What Weight Cardstock For Wedding Invitations

The answer to what weight cardstock for wedding invitations is 80#, but we will discuss other cardstock weights to help you understand cardstock weight much deeper. We will also talk about the meaning of weights for wedding invites and why they are a significant factor when creating invitations. 

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what weight cardstock for wedding invitations


Everything To Know About What Weight Cardstock For Wedding Invitations

The type of paper usually used for the wedding invitation is cardstock, and the best weight is 80#. This is the ideal choice if you’ll print your wedding invitations at home, but you can try other cardstock weights if you think they suit the type of invitations you want much better. 

For example, some prefer 100# weight cardstock for their wedding invitations. This weight is still possible for home printing, but check the printer’s capacity beforehand to be sure. 


If you’ll print the wedding invitations yourself

When printing the invites at home, it’s crucial to know that the home printer you have is compatible with the wedding invitation paper you’ll use. The paperweight refers to the thickness of the invitation paper, so keep this in mind when choosing a cardstock. 

Not all desktop printers can handle some weights of cardstocks, which is why you must check your unit’s instructions. Then, do a test print with that particular cardstock weight before doing all the invitations. 

Start with an 80# cardstock and increase the weight to test. When you notice jamming or smudging, your printer is incompatible with that weight. 

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If you’ll print the wedding invitations from a print shop

If you don’t want the paperweights for wedding invitations to be an issue, then go to a print shop and have them print your invitations. But of course, you will pay more than printing at home. 

It’s also noted that print qualities may vary from one shop to another. With some print shops, you might even be required to print on a specific paper size or cardstock type. 

Regardless, printing at a shop is the best choice if you want to use a #100 or higher cardstock. This is because the industrial printers at a print shop can handle these thick invitation papers compared to the usual desktop printer we have at home. 


Cardstock Weights Explained

The easiest way to understand what the cardstock weight means is the paper’s thickness. Therefore, the higher the paper weight, the thicker the invitation paper. 

This is why those printing at home starts with 80# cardstocks because home printers can handle this thickness. On the other hand, 100# and up invitations will typically need an industrial printer to avoid issues like jamming. 

Couples choose a cardstock weight based on the look and feel they want for their wedding invitations. If it’s thicker or has a higher weight, then they feel and look more premium. 

But ultimately, consider your budget and capacity as you don’t want to overspend on the wedding invitations alone. Cardstock weight ranges from 45# to 300# and up, so please read what’s stated in stores, and you’re not buying text weight instead of paper weight. 


What are the different weights of cardstock?

  • 80 to 90#: best cardstock weights for printing wedding invites at home
  • 100#: thicker and has a better look and feel for wedding invitations; although some can, not all home printers can handle this cardstock
  • 110 to 130#: will usually need to be printed at a print shop with industrial printers, but gives the best professional look for wedding invitations
  • 150# and up: not typically used for wedding invitations, but it is ideal if you want embossed wedding invites 


Is 65lb Cardstock Good For Invitations?

A 65lb cardstock is still suitable for wedding invitations because it’s thick enough to have a professional feel. However, never go lighter than 53 lbs for your invitation cardstock, as thin papers don’t have a formal look to them, which is what you want for wedding invites. 

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Is 80lb Cardstock Good For Wedding Invitations?

The most common cardstock weights for wedding invitations are 80# to 100#. They can be printed at home, and their thickness looks elegant for wedding invitations rather than using thinner paper. 


What Cardstock Is Used For Invitations?

The solid white cardstock is the best paper for wedding invitations because of the clean, smooth, and matte look. It also comes in different weights, or you can try a colored cardstock if you want a multi-colored invitation suite.  

Some wedding invitations are also made from cotton, linen, or felt cardstocks if you want an exciting feel and texture. There is even a Kraft cardstock, ideal for a rustic wedding because it is brown and coarse. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned what weight cardstock for wedding invitations, which is 80#. 

This paper thickness is compatible with most home printers, and your invites will still have an elegant look and feel. Try experimenting with your printer and increase the paperweight to see what will work best. 

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