The 9 Cutest Baby Shower Napkins To Amaze Your Guests

Make your baby shower napkins more interesting with these nine design and fold ideas. They are surprisingly easy to do and will surely be a hit on your baby shower tables. 

You’ll also know how many napkins are needed for the baby shower and what sizes to order for the celebration. But speaking of napkins, you might want to know what other supplies you should buy or make for the venue tables. 

baby shower napkins

Learn how to decorate baby shower tables to wow your guests, then add any of these napkins!


9 Easy And Cute Baby Shower Napkins Your Guests Will Adore


Customized baby shower napkins

Surprise the expecting parents and guests with baby shower napkins they can only get at the party. You can order customized baby shower napkins on places like Etsy to add a more personal touch to the party table decorations. 

For example, they can be your usual pink or blue paper napkins but with wordings about the baby shower or the guests of honor. You can even get creative with the napkins’ designs, symbols, and colors based on the baby shower theme. 

Another unique idea for your shower paper napkins is to print the baby sonogram on them. Or, instead of printing the designs on each paper napkin, you’ll get engraved cotton napkins for the baby shower that guests can take home as souvenirs. 


Themed baby shower napkins

Use your baby shower theme and other decorations to inspire the baby shower napkins. For example, you can have animal prints for the napkins at a safari-themed party. 

You can even order cocktail napkins or luncheon napkins in unique shapes. Consider heart, flower, or animal-shaped napkins that are also decorative on your baby shower tables. 

Will you be having a gender reveal baby shower? This will also be the perfect opportunity to order themed napkins in blue and pink. 


Diaper baby shower napkins

If you’re feeling creative, take the time to fold each paper napkin as a diaper for the baby shower. This fun folding style will definitely bring a smile to the guests. 

  1. Take a square napkin and fold it diagonally to form a triangle
  2. Place it over a flat surface with the top side facing down
  3. Fold the bottom point up to the middle top part of the triangle
  4. Take both sides to the middle 
  5. Secure the three points together, and you can use this napkin as a typical napkin pocket fold for the silverware on the baby shower tables


Baby bottle baby shower napkins

Besides folding napkins as cute baby diapers, you can also form baby bottles with these table party supplies. It’s intimidating at first, but you’ll make these baby bottle napkins faster once you get the hang of it. 

  1. Position the paper napkin in a diamond and fold the top point down up to the middle and crease
  2. Place your fingers on either side of the top flat edge for about one and a half inches down from the top fold 
  3. Take the point of the flap up and bring its tip down for one inch 
  4. Fold the bottom point up to the top so you’ll reveal a piece sticking at the top of the napkin to be the bottle’s nipple
  5. Form the body of the baby bottle by taking the left point to the center
  6. Repeat with the right point
  7. Fold the whole napkin into a rectangle around one and a half inches 
  8. Fold the napkin twice and repeat on the right side
  9. Flip the bottle napkin over and crease it flat


Baby pacifier baby shower napkins

You read that right! You can make baby pacifiers from folded napkins, and believe us, guests will talk about this creative take on cocktail or luncheon napkins. 

  1. Roll a napkin tightly and hold it in the center
  2. Pinch one inch of the rolled twist up on both sides
  3. Twist the section to form the nipple and wrap a ribbon around it to secure it in place
  4. Cut off the excess on the ends and form a circle with the two ends of the napkin; tie the ends to attach the circle 


Baby shirt baby shower napkins

You can fold the paper napkins into baby shirts if you want decorative baby shower napkins to which you can glue details. You only need square or cocktail napkins for this fold. 

  1. Unfold the first layer of the napkin to have a rectangular paper
  2. Fold the two sides to the center and fold the top two inside corners halfway
  3. Once you have a triangular collar, secure each side with double-sided tape
  4. Add more tape along the bottom to create a pocket 
  5. Write or glue decorations and other details to personalize the baby shirt napkins


Baby onesie baby shower napkins

Instead of baby shirts, you can also fold your baby shower napkins into baby onesies. For these onesie baby shower napkins, you can use square napkins such as brunch napkins. 

