

The hostess will ask each question, and there is no scoring system. Alternatively, this game can also be combined with the Mommy Or Daddy Game if you want to have winners. 

For example, the mom and dad will answer the would-you-rather questions, and guests will guess what they’ll pick. Whoever has the most correct guesses will get a fun prize. 


Baby shower would you rather questions:

  • Would you rather have twin girls or twin boys?
  • Would you rather give birth naturally or have a c-section?
  • Would you rather drink baby formula or baby food for one month?
  • Would you rather change diapers daily or clean a year’s worth of mess once a week?
  • Would you rather have nausea for a whole day or lose your bladder control anytime in public?

You can get creative with the questions relating to pregnancy, labor, and parenting. It’s also a way to open up discussions about the challenges parents experience while still having some laughs. 


Creative Icebreaker Baby Shower Games

Besides the question games mentioned above, here are two more icebreaker games that will have guests answering questions or have the expecting parents share fun facts about themselves.


Potty talk

A fun modification for the wisdom circle at the baby shower is potty talk. You’ll have the guests sitting around in a room as they pass a roll of toilet paper. 

Each person will tear off as much as they like. Then, the guests will share baby advice based on the toilet squares they tore off. 


Baby shower crossword

Another creative icebreaker baby shower game is a custom crossword. The host can hand out crosswords to the guests with fun facts and questions regarding the mom and/or dad’s journey during pregnancy and while preparing for parenthood. 

Some examples of questions to ask are the pregnancy craving of the expecting mom, the theme for the baby nursery, or the nickname they have for the baby bump. You can also give a prize to the guest who completes this crossword.


What Are Some Good Parenting Questions?

Another activity done in baby showers nowadays besides games is a wisdom circle. The expecting mom and dad are surrounded by their family and friends who are also parents. 

They can share their experiences, tips, and life hacks with the parents-to-be to prepare them for the new changes once the baby arrives. If you’re the baby’s mom or dad, you can ask some of these questions to help you become familiar with what to expect with parenthood. 

  • How can I adjust to my routine easier once our baby arrives?
  • How can we maintain a happy marriage while parenting?
  • How can I bond with my baby better?
  • How can I navigate through tantrums? 
  • How to avoid the habit of coddling our child?
  • How to communicate our expectations to each other as a parent?
  • How to cope with our baby crying?
  • How to deal with frustrations and anger when things get overwhelming?
  • How do stay-at-home moms deal with loneliness?
  • How can I be a good father to a newborn?
  • How can I bond with my baby as a dad?

Having a wisdom circle at your baby shower is a great way to bond with everyone and show support and encouragement to the expecting parents. But as the host, be familiar with how long should a baby shower be to ensure that your timeline for the events is balanced, especially with wisdom circles that might take longer than other activities. 


What Are Some Good Baby Questions?

Expecting parents can also ask these baby questions during their baby shower’s pearl of wisdom. The host can also arrange a bowl with these questions for a more immersive experience. 

  • How to properly handle a newborn?
  • How to swaddle a baby?
  • What to do with diaper rash?
  • How to bathe a baby?
  • How can I get my baby to stop crying?
  • Why shouldn’t I put anything on the baby’s crib?
  • How to keep my baby asleep?
  • How to know if my baby is getting enough milk?
  • How to store breastmilk?
  • How to burp a baby?


What Advice You Would Give First-Time Parents?

It’s essential to know the etiquette of advising first-time parents. If you attend a baby shower with a wisdom circle, remember that you shouldn’t sound like you’re controlling the new mom and dad. 

  1. It’s okay to feel frustrated sometimes
  2. Don’t be afraid to go outside with your baby and explore
  3. There’s no need to be very obsessed with cleanliness and germs, especially when outdoors
  4. It’s okay to ask for help or have someone assist you, like getting a babysitter
  5. Don’t feel guilty if you need to nap or sleep
  6. Bonding with your baby should come naturally, and it may not happen as fast as other parents experience with their baby
  7. Remember to be patient with your partner and support each other
  8. Create a schedule that satisfies both you and your partner
  9. Learn to laugh at mistakes 
  10. Don’t forget to document your baby’s firsts
  11. Believe in yourselves that you’re going to do great as parents
  12. Do not forget about hobbies and things that make you you


What Questions Do New Parents Have?

Here is a list of the usual questions new parents would appreciate an answer to. Some people don’t have a baby shower but would instead have the party after the baby arrives. 

If you’ve raised kids, the new parents might have questions about their newborn. Be prepare to answer questions like these: 

  • How often do you change diapers?
  • How often to feed the baby?
  • How to bond with the baby?
  • What is a normal sleeping routine for the baby?
  • How to take care of the baby’s belly button?
  • How to know what to do when the baby cries?



Was this game guide helpful? You just learned some of the best baby shower questions for mom and dad for a trivia game. 

You can also play other guessing and question games like Mommy or Daddy or Would You Rather at the baby shower. These games are also icebreaker activities for everyone to get to know each other and the expecting parents. 

However, always review your list of questions when planning the games. Make sure they won’t sound offensive or insinuate an idea to the mom or dad. 

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