How To Decorate A Wedding Arch With Fabric

If you want to learn how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric, we simplify it into three steps. This article will also discuss more decorating tips for your wedding arch.

Besides fabric, you can also use flowers to make the arch more pleasing for the event. We will share some suggestions you can make if you want to add some to the wedding arch. 

how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric

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How To Decorate A Wedding Arch With Fabric Like A Pro


Step 1. Decide on the fabric

There are many types of fabrics that you can use to decorate a wedding arch. Some of the best ones would be chiffon and organza. 

Chiffon fabric is ideal if you want an elegant fabric without much sheer. On the other hand, organza is lighter and silkier, but you can lessen its sheerness by layering it. 

With these characteristics in mind, you can imagine the effects of the fabrics on the arch when used in the wedding setting. For example, a beach wedding during sunset will look magical with something sheer like organza, while chiffon’s flow and drape would make it the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding. 


Step 2. Position the fabric

You can decorate the wedding arch by using the fabric panels as faux curtains. Think of the square or rounded arch as a large window with fabric panels on the sides. 

From there, you can decorate while also securing the flowy fabrics with ribbon and flowers that match the current theme of the wedding. Another option is to wrap or drape the material to the arch, making it a romantic backdrop for the altar. 

You can either wrap the fabric around the entire arch as close as possible or do it much loosely and leave the sides longer for something flowy and elegant. Finally, if your wedding arch has two frames, use this to layer and suspend the fabrics to cover the altar lightly. 


Step 3. Decorate the arch

After positioning the fabric or fabric panels to the wedding arch, decorating it should be a fun process. You only need to think about the theme and color palette of the event itself. 

Consider combining fabric colors that will make the wedding party’s outfits stand out. You can also add flowers, ribbons, and other accents that are found in the wedding venue. 

If the arch looks flat, you can easily add volume like a pro decorator with tulle. This material often used for bridal veils will also look great in the wedding arch because it’s moldable yet holds its shape well.


How Do You Hang Fabric On A Wedding Arch?

  1. Tie the length of the fabric at the top corner of the wedding arch and take this fabric to the base of the opposite pole
  2. Repeat to the other corner and pole to have the fabric in a cross position
  3. Add volume to the poles with tulle fabric 
  4. Take the material to cover the roof of the arch evenly
  5. Embellish the arch with other decorations following the wedding theme


How much fabric do I need for a wedding arch?

The amount of fabric you’ll need to decorate a wedding arch depends on the overall size of the wedding arch itself. Take the two heights and width of the arch in feet, then divide this total arch length by three since there are three feet in one yard. 

Then, allocate one more yard to the fabric you’ll need so you can have enough material that will drape at the base of the arch for a more fluid and elegant finish. Once you have the number, round it to the nearest whole digit, and it should be enough for decorating the wedding arch. 


What fabric do you use to drape a wedding arch?

Besides chiffon and organza, satin and voile will also look good on the wedding arch. Satin drapes well without creases, and voile is available in various colors and textures for added visual impact. 

You can also combine different fabric types when decorating the arch.  Furthermore, it would be best to get fabrics with a flame retardant finish for safety reasons. 


How To Attach Flowers To Wedding Arch

You can work with fresh or fake flowers when decorating an arch. Of course, the latter is easier to use because fresh flowers would only look best in oasis blocks to keep them hydrated. 

Plan how you’ll secure the oasis blocks to the arch and then simply insert the flowers and greenery onto them. Always start with the largest plants, then fill the gaps with smaller flowers that accentuate the arch. 

With fake flowers, you can tie them in bundles before attaching them to the arch. This part is essentially freehand decorating while keeping the design scheme of the wedding in mind.



Was this article helpful? We just learned how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric, and it’s surprisingly easy.

Start with deciding on the fabric and how you want it around or draping it on the arch. From there, you can add flowers and other accents to make the arch more elegant and fitting for the wedding. 


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