What Do You Do At A Baby Shower

If you’re unsure about what do you do at a baby shower, here’s a checklist with five activities you can do to plan the party schedule. We’ll share tips on ensuring that everything will go by smoothly and everyone will have one with the gifts and games. 

You’ll also get plenty of game ideas on what to do at the baby shower to ensure that it will be a fun event for anyone. And if you prefer not to play baby shower games, you can refer to our what to do at a baby shower without games

what do you do at a baby shower


Activity Checklist: What Do You Do At A Baby Shower


Greetings and introductions

The first things to do at any baby shower are greetings and introductions. As the host, welcome the guests and introduce the baby’s mom to everyone. 

You can also surprise her with her parents, friends, or family members who she thought might not be able to attend the party. The host can even introduce guests to each other over appetizers and light cocktails

This start of the baby shower can take 30 minutes until everyone is settled. Don’t forget to show the guests where to get food and the designated area for the gifts. 


Baby shower games

After the introductions, you can begin the baby shower games. Most baby showers have two to three games, but it will depend on the host and if they also want to include other fun activities, depending on the baby shower theme. 

Each game can last fifteen minutes, and you can insert other things. Perhaps you’ve prepared video greetings from other friends and family members as a way to rest. 

You can also make prizes more exciting or make the winner announcement fun after each game. The host will be the MC for the baby shower games, but you can ask anyone you think will have the best personality to be the MC. 


Cake cutting

After the baby shower games, you can spend about 15 minutes on the cake cutting and serving. Most baby showers have a special cake, the party’s focal point. 

If it’s also a gender reveal cake, the cake cutting, and serving can go for half an hour. It can also be a fun way to talk and honor the mom-to-be or everyone who helped make the baby shower party fun. 

If there is no cake, you can also use this time to serve the guests food. Baby showers usually happen in the afternoon so that you can serve each guest tea and snacks. 


Gift opening

After the food, the baby shower can start opening baby shower gifts. It’s traditional for this party to have each guest talk about their gifts, or the mom can also open one gift at a time and read the card included by the guest who gave it. 

This can also be a great way to give the mom-to-be or the parents of the baby some tips, especially when opening the baby shower gifts from guests who have raised their own babies. But of course, the host can consult the guest of honor if they want to open gifts in front of everyone. 

Understandably, some people find this awkward, so you can always replace this party with other activities. You can also just extend the baby shower lunch. 


Hand out the baby shower favors

The final part of the baby shower is the wrap-up from the host. The mom-to-be can also take the stage to thank the host and everyone who attended the party. 

Furthermore, guide the guests on where to take their baby shower favors. You can also hand the favor to each guest to personally thank them. 

Finally, you can arrange a photoshoot or begin using the photo booth at the baby shower. If you’ve booked a baby shower photographer, you can take portraits with friends and family. 


What Kind Of Games Are Played At A Baby Shower?

Any baby shower is not complete with fun games that can also be an ice-breaker for everyone who attends. 

  • Baby shower bingo: create unique bingo templates according to common baby shower gifts or read this tutorial on how to play baby shower bingo
  • Pregnant twister: have guests wearing pillows on their tummy for faux baby bumps while playing the classic twister
  • Charades: use baby theme words for this beloved party game
  • Diaper raffle: a baby shower game that would help the parents-to-be with their diaper stash and also reward guests with exciting prizes
  • Guess the baby: collect baby photos from guests and have them guess who’s who
  • Baby food taste test: a fun guessing game that can also be competitive 


How Many Games Are Typically Played At A Baby Shower?

Depending on the party’s length, the host can prepare two to four baby shower games. The budget for the baby shower will also dictate how many activities to have for fun activities and prizes for the guests. 

With all these being considered, prepare games that follow the baby shower theme. For example, you can provide animal props and activity kits if it’s a jungle-themed baby shower. 



And that’s it! You just learned what do you do at a baby shower which starts with introductions, games, good, gift opening, and wrap-up with favors for the guests. 

It’s up to the host to modify what activities to do based on the theme and budget for the party. And, of course, honor the mom-to-be and provide exciting prizes for the guests. 

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