7 Best Baby Shower Venues For All Budgets And Themes

Here are the best ideas for baby shower venues to provide the best experience for everyone at the party. These spaces suit different numbers of people, and we’ve provided the ideal locations for gatherings like brunch or tea party baby showers. 

We’ve also listed affordable baby shower venues; some are free. But if you need more variety of specific event places, you can check our reviews on where to host a baby shower after this read. 

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Top 7 Best Baby Shower Venues For Every Kind Of Baby Shower


Baby shower venues for brunch

Brunch baby showers serve delicious appetizers, breakfast items, and finger foods. But more than good food, spend your time with good company in these venue ideas. 

Rooftop deck

One of the most picturesque baby shower venues you can consider, especially for brunch, is a rooftop deck. Picture the city skyline with good brunch foods among friends and family members celebrating the expecting mom and dad. 


The host can consider having the baby shower at a restaurant for its location and convenience since they’ll also cater your brunch menu. You can book a table or check if the restaurant has a dedicated event space if you have many guests. 


A unique baby shower experience for your brunch event is to have it at an Airbnb. Choose a place that provides the atmosphere you imagined for the party. 

Are you also located in California? You could check this list of where to have a baby shower in San Diego for other options. 


Baby shower venues for tea party

A tea party baby shower is a classy event that would be better held in a venue that’s as pleasing to the eyes as how delicious your tea options are to sip. Picture matching tea sets on your baby shower tables in these kinds of venues:

Botanical garden

A trend nowadays is to do a tea party baby shower where you serve your guests sights for the stomach and eyes. And what better location for a tea party baby shower than a botanical garden?


Another colorful and beautiful place to consider for a tea party baby shower is an orchard. Some venues offer outdoor and indoor options depending on the sights and experience you want for your baby shower. 


Consider a ladies’ day out at a nearby vineyard for your baby shower. You can make this event high tea with gorgeous decorations and food options for everyone to enjoy. 


Affordable baby shower venues 

You don’t need to spend too much to have a memorable experience. These places can be just as gorgeous for the baby shower.


The host can also do the baby shower in her own backyard or even at the expecting mom’s house. Having a pool, patio, or gazebo will make a great space with some decorations while also cutting your budget costs.


An affordable baby shower venue option to consider is the beach, and it’s also perfect for various baby shower themes like nautical or mermaid parties. Usually, you’ll only need to secure a permit and follow the regulations regarding having an event at any local beach. 


If there is no nearby beach in your area, consider a local park for your baby shower. Some parks across the US even offer indoor event spaces that cost significantly lower than commercial places.  

And if you’re specifically looking for an event space that is free for the baby shower, here’s a list of ideas on where can I host a baby shower for free


Outdoor baby shower venues 

Some baby shower themes would fit better at an outdoor location. Your guests might also appreciate the flowers in season in these venues:


You can take advantage of natural elements at a farm for your rustic, cowboy, or boho baby shower. Just prepare a contingency plan like a tent and accessible restrooms for comfort at any outdoor venue. 

National park or nature preserve

Consider checking your national parks to see if they have areas for picnics and events. You can also get inspired by the atmosphere with baby shower activities and games at this outdoor venue. 

Local zoo

Do you know that you can have your event at the local zoo? This is perfect for a jungle or safari-themed baby shower, but of course, be aware of the rules to follow as it’s a public place. 


Indoor baby shower venues 

Indoor locations are easier to decorate and prepare for the party. Here are your best indoor spaces for the baby shower:

Event space

The advantage of booking an indoor space or room for the baby shower is the place might also offer packages with decorations and food. The weather might also be too uncomfortable for an outdoor baby shower.


You can book a nice hotel room and have a pamper day baby shower with the expecting mom. Check if the hotel offers reasonable rates for their spa and other treatments.

Museum or gallery

The expecting mom and dad might love a day at a museum to celebrate their little one. You can also try galleries that you can rent for the event. 


Baby shower venues for a big party

Will you have many guests at the event? These baby shower venues can accommodate more than 50 guests. 

Outdoor patio

Consider an outdoor patio if you need a big space for the guests or if there are many elements you need to incorporate in the baby shower venue. You can use the patio as the party’s focal point for the expecting mom and dad, then arrange the tables and chairs around the venue to maximize the space. 


Find an event hall that can accommodate the number of guests you’ll have. Some spaces can comfortably have up to 100 guests. 

Function room

Ask your local park or other organizations if they have a function room you can rent. They might cost lower than halls but are still big enough for everyone. 

And for those living in Texas, we have good news! We’ve found where to have a baby shower in Houston for locations you can check out for the party. 


