What Is The Best Wedding Ring For A Man

Those curious about what is the best wedding ring for a man can choose from 7 materials. We’ll discuss everything from classic metals like gold to modern ring choices like tantalum.

We’ll also compare various materials to help you pick the durability and price that match your needs. And speaking of the groom’s wedding ring, would you like to know who buys the man’s wedding ring?

what is the best wedding ring for a man


What Is The Best Wedding Ring For A Man: 7 Best Wedding Rings For Every Lifestyle


  • Gold

You can never go wrong with classic gold wedding bands for men. Gold men’s wedding bands are timeless and versatile to suit any man’s style. 

Yellow gold is often picked for grooms, but even white gold and rose gold have their own appeal. And to help you understand karats to choose the best gold man’s wedding ring, refer to our guide on what karat gold is best for wedding rings.


  • Platinum

A durable and rare metal you can have for a man’s wedding ring is platinum. It is perfect for a guy with an active lifestyle as platinum can withstand wear and tear.

From a stylish perspective, the natural sheen of platinum also gives it a sleek and luxurious look. Therefore, men’s wedding rings made from platinum are not only practical but also stylish for every kind of man.


  • Titanium

If platinum is too pricey for your wedding band budget, consider men’s wedding rings made from titanium. Titanium is more affordable than platinum and gold; your future husband can pick between shiny and matte man’s rings. 

Another advantage of titanium rings for men’s wedding bands is they are sturdy. Of course, they can still get scratched, but they’re easy to buff out to restore your wedding ring’s original look. 


  • Tungsten carbide 

Men’s wedding rings made from tungsten carbide are another practical option for the guy with an active lifestyle. A tungsten carbide ring won’t get scratched easily, and it’s a reasonably affordable wedding band. 

However, investing in a well-made tungsten ring, especially those bonded with titanium would be best. Very cheap rings require less time and effort to produce, which means lower quality and longevity. 


  • Cobalt

Do you want something like a white gold man’s wedding ring? Cobalt is a good alternative because it is more affordable. 

Furthermore, a cobalt men’s wedding ring is scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it looking worn out quickly. And best of all, cobalt rings don’t need regular replating, so they’re low maintenance. 


  • Palladium

Some people prefer rare materials for their man’s wedding ring. And if you’re one of them who prefer rare men’s wedding rings, one of the best options is palladium. 

Palladium rings are slightly harder than platinum, and those who want to indulge can get rings made by high-end jewelry designers. However, they are difficult to resize, so keep this in mind if you’re known to have a fluctuating body weight that can affect the finger size.


  • Tantalum

Give your man a tantalum ring if you want a unique wedding ring. It’s not as expensive as palladium, and it’s considered better quality than tungsten rings. 

From a practical point of view, tantalum is malleable and durable for all needs. It’s even bluish-gray to suit sophisticated grooms who want something non-traditional. 


What Kind Of Wedding Rings Do Guys Get?

The most popular rings for men are gold, platinum, and tungsten. First, guys often choose gold because it’s a classic wedding band, and anyone can look good with a gold ring. 

Platinum men’s wedding bands, on the other hand, are often gotten because they can maintain their color without the need to replace them often. But practical men will likely enjoy tungsten wedding rings more since they resist scratches well. 


Which Ring Material Is Best For Men?

You want something durable but stylish when selecting men’s wedding rings. That being said, titanium and tungsten would be perfect for the groom’s wedding band. 

Titanium is light but hardy, so those with an active lifestyle that constantly work their hands don’t need to worry about maintaining their wedding ring. It’s low maintenance since you can clean it with mild soap and water. 

But if you know that you need something that won’t scratch or tarnish quickly, the best option is tungsten. It’s stronger than tungsten, and it’s even one of the strongest metals on earth. 


What Color Should A Man’s Wedding Ring Be?

There are no rules on your man’s wedding band’s color. However, the classic choices are gold, silver, and black. 

Matching golden wedding bands are very traditional, or the groom can wear a silver ring to contrast the stones of his bride’s ring. And as for modern men, they might prefer a black wedding ring to make it stand out more. 



Was this list helpful? To recap what is the best wedding ring for a man, consider gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten carbide, cobalt, palladium, and tantalum. 

And for hardworking men, the best option would be tungsten as it’s durable and low-maintenance. Choose something that suits your style and habits to get the most out of your purchase. 

Feel free to check how to pick a wedding band for additional tips on buying wedding rings. 

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