Where To Host A Baby Shower In Chicago

If you’re unsure where to host a baby shower in Chicago, consider these five great places. We’ve also listed affordable spaces for those on a budget. 

And to further help you pick the ultimate Chicago venue for your baby shower, we’ve listed the factors to consider when choosing one. And as a general guide for baby shower venues on a budget, here’s where can I host a baby shower for free

where to host a baby shower in chicago


Where To Host A Baby Shower In Chicago


Garfield Park Conservatory

Parks are among the best baby shower venues to consider as they cost less than event venues and would easily accommodate various numbers of guests. And in Chicago, a space you can consider for your party is the Garfield Park Conservatory. 

This location is a fantastic spot for events and parties because of the botanical backdrop, ideal for photoshoots and providing a memorable experience for the people attending. The place also offers different rooms at various rates. 

You can pick from different spaces suitable for different sizes of guest lists. For private events, the Jensen room, for example, costs $400 to $500 for four hours. 


Eckhart Park

Another park to consider for your event is Eckhart Park. This spot has numerous facilities like playgrounds, clubrooms, gymnasiums, courts, fields, and a pool. 

Consider this place if you’re having a baby shower where guests will also bring kids with them. The space even has Kim & Carlo’s Chicago Style Hot Dog Concession if you want your friends and family to try Chicago’s famous hot dogs. 


Spring Valley Nature Center & Heritage Farm

Picking baby shower venues sometimes means planning the activities you can do in each location to provide a memorable experience, not just a celebration with the expecting parents and their guests. And if you’re looking for a spot in Illinois, the Spring Valley Nature Center might be a fantastic location for your event. 

This 135-acre space features handicapped-accessible trails, cooking demos, natural history museum, and an 1880’s living history farm. It’s a great venue to consider if you want guests to try various activities for your baby shower. 


Creativo Loft

If you want a specific event space for your Chicago baby shower, among the best places you can check out, is the Creativo Loft. The maximum capacity of the venue is 50 guests with a standard rental rate of $5,000 for seven hours, with tables, linens, and chairs. 

While the place specializes in weddings, you can request an estimate for baby showers. They offer a minimum of 3 hours with 2 hours of set-up and 1 hour of clean-up. 

You will get a doorman and on-site event manager, and the rest of the package will be dictated by the rentals, the number of people, and the time you need for the party. However, note that they require a licensed and insured catering company, and they can recommend some to you. 


The Bradford Barn

Baby shower venues are not limited to indoor places. A picturesque outdoor location you can consider in Illinois for your event is the Bradford Barn if you want a rustic baby shower for the nature-loving parents-to-be. 

The Bradford Barn can accommodate 50 to 250 guests, and their packages start at under $2,000. They have various amenities for the comfort of everyone attending the celebration and are even wheelchair-accessible. 


What Are Some Affordable Baby Shower Venues In Chicago?

Parks are undoubtedly the most affordable baby shower venues. And in Chicago, they have many potential places for your celebration. 

It’s essential to check if you’ll need to book a facility in advance, regardless if it’s an outdoor or indoor venue. According to the Chicago Park District, some events also need a special permit

You’ll pay $35 for a special event permit, which includes the rental and application fees. There are also unique event venues in some locations in the 63rd St Beach and South Shore Cultural Center, for example. 


What Are Some Things To Consider When Choosing A Location For A Baby Shower?

To further help you find the best venue for your baby shower, keep these considerations in mind: 

  • Set a budget for the baby shower venue and stick to it
  • Compare different venues to know the best value for money
  • Consider the number of guests you’ll have for the baby shower
  • The location should be convenient to drive to and from for the invited friends and family of the guests of honor
  • The venue should be ideal for your theme and activities for the party
  • Consider a location that offers vendors like catering, rentals, and photography for your convenience
  • Pick venues with facilities like parking and restrooms for the comfort of your guests 
  • Outdoor spots won’t need much decorating but remember to acquire the permit, as some spaces require them 
  • Book the baby shower in advance to ensure that it’ll be available for the baby shower

And for a more general list, here’s where to host a baby shower to give you more options on where to have the party. 



And that’s it! You just learned where to host a baby shower in Chicago, which can be in parks, farms, and indoor venues. 

Parks are affordable because they have lower rental fees than event spaces. But if you choose one, remember to make your reservation early and know the regulations that the guests must follow.  

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