  1. Unfold a napkin and orient it into a diamond
  2. Fold the top to the bottom point and crease 
  3. Pull the left point down to the right edge and crease on the left side
  4. Place one finger half an inch in from the edge of the left side
  5. Fold the point of this piece back and crease where the finger is, then fold it back to the center
  6. The top should be inside the creased edge of the flap you made
  7. Crease the left edge and repeat with the right side
  8. Flip the napkin over
  9. You can even modify this onesie napkin into a dress for a baby girl baby shower by pulling the bottom corner up an inch and cutting the bottom half of the onesie arms 


Baby bootie baby shower napkins

Another fun way to amaze your guests with unique baby shower napkins is to have a mix of baby onesie napkins and baby bootie napkins. You can also have blue and pink baby bootie napkins if it’s a co-ed baby shower. 

  1. Take the bottom two corners to the center line of the unfolded napkin
  2. Bring the top two corners down to the same line
  3. Fold the napkin in half to create a rectangle, and position the open edge away from you
  4. Take the bottom right corner up and towards the inside edge and repeat with the bottom left corner 
  5. You now have a house-shaped napkin, then position the point of the roof away from you
  6. Fold the right side point to the center line and do the same with the left side point 
  7. Orient the point to your left like a paper airplane, then fold the bottom half of the triangle toward the top edge
  8. Flip the napkin over, then fold the right side up twice 
  9. Fold the right side of the bottom layers down twice and pull the right corner into the fold near the center 
  10. Orient the napkin bootie up and tuck the point under 


Baby rattle baby shower napkins

It’s even possible to make baby shower napkins that look like toys. Experiment with different colors of paper napkins or add cute details like ribbon strips in these baby rattle napkins. 

  1. Orient the unfolded napkin in a diamond and fold the bottom point to the top point, and crease
  2. Fold the top point for about three inches down, then fold the entire napkin up for about an inch, starting from the bottom about five times
  3. Tie the rectangle with a knot in the center and have the flat side facing you 
  4. The shorter length should be above the knot, then fold it down behind the knot
  5. Wrap the shortest end around the other length and tuck it in place
  6. Adjust the knot to create a rounder shape for the rattle
  7. Tie a ribbon in the napkin rattle 

And to accompany these creative and cute baby shower napkins, here are the best baby shower centerpieces for your tables. 


How Many Napkins Should You Have At A Baby Shower?

You should have up to four napkins per guest at the baby shower. The type of napkins you have can also help you decide how many to order. 

For example, you only need one to two luncheon napkins per guest compared to the smaller cocktail napkins of which you’ll count three to four napkins per guest. Remember that baby showers also vary in meal settings, so you don’t need all these napkins at the party. 


What Size Are Brunch Napkins?

Brunch napkins measure around 6.5 by 6.5 inches. These square napkins are helpful if you serve brunch or lunch meals at the baby shower.

Guests will need these large napkins for buffets and sit-down meals. You can prepare one brunch napkin per place setting or baby shower guest. 


What Size Is A Cocktail Napkin?

Cocktail napkins are smaller than brunch napkins at only 5 by 5 inches. They help hold drinks to keep their condensation from getting surfaces wet. 

You’ll prepare three to four cocktail napkins per baby shower guest, as they’ll also need them for wiping their hands from appetizers and finger food. You can also count on one napkin per hour if you plan a cocktail-style baby shower. 



And that’s it! You just learned the most creative and impressive baby shower napkins to wow your guests. 

You can get custom or themed napkins, but it’ll be more memorable to fold napkins in unique shapes like baby diapers or even pacifiers. And as for the napkins you’ll need, you can have one brunch napkin per guest or three cocktail napkins per person at the baby shower.