What To Wear To A Country Wedding Male

If you want to know what to wear to a country wedding male, we’ll provide ideas for outfits for a rustic, country, or even barn wedding. We’ve also included what colors male guests can wear, if they should wear a suit, or how to style up your shirt to suit the wedding’s dress code. 

This is a complete guide for those attending outdoor weddings with country or rustic themes as they can be tricky to dress for and maintain wedding guest formality. And for additional reference, please read what to wear to a rustic wedding

what to wear to a country wedding male


Exactly What To Wear To A Country Wedding Male


Should men wear suits to a country wedding?

Deciding between a shirt and a suit for a country wedding as a male guest depends on the wedding dress code. But since it’s a wedding, it’s likely to have a dressy casual or semi-formal dress code.

The best decision is to wear a suit to a country wedding to match other men attending the event. Pick something made from a material that would be comfortable for the country wedding venue, whether it’s something light or warm. 

But at some rustic weddings, you might get away with a dressy buttoned shirt with a vest or jacket. Use the wedding theme as a clue to style your wedding attire. 


What colors can men wear to a country wedding?

The perfect and stylish colors for suits that men wear in the country and at rustic weddings are natural. Think of earth tones like brown and green over the usual black or gray attire. 

Country weddings typically follow a rustic and natural theme where colors like brown and green are often seen to match the organic setting. However, you can also opt for stylish patterns in your attire, especially for a countryside wedding. 

For example, a tweed suit or blazer with trousers or dressy pants for a modern country wedding. You can also try other patterns depending on the country’s wedding theme.  


What shoes to wear to a country wedding male?

Male country wedding attire is not limited to the suit or shirt to wear. You should also wear the appropriate shoes for the venue to remain comfortable. 

Remember that it’s likely to be an outdoor venue or rustic location like a barn or farm for the country wedding. Select your most comfortable loafers or Oxfords for the country wedding. 

Semi-formal to formal weddings outdoors can also have men wearing brogues or Derbys. Leather shoes are excellent to match the theme, and they’re also easier to clean than other materials like suede in the rustic country venue.

Leather boots and dressy sneakers might also be suitable for formal or country chic weddings. But of course, pick something that looks smart and classy for your men’s attire, even if it’s a Western wedding. 


How to dress for a country wedding male

You should still maintain formality and tact with your men’s rustic wedding attire, even if it’s an outdoor, country, or barn wedding. But, of course, you can always style up your outfit with leather belts or watches. 

Some colorful ties or exciting patterns with the inner shirt or socks can enhance your look. Depending on the theme, you can wear quirky pocket squares or cufflinks or opt for a more subtle but classy lapel pin or tie clip to amp up your aesthetic for Western wear. 


What Should A Male Guest Wear To A Rustic Wedding?

Men attending a rustic country wedding should consider something inspired by the theme and venue. For example, it might be a country wedding or a Western-themed wedding. 

Your men’s wedding outfits can mean a cotton jacket, linen suit, or tweed blazer, depending on the rustic wedding venue and dress code formality. The best choices for your outfit are colors like blue, tan, brown, or green. 

Some themes might even have you wearing cowboy boots, hats, vests, or jeans for the rustic wedding. And as for the pants, use the top’s material color as a guide on what to pick, including what shoes to finish your country wedding look. 


What Should A Male Guest Wear To A Barn Wedding?

A barn wedding attire for men can be anywhere from suits to blazers and trousers to jeans. Check the wedding dress code to help you create the perfect rustic country outfit, as the barn venue can be formal or casual. 

Your outfit should look charming and reminiscent of the countryside and rustic farmhouses. Therefore, consider colors like tan and sand, contrasting them with pastel blue and yellow for a modern barn wedding outfit.

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What Should A Man Wear To A Casual Outdoor Wedding?

Comfort is the male guests’ top priority when deciding what to wear to rustic weddings. You might not even wear a suit if it’s a casual outdoor wedding. 

Consider a breathable cotton shirt light brown for a casual outdoor wedding, and wear a tweed jacket over it if it’ll be cold. But of course, elevate your outfit’s formality with dress pants and shoes like Oxfords.  



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a country wedding male, which should be something that matches the wedding formality and is in natural colors that match the rustic theme. 

Opt for comfortable materials, and don’t forget to check the wedding’s specific color scheme, theme, and dress code.

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