What To Do At A Baby Shower Without Games

Hosts unsure of what to do at a baby shower without games can consider four baby shower activities that everyone at the party will surely love. You can do these creative and sentimental ideas if you don’t want baby shower games. 

And if you don’t have a schedule breakdown for the baby shower yet, you can read our sample timeline on what do you do at a baby shower. Simply replace the games with something from this list or ask the mom if she has some things she wants to see at the shower. 

what to do at a baby shower without games


What To Do At A Baby Shower Without Games: 4 Fun Unique Activities


Arts and crafts

A fantastic idea to replace games at the baby shower is to have guests do arts and crafts. You can even send the activity kits or prepare them a day or two before the baby shower. 

There are many valuable things and gifts for the mom-to-be that you can use as art activities. For example, you can create alphabet blocks or have guests decorate onesies for the baby. 

These artsy baby shower activities can also take inspiration from the party theme. For example, the guests can do funny diaper crafts or have them decorate cards that follow the theme of the baby shower. 


Spa party

Some baby showers only have female guests, so why not do something relaxing for the mom and her favorite women? For example, you can book a spa date and have everyone do pampering activities. 

You can also do the spa party at home or any baby shower venue. The host can prepare a selection of manicure and pedicure kits or even prepare favors like scrubs and bath bombs that guests can take home. 

Another fun idea to add to this activity is to provide custom robes to everyone who attended. You can get them embroidered and have the mom-to-be’s robe in a different color to honor her. 


Parenting advice over good food

The baby shower doesn’t have to provide loud and physical activities to guests. Some mom-to-bes would enjoy catching up with the people who attended the shower. 

You can do one on one time with each guest or have the spotlight on some people who want to share parenting tips. The mom of the guest of honor can even give a heartfelt speech on how she raised her baby for something nostalgic. 

You can do this activity over good food and drinks. But since the party usually happens in the afternoon, the menu could be lunch, or you can serve guests tea and cakes. 


Decorate the baby nursery 

A unique activity to do at the baby shower without games is decorating the baby nursery. The host can plan with the mom-to-be on how everyone who’ll attend can participate in decorating the baby nursery. 

You can give everyone paints, stickers, toys, and other items to decorate the nursery. You can even combine this activity with the baby shower’s gift opening. 

The guests can help set up their gifts, which might be helpful in the nursery. But to make the gift-opening activity more exciting, read how to wrap baby shower gifts, so the things are hard to guess. 


How Do You Think Guests Would React To Not Having Any Baby Shower Games?

While it’s tradition for baby showers to have guests play games like the baby shower bingo and diaper raffle, every party is different. The people who attended and the baby’s mom were there to celebrate her pregnancy, not because of the prizes from the baby shower games. 

The host can always plan fun baby shower activities like arts and crafts or even have talks and discussions over good food. The host can also prepare videos and presentations of the mom-to-be’s closest friends and family who could not attend. 

It’s likely for the baby shower without games to be accepted by everyone who attended but make sure to offer fun activities and gifts. You can shorten the party or opt for other baby showers like a virtual party or drive-by shower. 


How Many Activities To Have At A Baby Shower?

A baby shower can have up to five activities with two to four games. There is usually the gift opening, speeches, and cake cutting at the baby shower. 

But of course, the type of party and budget will dictate what things to have at the baby shower. It can be as lowkey or grand as the host like. 

If you’re planning the baby shower, you can also take advice from other people who have hosted a similar party. You can modify typical icebreakers and party games to fit the baby shower message.


How Do You Keep Kids Busy At A Baby Shower?

Some baby showers have kids as party guests. So a way to keep everyone busy and tantrum-free is to provide child-friendly activities. 

You can provide art kits like crayons and coloring books, have kids make their own cupcakes or smores, or do classic kid games like follow the leader. Another idea is to use the baby shower theme as inspiration for the props in kid games like indoor bowling or hopscotch. 



Was this list helpful? You just learned what to do at a baby shower without games: art activities, spa party, food and parenting advice, or even nursery decoration. 

You can also stick to classic baby shower activities like cake cutting or gift opening, then shorten the party duration so that guests won’t notice the lack of games. 

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