Why Are Guys Wearing Black Wedding Bands

There are five reasons why are guys wearing black wedding bands. We’ll also discuss the meaning of wearing black wedding rings to help you appreciate their symbolism. 

But more than black wedding bands, you can also browse our blog to know more about men’s wedding jewelry. For one, do you know what is the best wedding ring for a man?

why are guys wearing black wedding bands


Why Are Guys Wearing Black Wedding Bands: 5 Reasons


Symbolism of black wedding bands

Men sometimes choose black wedding bands over classic gold rings because of their symbolism. A black wedding ring represents the strength of the groom’s conviction for their relationship. 

One might wear a black wedding ring to show their commitment to the relationship and how they’ll remain firm against all the potential challenges that may come. Another interpretation behind wearing a black wedding ring is boldness, ideal for the man who’s not afraid to be himself and out of the box. 


Low maintenance black rings that are suitable for their lifestyle

Guys wear black rings because these types are usually low-maintenance, especially for active lifestyles and demanding professions. For example, a black wedding band is usually tungsten or titanium. 

These materials are very hardy, so you don’t need to worry about wear and tear from daily use. Some men also feel comfortable with black wedding bands as they are less enticing to steal than those made from precious metals


Personal taste to prefer black wedding rings

There’s a reason black men’s wedding bands are trendy: more and more grooms are starting to appreciate the boldness and dramatic look of the jewelry. Black wedding rings are ideal for the goth couple or anyone who is into dark styles. 

Some people are simply fascinated with black things and would want to showcase that with their wedding ring. But, more than representing commitment, remember that your wedding ring is also part of your wedding attire. 


Current fashion trends 

Men’s black wedding bands are very in nowadays, especially for grooms who want something unique and non-traditional. In addition, celebrities wearing black wedding rings have also influenced the masses and encouraged them to try something other than the typical gold wedding band. 

Men prefer to wear black wedding bands for their elegance and to keep up with the trends. However, some people don’t have any deeper meaning as to why they want black jewelry for their wedding day. 


To encourage conversations among people

Besides being an emotional statement, wearing a black ring is a good icebreaker or conversation starter. If you are an advocate of something, wearing black men’s wedding ring will allow you to have a discussion and conversation with different people who might notice it. 

For example, some men wear black wedding bands to promote marriage equality, similar to the placement of rings in gay marriages. You can read what finger does a gay wedding ring go on to know more. 


Black Wedding Band Meanings

Here are the various meanings behind black wedding jewelry:

  • To show fearlessness or boldness
  • To represent strength against challenges
  • To symbolize rebellion against the norm
  • To show eternal commitment 
  • To look sophisticated and modern
  • To symbolize romance


What Are Black Wedding Bands Made Of?

Black wedding bands are usually made of either tungsten or titanium. So let’s differentiate these wedding bands to help you choose the best one:


Tungsten black wedding rings

Besides the symbolism and style, most men opt for black wedding rings because they’re usually made of durable metals. One of the best metals for men with an active lifestyle is tungsten, and it’s often used in black wedding bands. 

Tungsten is durable and won’t get scratched easily. Some tungsten wedding rings even have stones like black sapphires if the groom and bride want matching black rings. 


Titanium black wedding bands 

Besides tungsten, there are also black titanium rings. This metal is solid and long-lasting, so you don’t need to worry about upgrading.

These black wedding rings are also ideal for men with sensitive skin since titanium is hypoallergenic. And for added style, ask the jeweler about rings with wooden inlays or gold-plated inner bands. 


Does Black Tungsten Wear Off?

If you opt for a black tungsten wedding ring, it’s likely to fade over time. Remember that tungsten is naturally gray, so the black color means it’s faded.

The black tungsten wedding band can keep its color for two to five years, depending on how you use it. You can also go for ion-plated black tungsten rings to ensure they’ll last well. 

What to do if the black tungsten band has worn off? The jeweler where you bought it can re-plate it for a fee. 


Why Do Cops Wear Black Wedding Rings?

  • Black wedding rings are usually made from silicone, which is stretchy and comfortable for the physically demanding jobs of cops
  • Black silicone wedding rings fit nicely, so they’re less likely to affect the grip of the police officer
  • Black wedding bands made of silicone do not put the wearer at risk of injury compared to metals 
  • Black rings are more low-key and less enticing than flashy metal bands
  • Silicone rings are cheap and affordable to replace if needed 



And that’s it! To recap why are guys wearing black wedding bands, it can be for symbolism, ease of maintenance, personal taste, trends, or as a conversation piece. 

Choosing your ring is up to you, but consider black wedding bands if you want something unique, personal, and practical. 

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