How To Style Braids For Wedding: 4 Bridal Hairstyles

Try four hairstyles if you’re unsure how to style braids for wedding. We have everything from the most uncomplicated style to something eye-catching for the wedding. 

We’ve also included everything about styling and wearing braids for the wedding. And if you’ll wear twist braids, you can read our guide on how to style twist braids for a wedding

how to style braids for wedding


4 Ways On How To Style Braids For Wedding


Half-up half-down wedding hairstyles

A classic hairstyle for brides is the half-up half-down, and did you know that you can also wear your braids with it? Braids hairstyles are not limited to updos, and brides who prefer framing their face with hair can wear their hair half-up or half-down

Some hair will be braided, while others will be left loose. Like other wedding styles, your hairstylist might add volume and curl the loose locks to make everything look gracefully together. 

Your braid can go around the head like a halo as curly strands of hair cascade down your shoulders. You can even wear an accessory between the braid for a more bridal look. 


Bridal updos

A classic and timeless wedding hairstyle is the updo, and you can incorporate braiding in this hairstyle. There are different kinds of updo bridal hairstyles, and your hairstylist will likely choose the one that suits your wedding style. 

It can be a sleek or messy updo where the braid can wrap around the bun’s base. Another option is to create two braids with a center part, then pin the ends under the head for a chic look. 

The braids that will look good for this hairstyle include the French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail braid, and infinity braid. But of course, your wedding style based on your dress and jewelry should help you discover what wedding hairstyle suit you well. 


Bridal ponytails

Brides with thick hair simply look better with a draping ponytail behind them and can wear bridal braided ponytails. There would even be so much space to insert accessories like flowers and stones, so even your backside is as stunning as the front. 

You can combine a simple pony with some curled locks with some braided hair or braid the top portion and gather all the hair at the bottom into the pony. These wedding braid hairstyles will look incredibly stunning on brides with highlights. 

Alternatively, you can wear a braid that is styled chunky into a ponytail. This technique creates a thicker hair illusion than a basic bridal pony. 


Romantic braid hairstyles

Creative hairstyles with braids nowadays are trendy for artistic brides. Your stylist can have the braid in cute shapes like hearts or patterns. 

A simple side braid can also look romantic if you take a few hair strands out to frame the face. You can include a ribbon or floral garland when styling your hair into the braid for a bridal look. 

Another tip when you wear braids for bridal hairstyles is to consider having extensions. This can make chunkier braids that are more eye-catching and romantic-looking. 


Can You Wear Braids To A Wedding?

You can choose braids as your wedding hairstyle, whether you’re a guest or the bride herself. Braids come in different styles; you can choose from classic and simple ones to creative and unique braids hairstyles. 

Brides can even have their braids in a sleek style for a chic and comfortable wedding look. And as for the guest or those members of the bridal party, for example, the bride might’ve selected a specific braided hairstyle for her bridesmaids. 

If you are doing the braids yourself, practice beforehand to have a faster time preparing for the wedding morning. But if you have a hairstylist, discuss with them the look you want for the wedding, including the accessories you might want to incorporate into your wedding hairstyle. 

And for brides who’ll wear box braids, here’s how to style box braids for a wedding to give you ideas for bridal hairstyles. 


How Do You Style Short Wedding Braids?

Braids for a wedding hairstyle are usually long and chunky. But for brides who want to wear short braids for their bridal look, here are some ideas to elevate these bridal hairstyles:

  • Headband braid that sweeps to one side
  • Braided bob
  • Half-up braided bun half-down
  • Random braided strands with accessories and colorful extensions
  • Braid the undercut
  • Side braids
  • Dutch braided updo
  • Boho braid
  • Waterfall braid


How To Style Knotless Braids For A Wedding?

Brides and guests who want to showcase their knotless braids for their wedding hairstyle can try the following styles:

  • Half-up half-down
  • Bun
  • High ponytail
  • Braided to one side
  • Space buns
  • Side and pulled back


What Are Some Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests?

Try these braided hairstyles for dark-skinned women when attending a wedding:

  • Braided bun
  • Twisted braid
  • Tree braid
  • Goddess braid
  • Box braids updo



And that’s it! To recap how to style braids for wedding, you can do half-up half-down, updo, ponytail, or romantic hairstyles. 

Choosing among these bridal hairstyles depends on the type of braids you have and, of course, the style you’re going for based on your wedding dress, makeup, and accessories. Talk with your hairstylist so they can help you achieve the vision you want for your wedding hair. 

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