Delicious Baby Shower Brunch Menus To Impress Guests

Are you crafting a baby shower brunch menu that guests will love but won’t break your budget? Try these five delicious and easy food items at your brunch baby shower. 

You will also know below the most popular brunch dish and if you need to have a cake and alcohol at the baby shower brunch. But more than knowing the crowd-pleasing recipes everyone will love, familiarize yourself with the typical foods at the baby shower. 

baby shower brunch

Check what to serve at a baby shower, as some of these food items also make a delicious brunch menu. 


5 Must-Have Foods For Your Baby Shower Brunch 


Baby Shower Brunch Bread Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Since brunch is the sweet spot between breakfast and lunch, your baby shower brunch menu won’t be complete without bread items. You can serve savory and sweet bread recipes that are not only delicious but guests would also be tempted to take a photo before eating. 


Savory monkey bread

Delight your guests with a savory monkey bread recipe made from easy-to-find ingredients like refrigerated biscuit dough, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and butter. You can also include several dips like pesto and marinara sauce when you set it on the brunch table. 



The baby shower brunch bread table would not be complete with a basket filled with bagels. You can even have a bagel bar where guests can enjoy cream cheese, chicken salad, smoked salmon, or peanut butter with their bagels. 



A pancake bar is a fun food station idea for your baby shower brunch. You can also create mini pancakes and offer a variety of syrups and toppings for guests, which can be arranged in colorful plates and containers that match the baby shower brunch theme. 


Banana bread

You can include a beloved breakfast bread like banana bread for your baby shower brunch menu. But instead of serving classic banana bread, elevate the recipe by adding vanilla ricotta and raspberry compote when you serve it on the brunch table. 


Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls are guaranteed crowd-favorites in a baby shower brunch menu. But if you want to surprise your guests with a familiar cinnamon roll experience, Tastes of Lizzy T has a Cinnabon copycat recipe that you can recreate.


Baby Shower Brunch Main Dish Recipes For All Budgets

Having a brunch menu for the baby shower also means your main dish ideas can vary from light to filling recipes. However, you don’t need to exceed your food budget for a delicious baby shower brunch main dish, as you can see in these food items that only need a few inexpensive ingredients. 


Tomato and basil frittata

A classic brunch food item is a frittata, but specifically, you can never go wrong with a tomato and basil frittata for the baby shower. Each bite is an explosion of flavor thanks to the pancetta, parmesan cheese, mushrooms, and onions that perfectly accompany the tomato and basil.


Spinach quiche

Whether you want to serve mini quiches or have one mouthwatering deep dish that guests would want a slice at the baby shower table, don’t miss out on a spinach quiche recipe for your brunch menu. Add herb and garlic feta cheese, cheddar cheese, and mushrooms for a delicious recipe.  


Baked potatoes

Baked potatoes are the main dish you can never go wrong with for a baby shower brunch. Everybody loves it, but it’s also very filling and relatively affordable compared to other recipes with multiple ingredients. 


Country ham and gravy

Country ham and gravy are among the best recipes if you want to serve protein at your baby shower brunch. Country ham pairs nicely with redye gravy, which you can make on the skillet where you cooked the ham, then add chicken broth, sugar, and butter.  


Creamy cheese grits

Another brunch recipe idea on a budget that will have your guests wanting another serving is creamy cheese grits. Load your classic Southern grits with cheese and butter; indeed a guilty pleasure. 


Crowd-Pleasing Appetizers And Finger Foods For The Baby Shower Brunch

Besides bread and main dishes, your baby shower brunch menu should have mini but delectable finger food items guests can enjoy while socializing. Try these finger food and appetizer recipes that guarantee everyone to want a second or even third piece.


Bacon and cheese potato skins

Ensure you’ll make enough loaded potato skins, as your guests might keep munching them throughout the party. An easy but delicious recipe that you can do only needs bacon, chives, cheddar cheese, and bacon, so you won’t even need to spend much with this appetizer. 


Deviled eggs

A popular baby shower finger food you can also serve for your brunch menu is deviled eggs. But to elevate the classic deviled eggs, you can modify the recipe with avocados, truffle, or fry the egg whites in breading before filling them with jalapeno and egg yolk. 


Ham and cheese pastry puffs

You only need storebought puff pastry, cheddar cheese, ham, and egg yolks for delightful ham and cheese pastry puffs. These delicious but affordable finger foods also reheat well if you have leftovers after the baby shower.  


Mini chicken and waffles

Make your baby shower brunch table picture-perfect with cute and mouthwatering mini chicken and waffles. You can modify different recipes, like adding a cheese slice or berries for baby shower brunch finger foods that delight the eyes and tummy. 


Mini donuts

You can also have a mini donut bar that guests can visit throughout the party. Offer different syrups, toppings, and dips like chocolates, candies, and fruits to accommodate your guests’ tastebuds. 


Delicious Baby Shower Brunch Drinks Anyone Can Make

You don’t need to be a bartender to create an impressive brunch drink menu. But more than mixes, remember that it’s a brunch baby shower, and you should serve a variety of drinks and not just alcohol. 


Creamy Earl Grey tea

Make your baby shower brunch Earl Grey tea the talk of the guests even after the party by making a recipe with milk and vanilla. This delicious tea is cozy, earthy, and warm, with just the right amount of creaminess. 


Iced coffee

You can set up an iced coffee bar at your baby shower brunch so that guests can prepare their own drinks. Make the coffee bar more enticing to try by having different flavors of creamers and cute carafes that match the baby shower venue color scheme. 