Baby shower venues  for an intimate event

You don’t want to put your few guests in a very large venue. These are the best micro baby shower event ideas for a more intimate feel at the party.

Living room

If you have few guests or the baby shower is expected to be short, you can use your living room as the venue. A tip to cut on expenses is to utilize your existing decorations and things like chairs for the baby shower. 


Consider a galleria for your baby shower, as it can accommodate a few people and would cost less than a bigger hall. You can create a more intimate atmosphere with a banquet-style baby shower at the galleria. 


A location that’s perfect for a modern baby shower is a loft, as it maximizes the limited space with minimalistic decor. Some venues might be familiar with hosting baby showers, so consider checking their portfolio for inspiration. 


How Much Do You Spend On A Baby Shower Venue?

Your baby shower venue should be at most 10% of your total party budget. A range of 5 to 10% of the baby shower budget can be spent on the baby shower location, and you’ll still have enough funding for the decorations and other needs for the event and guests. 

You should consider affordable or accessible baby shower spaces to cut costs, especially if your budget is limited. For example, you might only need to spend for the permit at a picnic baby shower at the park compared to booking an event space that can go for hundreds of dollars, depending on how long you’ll need the room. 

Alternatively, you can do the baby shower for a short time by having fewer games or doing a cocktail-style party instead of a sit-down meal. There are many options you can do to manage the baby shower venue without losing the atmosphere you want for the experience of the guests. 


How Big Of A Venue Do You Need For A Baby Shower?

The type of event you’ll have will influence the space you’ll need for the party venue. But usually, you should count 6 to 10 square feet per person at the baby shower. 

Each guest will need six square feet if it’s a standing party. But if the baby shower has guests sitting at long tables, count 10 square feet per person and use tables around 8 feet long. 

When arranging the tables at the baby shower, you’ll need one foot per guest at a long table, while a round table around 60 inches should seat ten guests comfortably. Remember also to count spaces among tables for traffic and comfort. 


How Far In Advance Do You Book Baby Shower Venues?

The earliest time to book your baby shower venue for your event is 13 weeks. Some also recommend that the best time to settle everything for the baby shower location is 12 weeks before the party. 

This way, you’ll have the baby shower venue ready when you send the invitations. You’ll need the baby shower invitations sent out three or even as early as six weeks before the event. 

So if you’re planning the baby shower, you should settle on the time and place first. Then, send the invitations to help guests plan their schedules, travel, and accommodations if needed. 


Is It Okay To Have A Baby Shower At The Mom’s House?

It’s okay to have baby showers at the expecting mom’s house. For one, it’s a comfortable option since she won’t need to travel to the baby shower location. 

Remember that baby showers usually happen six or even four weeks before the baby’s due date. During this time, the mom should relax as she prepares for her baby

Another reason why having the baby shower at the mom’s house might be a good idea is to save on costs. You don’t need to spend to book the room or space, and it’ll also be easy for the parents to collect the gifts they receive. 

Furthermore, there are modern baby showers like the drop-in and drive-by events held at the mom’s place regardless. Just ensure that the baby shower is still hosted and prepared by someone else, not the mom herself. 


How To Choose A Baby Shower Venue

There are three considerations to remember to help you find the best location for the baby shower. 


Baby shower budget

Before anything else, plan the budget for the baby shower and stick to it. You shouldn’t spend over the intended amount for the venue, or you’ll need to compromise on some elements of the baby shower. 

Compare different venues to help you find the best value for money. You can also consider a place that offers decorations or food for your convenience. 


Baby shower theme

The atmosphere you imagine for the baby shower should be something the venue can provide. For example, a magical fairy theme should be in a garden space, or a mermaid-theme shower can be by the beach. 

You can also check if the existing elements in the space would be easy to work with for the decorations. If it’s a hall or event room, you can discuss your vision for the party with the manager. 


Number of guests

Your baby shower venue should also provide enough space for everyone. For example, finding an outdoor location is more practical if you have more than 50 guests.

On the other hand, you don’t need a very large hall if your baby shower has under 20 guests. Remember that the party set-up will also influence the space you’ll need.

If the guests are sitting down, they’ll need more space than at an event where everyone is standing. And, of course, plan your chair and table arrangement to maximize your venue.   



And that’s it! We hope this list of baby shower venues inspired you to find the perfect location for your party. 

To recap the essential factors to consider when choosing a baby shower venue, keep your budget, event theme, and the number of guests in mind. It’s also acceptable to do the baby shower at the expecting mom’s house as long as you remember the etiquette discussed earlier. 

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