Where To Buy Wedding Cards: 3 Best Stores

If you’re unsure where to buy wedding cards, consider the three best stores. We’ll discuss each shop and the wedding cards you can expect from them. 

You will also know what wedding cards are and the different kinds you must order for the wedding. And speaking of wedding needs, we recommend reading what is wedding stationery as well. 

where to buy wedding cards


Exactly Where To Buy Wedding Cards



One of the best places to buy wedding invitations and cards is Etsy. You can order different wedding cards from invitations to welcome cards and thank you cards. 

What’s advantageous with buying a wedding card on Etsy is finding good deals for a low price. For example, the Etsy seller luckynotes offers 10 A2 wedding cards for only $33. 

You can choose the envelope for it, and they are printed in-house with your message. Expect 5 to 8 days for delivery, so plan your schedule to have the cards ready when needed.



Did you know that you can order wedding invitations from Zola? If you’re unsure where to buy wedding invites and other cards for the wedding, Zola offers an array of choices. 

You can pick from matching wedding suites, save the dates, invitations, enclosure cards, menus, programs, place cards, and thank you cards. Select from classic to luxurious designs, whichever suits your wedding theme.

Then, use Zola’s builder to customize your wedding cards, whether you want to change the font, wording, or use your photo. Then, they’ll ship it on your wedding paper for free within ten business days. 



Another shop where you can order your wedding invitations and wedding cards is Hallmark. You can browse from their selection of designs and wedding card types, and best of all, they have everything you can use from the engagement to the wedding day itself.

Hallmark offers an array of bridal shower invitations, bridal shower cards, bachelorette party cards, wedding greeting cards, and even wishing well cards you can include if you’re a wedding guest. You might also appreciate their cultural options if you want more sentimental wedding cards.

If you want unique thank you cards for your guests, you can buy the embossed flower design from Hallmark. As of this writing, a box of ten only costs $11.99, and you’ll even get a reusable storage box with it so you can organize all your wedding stationery. 


What Is A Wedding Card?

A wedding card can refer to the wedding invitation, the inserts included in the invitation suite, or even the wedding wishes card the guests give to the couple. You can buy them or make them home to save on costs, especially if you already own a printer. 

Some couples might also order their wedding cards like the wedding invites, especially for customized and unique designs. Overall, wedding cards are essential stationery because they inform the guests or the couple themselves, and you’ll have something tangible that can be a wedding memento.  


Are Wedding Cards A Thing?

While wedding cards can refer to invites and other stationery like the wedding place cards used at the venue, wedding cards are often used by guests to send their best wishes to the bride and groom. As a guest, you can include your wedding card with your wedding gift when you mail it to the couple. 

Some weddings might also have a wishing well at the reception where you can put the wedding cards. On the other hand, those who could not attend can also mail their wedding card to the couple as a courtesy. 


Which Paper Is Used For Wedding Cards?


Smooth papers

If your wedding card has photos and other designs, the best paper is smooth paper. From the name itself, it has no texture and can be matte or glossy. 


Cotton papers

You can opt for wedding cards made from the cotton paper if you have more budget. They are thick, feel nice, and even look fantastic with decors such as gold foil and watercolor. 


Eggshell papers

If you want some texture on your wedding cards, select those made from eggshell papers. And best of all, they’re available in different white colors, which are easy to print on and decorate. 

Will you be making wedding cards at home? Before you print, you can read what weight cardstock is for wedding invitations


What Are The Different Types Of Invitation Cards?

Your wedding invitation suite is composed of different cards of inserts. These are the must-haves to fully inform your guests of everything they need to know for the wedding: 

  • Wedding RSVP cards
  • Wedding reception card
  • Direction and map cards
  • Accommodation card
  • Attire card
  • Website card
  • Wedding activity card (if having multiple events for a weeklong wedding)


Where Do Most People Get Wedding Invitations?

Most people get their wedding invitations from known stationery shops. They might also print the cards and design the invites using different apps and software. 

The size of the wedding and intricacy of your preferred invitation designs should help you know if you bought or made the invites yourself. Intimate weddings and those on a budget might even go digital to save on invitation postage expenses. 



Was this article helpful? You just discovered where to buy wedding cards: Etsy, Zola, and Hallmark. 

We hope you also learned what are wedding cards and their importance for the wedding. Let us know below if you have more questions. 

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