What Is A Wedding Stationery: Complete List

Those curious about what is a wedding stationery, please familiarize yourself with the complete wedding stationery list from before the wedding to during the wedding day. Wedding stationery is not limited to invitations because the wedding requires different prints to guide the guests and ensure a smooth ceremony. 

And speaking of wedding invitations, feel free also to browse our blog for everything related to this specific wedding stationery. For starters, why not learn how much to spend on wedding invitations?

what is a wedding stationery


What Is A Wedding Stationery: Wedding Stationery Checklist


Before the wedding day


  • Engagement party invitations

After the engagement, the bride’s family will traditionally host an engagement party. You will need engagement party invitations to notify your guests of this event.


  • Wedding party proposal cards

While it’s not mandatory, the bride can provide proposal cards for her bridesmaids and the groom for his groomsmen. So this stationery will officially act as a way of proposing to these essential people in your lives to be part of your wedding party.

Include a budget for these proposal cards or consider throwing a party or meeting these people in person. Here are guides on how many bridesmaids are there in a wedding and how many groomsmen are there in a wedding as references. 


  • Bridal shower/wedding shower invitations and thank you cards

Another event before the wedding day is the wedding shower or bridal shower. The former is if it’s a celebration for both the bride and groom. 

Like other parties, you will provide invitations and thank you cards. However, small showers can also omit stationery as you can email whoever is invited to save on costs


  • Bachelor and bachelorette party invitations

Whoever will host the bachelor and bachelorette parties will provide the invitations. It can be the maid of honor for the bride and the best man for the groom. 


For the wedding day


  • Save the dates and wedding invitations

Once you have secured your wedding venue and time, you can prepare the most important type of wedding stationery: invitations for the big day. You’ll first send out save the dates, then the wedding invitations. 


  • Response cards

Make sure to include the response cards as well. This will ensure that your guests can reply, and you can secure the wedding guest count to notify your vendors. 

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with how much postage is for wedding invitations. Then, besides printing them, you will provide the budget for postage, including the ones on the wedding RSVPs. 


  • Enclosure cards and inserts

Furthermore, remember that your wedding invitation will include enclosure cards. They make up the wedding invitation suite because they provide additional information, especially if it’s a weeklong or destination wedding with different activities and venues. 

The enclosure cards can include the accommodation card, travel card, wedding registry card, and other inserts so that guests will know every detail of your wedding. Otherwise, use your wedding website to save on invitation suite costs. 

Read what to include on the wedding website to know more. 


  • Rehearsal dinner invitations

On the night before the wedding, you’ll also have a rehearsal dinner with your closest friends and family. They are also the ones you had a wedding rehearsal with earlier. 

For formality, you will provide invitations for this event. This is also typically hosted by the groom’s parents.


During the wedding


  • Wedding program cards

Guide all the guests on what to expect on your wedding day with wedding program cards. These are essential stationery to avoid having issues with the time and schedule planned for the ceremony and reception. 


  • Wedding seating chart

You should also print a seating chart and place it by the venue entrance. Your ushers can use this as a guide to assist guests, or the guests themselves can use it as a preference. 


  • Place cards and table numbers

Besides the seating chart, you will provide place cards and table numbers on each table. The guests can use these to know their table setting on their assigned table.


  • Menu

A reception wedding stationery must-have is your menu. It can even be decorative enough to add aesthetics to each table. 


  • Thank you cards

The final wedding stationery you must provide are thank you cards. They can help you show your appreciation for everyone who attended your wedding, so please know when to send wedding thank you cards.


What Does Stationery Mean For A Wedding?

Wedding stationery does not only refer to wedding invitations. They are all the cards you’ll provide for the guests or have printed for the venue to show all the necessary information for the wedding.


How much does wedding stationery design cost?

The average cost of wedding stationery can start at $500 and up, depending on the type and number of stationery you’ll need. And nowadays, not all cards are printed because online cards are acceptable. 



Was this checklist helpful? To recap what is a wedding stationery, they are all the cards and printables you’ll give guests or have in the wedding venue to provide information.

They are not limited to invites because you also need wedding place cards and thank you cards for your stationery. However, you can have a small invitation suite or simply use word of mouth to invite guests to showers and other pre-wedding celebrations if you are limited with your budget.

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