Where To Buy Wedding Arch: 4 Best Places

Try four places if you want to know where to buy wedding arch. We’ll also share tips on how to buy a wedding arch. 

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where to buy wedding arch

It’s cost-effective and allows the decorator to match the wedding theme effectively. 


Where To Buy Wedding Arch: Complete Buying Guide



A quick search on Amazon will give you many wedding arches to choose from. For example, you can get a white metal arch measuring 7.5 feet for only under $37 as of this writing. 

It is from the Adorox store and has more than 3,500 reviews, where 61% of customers gave it five stars. In addition, some positive reviews commend it for being easy to assemble and even adjustable to reach the desired height by removing sections. 

But besides the traditional rounded wedding arches, Amazon also offers interesting shapes such as heptagonal and square. You can even choose from wood or copper as the arch’s material.



Some couples buy a wedding arch, which they eventually intend to use in their backyard or garden. So why not browse Lowes for garden arbors?

Some arches even come with an extended warranty of 20 years, so you know that they will last long. You only need to buy the arch early to ensure that it will be delivered on time, considering your location.

But of course, you can always visit a store in person. Some arches might even be available for free pickup, which you can quickly see on Lowes’ website when looking at each arch. 



Another store to browse for wedding arches is Wayfair. As of this writing, a quick input of wedding arch in their website provides more than 3,000 results.

The arches come at different prices, so it should be easy to stick to your budget. If you happen to shop during a sale, you will even get some products at an even lower price. 

As for the styles, you’ll get traditional circular wedding arches to those more square in shape. They also range in sizes and materials, so make sure to double-check the specifications of what you’re ordering. 



When it comes to wedding items and decors, you’ll have a great time browsing Etsy. This is why it’s not shocking to see different stylish wedding arches that should fit various wedding themes. 

One of the most popular ones in Etsy is a white gold circular arch from VallariDecor. As of this writing, it costs $140 with more than 7,800 reviews. 

If you want non-traditional wedding arches, Etsy has other interesting products, like triangular and moon-shaped ones. For example, there is even an arch made from white birch to suit a Boho wedding theme. 


How To Buy A Wedding Arch

Consider five factors when deciding on what wedding arch to buy:



Wedding arches can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. But, of course, plastic wedding arches will be cheaper than metal ones if you need to stick to a specific budget.

But if you want something more durable and can handle the outdoors, you want stable arches made from metal or wood. Remember that the more challenging the terrain, you must opt for the sturdier wedding arches to prevent collapse. 



The wedding arch is the ceremony’s backdrop, so be sure to select the shape that suits your wedding theme. Choosing the wedding arch shape is based on personal preference, so discuss it with your future spouse.

If you hire a decorator, you can also ask their opinion on what will suit the venue. Some of the most popular ones are square, but oval arches are also gorgeous for backyard weddings. 



Besides shapes, wedding arches are available in different sizes. Note how the arch will look in contrast to the location to achieve a cohesive-looking wedding ceremony decor. 

Furthermore, you want the wedding arch to be taller than the couple and officiant. You can also decide if you want the arch to be oversized. 


Wedding location

The location, specifically the ground where you’ll stand the arch will dictate what arch to get. Some wedding arches are designed to be staked on the ground, while others can be used for flooring indoors.


Value for money

Some couples buy a wedding arch, which they’ll eventually use in the garden or on other occasions. If you also plan to do that, check arches with reasonable warranties. 


How Much Do Wedding Arches Rent For?

Renting a wedding arch can cost you anywhere from $100 or more. But, of course, it’s also possible to get something cheaper, depending on where you live. 



And that’s it! We just discussed where to buy wedding arch where it can be in Amazon, Lowes, Wayfair, and Etsy.

All these stores offer arches of different shapes, materials, sizes, and prices. We hope you find what you’re looking for, and feel free to browse our blog for other wedding decor tips. 

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