Lemonade is a refreshing drink to serve, especially after 1 pm at the baby shower brunch. You can choose between an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic version, where the latter is made with vodka and club soda. 



There are many mimosa drink recipes you can serve at your baby shower brunch. But besides the classic mimosa, why not make a dessert cocktail or strawberry shortcake mimosas that are too cute not to try?


Bloody Mary

You can also have a Bloody Mary bar at your baby shower brunch for guests to enjoy throughout the party. Offer different garnishes like lemons, pickled beets, bacon, or cheese squares to set one up.


Baby Shower Brunch Desserts That Everyone Will Love

Desserts are often what people are excited about the brunch. Try these recipes so that even those who don’t consider themselves a sweet tooth will be tempted to grab a bite.


Fruit tart

The fruit tart is an impressive baby shower brunch dessert to serve your guests who might find the tarts too pretty to eat. You can make different fruit combinations in the tarts, then arrange them in tiered plate stands for your brunch dessert table. 


Carrot cake bars

While carrot cake would make the perfect breakfast cake, carrot cake bars will be a hit for your brunch desserts. You can make them as early as three days before the baby shower as long as you store them in an airtight container in the fridge. 



For your baby shower brunch desserts, why not have a crepe bar? Guests will have fun combining different fillings and toppings, and some might even showcase your skills in making crepes that don’t break.



Another interactive dessert bar to have at the baby shower is a cupcake bar. You can offer chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with cute and colorful toppings and frostings that fit the baby shower theme. 

And if you want more cupcake recipe ideas for the baby shower, here’s how to make baby shower cupcakes for the classics. 



Offer a healthy option for sugar to guests by having fruit platters at your brunch. You can even arrange them as baby items to fit the party theme. 

Take the time to set up your fruit slices and pieces more attractively by learning how to make a fruit tray for a baby shower


What Is The Most Popular Brunch Item?

If you’re still unsure what recipe or dish to have on your baby shower brunch menu, consider the most popular items and recipes served during brunch. According to Masterclass, brunch favorites include breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls, French toast, frittatas, eggs Benedict, quiche, pancakes, omelets, scones, and scrambled eggs.

You can have a variety of recipes ranging from sweet to savory in your baby shower brunch. But of course, keep your budget for the baby shower food in mind. 


How much food do you need for a baby shower brunch?

You can have three to five kinds of dishes for your baby shower brunch menu. This can mean bread, appetizer, main dish, and dessert, for example.

For finger foods and small portions of recipes, count two to four pieces per guest. The duration of the party will also influence how many food items you’ll count for each guest.

Brunch can mean guests are expected to eat more since it’s between breakfast to late lunch. So a tip to cut costs is to serve filling hearty meals than relying on just finger foods and desserts.

If you need some additional recipes for the party, check out these baby shower food ideas. Brunch means you can serve any dish eaten for breakfast to late lunch. 


Do You Serve Cake At A Baby Shower Brunch?

You can serve the cake at a baby shower brunch as guests will probably want something sweet after eating savory breakfast and lunch food items. You can also opt for “lighter” cake recipes like cake pops and cupcakes for the baby shower brunch. 

The cake in your baby shower brunch doesn’t have to be a classic tiered buttercream or fondant cake. Why not serve your guests with delectable slices of coffee, carrot, crumb, or custard cake that make a delicious breakfast dish? 

And for variety, include one or two more dessert recipes in your brunch menu besides cake. It can even be a simple fruit platter to give an option to guests craving sugar but without guilt. 


Do You Serve Alcohol At A Baby Shower Brunch?

You can serve alcoholic drinks at the baby shower brunch. Guests will enjoy some cocktails and bubbly, but there’s no need to offer very strong drinks. 

Remember that people don’t expect to get drunk at baby showers. However, some alcoholic drinks on the menu will surely be appreciated as it’s a social event. 

What drinks to serve? Mimosas are typical for a baby shower brunch, but it’s also better to offer some non-alcoholic options for some guests. 


What Time Should A Brunch Baby Shower Start?

The best time for a baby shower brunch is between 9 am to 1 pm. You can serve breakfast and lunch dishes, including finger foods and alcoholic drinks, to your baby shower brunch menu. 

Remember that the type of food items and recipes you’ll serve should suit the time when you’ll have the baby shower party. For example, people will want more filling dishes if it’s close to lunchtime. 

In your invitation, you can also indicate what menu guests should expect at your baby shower. And, of course, the longer your brunch is, the more food you’ll need. 


How Long Should A Baby Shower Brunch Last?

You can have the brunch portion of the baby shower for 45 minutes so that guests can enjoy food. The style of meal and variety of dishes can also shorten or lengthen this duration. 

Typically, you can have the buffet-style brunch before or during the gift opening at the baby shower. Then, offer finger foods and light snacks guests can grab throughout the party. 

For a formal sit-down brunch menu, you can start it after the baby shower games. But since brunch can also be at 9 am, you can have guests eat before starting all the baby shower games and activities. 

Regardless, do not stress about the party timeline. Here’s how long should a baby shower be for additional reference. 



And that’s it! We hope these recipes and menu ideas for the baby shower brunch inspire your baby shower. 

You can offer a variety of three to five dishes to give guests different options, from bread, finger foods, filling main dishes, and desserts. And finally, you can serve alcoholic drinks like mimosas and cocktails at the baby shower brunch for guests to enjoy. 

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