How Many Songs For Wedding Reception

If you’re unsure how many songs for wedding reception, try fifteen for every hour. We will talk more about making a wedding playlist in more detail below.

So for additional helpful tips, why not read our guide on how to DJ your own wedding? It’s possible to be responsible for the music at the wedding, especially if you want to save on the expenses. 

how many songs for wedding reception


How Many Songs Do You Need For A Wedding Reception?

You can prepare 15 songs for every hour in a wedding reception. The wedding reception typically lasts a maximum of 5 hours, which means you must have a playlist with at least 75 songs. 

However, these are just general assumptions because songs vary in length, and there is no rule regarding how long a wedding reception must last. When unsure, you can never go wrong with giving the DJ a hundred songs for the wedding reception. 

If you have specific songs that are important to you, make sure to talk with the DJ, so they’ll be played at the wedding reception. You can also ask some friends and family about songs they’ll like if you have a hard time creating a long playlist. 


How Long Should A Wedding Reception Playlist Be?

A wedding reception playlist should last a minimum of three hours. For maximum, the playlist can also take up to five hours. 

It will always be a good idea to have too many songs than having too few in case some other events like the cocktail hour take longer than intended. Otherwise, expect some repeated songs. 

Make sure that you also have different genres to match the various moods throughout the wedding reception. You must include slow and mellow music, upbeat songs, and even relatively neutral tones that would make fantastic background noise. 


How Many Songs For A Wedding Ceremony?

Prepare three types of music for the wedding ceremony. Generally, you will need music for the prelude, processionals, and recessionals.  

The prelude or part of the ceremony where the guests are just being seated and waiting can be as long as 20 minutes. Select an instrumental that is ambient as it’s also an opportunity for the guests to mingle before the ceremony starts. 

The music for the processionals when the wedding party and couple enter can also be something light, but remember that the entrance song for the bride should be something that will draw attention to her arrival. 

Finally, the music for the recessionals at the end of the ceremony can be anything the couple wants. Ideally, the songs should be celebratory to hype up the guests for the reception. 


How Many Songs Do You Need To Walk Down The Aisle?

It will be tricky to determine the specific number of songs needed to walk down the aisle. However, it’s best to assume that you must have about two songs. 

For example, the wedding party can take a maximum of three minutes to finish walking down the aisle. Then, the bride can take two minutes to walk down the aisle.

Consider these typical durations when selecting music. And of course, the songs for the wedding party should be different from the bride’s. 


How Many Slow Songs Should Be Played At A Wedding?

A wedding will usually need six slow songs. Again, talk with the DJ or if you’re the one doing the playlist, make sure to place the slow songs in intervals to avoid bringing the mood of the wedding down. 

You can have one slow song after every five upbeat songs. This will also allow the guests to relax and give time to other people who prefer slow dancing. 

Finally, don’t forget to read your program to arrange your playlist better. For example, do you know what is an anniversary dance at a wedding?

It’s one of the parts of the program that will usually need slow songs.


How Many Songs Should Be In A Wedding Band?

The number of songs played by the wedding band depends on many factors. For example, some wedding bands might play 15 songs per set, which lasts an hour. 

The wedding band might also have two 45-minute sets, so the songs can be between 10 to 15 if each is three minutes long. But, again, make sure to discuss with the wedding band to avoid any miscommunications regarding the sets they’ll do at the wedding.

Some examples are two sets that are 45 to 60 minutes longs each or three sets that are 40 minutes long each. Spread the music throughout the evening, then decide if you would want an extra set if needed.


How Many Songs Do I Need At My Wedding?

  1. Music as the guests are taking their seats before the ceremony
  2. Aisle and entrance music
  3. Bridal processional song
  4. Unity ceremony music
  5. Songs for the recessional 
  6. Cocktail hour music
  7. Songs for the bridal party’s entrance at the reception
  8. Dance playlist (i.e., first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, etc.)
  9. Music for cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, and other wedding traditions
  10. Last dance music 



And that’s it! We just learned how many songs for wedding reception, and it can be 15 songs for every hour. 

Since the wedding reception can last for five hours, consider preparing a playlist that can last as long or has at least 75 songs. And as for the wedding band, the sets will be discussed beforehand, but usually, they offer two sets that are about 45 minutes long each. 

We hope this helped set your wedding music; leave us a question if you have any. 

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