How To Decorate Wedding Columns With Chiffon

It’s surprisingly easy to learn how to decorate wedding columns with chiffon by classifying the project into two steps. This tutorial will help you learn various ways to use chiffon fabric when decorating wedding columns. 

We recommend reading what fabrics are used for wedding draping for additional tips regarding fabrics and wedding decorating. Of course, chiffon is not the only valuable material for decorations at the wedding. 

how to decorate wedding columns with chiffon


Complete Guide On How To Decorate Wedding Columns With Chiffon


Step 1. Selecting the type of chiffon fabric 

Decide on the type of chiffon fabric you want for the wedding columns. You can generally differentiate chiffon fabric into silk satin, silk crepe, pearl chiffon, Jacquard chiffon, and chameleon chiffon. 

The ideal ones for weddings are the first three since Jacquard is thin, and chameleon chiffon is not the most accessible type to find. Instead, opt for the silk satin chiffon fabric if you want a transparent material, perfect for outdoor weddings where you want the natural light through the columns. 

On the other hand, the silk crepe chiffon fabric can also look gorgeous for the wedding columns because of its naturally puckered texture. Then, the pearl chiffon fabric’s glossy and pearl-like shade is ideal for weddings with mostly shimmery decorations.

Finally, plan the chiffon colors to complement the palette of the wedding venue. The columns are pretty prominent on the site, so they shouldn’t look out of place with the rest of the decorations. 


Step 2. Attaching the chiffon fabric to the wedding columns

There are many ways to attach chiffon fabric to wedding columns for decoration. However, the easiest and most common way is to drape the columns’ material.

The lightness of chiffon allows effortless drapes, which can also be an alternative to a wedding arch if you don’t have one. You only need to improvise a middle structure for holding the chiffon. 

Another method of decorating wedding columns is to secure the chiffon on top of each column then wrap it throughout the column going down. You can even allow for excess material, so the chiffon collects on the floor elegantly. 

If there are excess materials, let the chiffon drape between each column. Don’t forget to add embellishments and details like wedding flowers, so the fabric doesn’t look flat


How Do You Cover Wedding Columns?

You secure the chiffon at the top of the wedding column with a column ring, then wrap it around the column’s entire length until your reach the bottom. For a more interesting look, allow the excess fabric to pool at the base of the wedding column. 


How Do You Hang Fabric On A Column?

Unlike a wedding arch, it can be hard to hang fabric on the column because there is no middle point. Instead, you’re only decorating with a single vertical structure. 

However, you can get a similar drape and flowy look by loosening the wrapped fabric around the column. Make sure to create pleats by gathering and folding the material on the column to add texture to the decoration. 


What Is The Purpose Of Wedding Columns?

The height of the wedding columns adds interest at the ceremony. They also serve as a base for other decorations such as flowers and other decorations that are not standalone. 

The columns can guide the guests with the seating rows in the ceremony by placing one at the end of each row. Using several columns can also serve as the backdrop and cover certain areas of the location. 

Outdoor wedding receptions typically even use columns to differentiate each spot. For example, placing columns in a specific space can designate it as the dance floor. 

Do you want to change the ambiance of the wedding using lights? Read what is wedding uplighting and position these fixtures by the wedding columns. 


Can You Decorate Your Own Wedding?

It’s possible to decorate your own wedding. But first, you must know the ultimate wedding decor checklist:



Signs are functional wedding decorations because they guide your guests regarding their spots and expected duties during the wedding. They are also easy DIY projects because you’re essentially writing words on your preferred bases like wood or paper to name a few. 

Important wedding signs include direction and road signs, welcome signs, guestbook signs, program signs, seating signs, place signs, drink signs, and gift signs. Here is also how to make acrylic wedding signs if you want something durable and unique. 


Ceremony and reception decors

Wedding ceremony decorations include the arch, columns, backdrop, aisle runner, lanterns or candles, vases, flowers, chair covers, and sashes to name a few. Some venues typically already have most of them, so you may not need to do some yourself. 

The decors are usually included in the reception package, but you may also rent a space and decorate it yourself.  Consider preparing the gift or card table, guestbook table, tables and chairs, centerpieces, cake stands, table numbers, ceiling drapes, backdrops, and lights for the reception. 



And that’s it! We’ve learned how to decorate wedding columns with chiffon where you can start at the top then wrap it through the column’s entire length. 

You can also let extra material pool at the bottom of the column and add some flowers to the fabric. However, remember to choose the right type and chiffon fabric color so the columns complement the wedding venue. 

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