Where To Have A Baby Shower In Houston

There are five baby shower venues to consider if you’re unsure where to have a baby shower in Houston. We will compare each location to help you decide if it’s a suitable space for your party. 

It’s essential to know the atmosphere and type of baby shower areas to ensure that it’s perfect for your guests and party. The event space should suit the kind of baby shower and provide a memorable experience for the guests of honor. 

where to have a baby shower in houston

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Where To Have A Baby Shower In Houston: Best 5 Spots


McHugh TEA room

Tea party baby showers are pretty trendy nowadays as the experience and food are ideal for the typical afternoon baby shower. And if you want this type of baby shower in Houston, a venue to consider is the McHughTEA room

The place is at 5305 Bissonnet St, Suite D, Bellaire, and you can choose between Afternoon Tea for 15 people or reserve their Private Party room if your event has more than 16 guests.


River Oaks Garden Club

Located at 2503 Westheimer Road, a fantastic outdoor space for the baby shower is the River Oaks Garden Club. You can contact them for the Forum of Civics Building, an ideal venue for baby showers with a garden backdrop. 

This space is also ideal if you’ll have many people at the party since the capacity of the place is up to 175 guests. However, you’ll need to book outside catering, and everything you rent should be picked up after the shower. 


Tiny Boxwoods

If you’re having guests for a lunch or brunch baby shower, the ideal Houston venue might be Tiny Boxwoods. The atmosphere of this event space is ideal for 10 to 25 guests, and you can arrange breakfast, brunch, or lunch from Tuesday to Sunday. 

Their Houston Tiny’s No.5 offers the Ivy Room, which has an intimate and tranquil atmosphere. You’ll get natural light and hydrangeas, and you can choose from their delicious food.  



Are you looking for an event venue in Central Houston? Consider Sharespace, which is a unique location that is fully customizable. 

Those with a specific baby shower experience can easily modify this space. You’ll save more on renting the area if the baby shower is on a weekday, as their Preston St space only costs $80 per hour. 


Demers Banquet

Another indoor baby shower venue worth considering in Houston is Demers Banquet. The host can choose between different packages to find a suitable event for family and friends. 

A baby shower is an intimate event, so you can book the location’s Orchid Room. You can have up to 80 baby shower guests, and the package includes chairs and tables with setup and cleanup. 


Inexpensive Places To Have A Baby Shower In Houston

Parks and centers are always good options for baby shower locations as they are usually free for events or would only require a small fee. Try these venues if you’re around Houston for possibilities without breaking the bank:


Spring Creek Park

Spring Creek Park has many facilities to choose from. You can inquire about their small barbecue or large pavilion, camping area, tent sites, or picnic tables, depending on the type of baby shower you’re having. 


Mary Jo Peckham Park

Mary Jo Peckham Park is a gorgeous green event space for nature-loving guests in Houston. This potential baby shower place has a large pavilion, fishing lake, or a gazebo for your party. 


Nature Discovery Center

You can consider having your event at the Nature Discovery Center. Choose between three pavilions, depending on the number of guests you’ll have. 


Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

You can have the baby shower at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center with their base shower package that starts at $550, depending on the day. You’ll get a room with windows viewing the gorgeous outdoors, tables, chairs, and a slideshow screen. 


How Much Space Do You Need For The Baby Shower?

The type of event you’ll have for the baby shower will dictate the space you’ll need for the party. It ranges from 6 to 12 square feet per person, but venues would usually mention their capacity. 

Most intimate event spaces are suitable for 20 to 50 guests. Some places would offer specific facilities for intimate parties like baby showers. 


What Are Some Tips For Choosing The Perfect Baby Shower Venue In Houston?

If you haven’t picked from the locations above, here are some tips to help you find the best event space for the baby shower: 

  • Pick a venue that provides the atmosphere you want for the baby shower theme (e.g., do you want a hall or a park?)
  • It’s more convenient to select a baby shower location that offers catering and rentals, so you don’t need to source out other vendors
  • Some venues in Houston offer shower packages, which would be more cost-effective as they already planned the venue for the party 
  • Set a baby shower venue budget and stick to it
  • Consider the area’s location for the convenience of guests

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And that’s it! You just learned where to have a baby shower in Houston, which can be at parks, halls, tea rooms, or gardens. 

We hope this list helped you find the best one for your party, guests, and budget. Let us know below which venue you picked.

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