How To Accessorize A Green Dress For A Wedding

You can learn how to accessorize a green dress for a wedding with these jewelry, shoes, and bag ideas for your outfit. We will also talk about wedding guest etiquette to ensure that you’ll remain stylish and respectful for the wedding. 

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how to accessorize a green dress for a wedding

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Complete Guide On How To Accessorize A Green Dress For A Wedding


Best kinds of jewelry for a green dress at a wedding


  • Identify the shade of green of the dress

Green can be intimidating to style, but some shades, especially dark greens are neutral enough to work with most accessories. For example, gold jewelry works with bright greens, while dark greens should work with silver jewelry or even black accessories. 

However, remember that you are styling your green dress for a wedding and not a date night. Therefore, you shouldn’t wear bold and oversized accessories that will draw attention to you and away from the bride.


  • Maintain modesty and subtlety

You can easily avoid looking distracting and overdressed by balancing big accessories with subtle ones like a layered necklace with stud or drop earrings instead of oversized hoops. You should also stick with one to two colors to add to the green dress. 

For example, if you’ve already selected gold jewelry, then a similar shade should look tasteful for the belt you’ll add to your green dress. On the other hand, if you also need a coverup like a shawl or a jacket, it should be neutral enough to balance the overall look. 

Speaking of shawls, read how to wear a shawl to a wedding for more tips. A shawl is a fantastic accessory to provide comfort and dress up a plain dress without going overboard for the wedding. 


Best shoes for a green dress at a wedding


  • Learn what color shoes go best with a green dress

As for the shoes you can wear to style a green dress for a wedding, there are many colors to choose from. Consider trying pairs of neutral colors like black and white or even shoes of a different shade of green with your green dress. 

You also want to try the entire outfit beforehand if the shoes complement the accessories you’ve chosen for the green dress. For example, perhaps the shoes have an embellishment that will look well with the earrings you’ve selected.


  • Keep functionality and comfort in mind

After selecting a color and style of shoes, keep in mind that you are dressing for a wedding. You may need to stand or walk for extended periods, and the last thing you want is to develop pain and blisters during the occasion. 

The wedding might also be held outdoors or in a location where heels can be tricky. Here is a guide on how to wear flat shoes to a wedding if you’re considering losing the wedges or stilettos.  


Best bags for a green dress at a wedding


  • Consider the occasion

You can never go wrong with picking a bag of neutral shade to pair with your green dress for a wedding. You can even take advantage of green being an earth tone and select a brown bag to go with it. 

However, remember that weddings differ in dress code, and bags also come in different styles. Some may look more fitting for a formal occasion, while others are casual. 


  • Choose what will be comfortable

Similar to shoes, your bag should be comfortable and functional for the type of wedding you’re attending. If you will hold it for a long time, avoid something heavy and bulky. 

However, your bag should still have enough space to carry your wedding needs. It will be a drag to keep losing items, especially when transferring venues at a wedding. 


Is It Okay To Wear A Green Dress To A Wedding?

It’s okay to wear a green dress to a wedding because, unlike other colors like white, black, and red that can potentially mean something else. However, there are different shades of green, so you must avoid the bright and eye-catching ones for tact. 

Remember that you shouldn’t upstage the bride, so bright green outfits should be avoided, especially if they make you stick out from the crowd. Furthermore, make sure that the bridesmaids or even the couple’s mothers are not wearing a green dress before you wear one as a wedding guest. 

When in doubt, check the color scheme indicated on the wedding invitation. You can also ask the couple themselves if green is acceptable for the guests. 


What Colors Go With Green?

Consider what type of green is your dress, then try these colors for styling and accessorizing it for the wedding:



And that’s it! We just learned how to accessorize a green dress for a wedding by identifying the particular shade of green and then deciding what accessories, shoes, and bags will compliment it. 

The key is never going overboard and maintaining subtlety with the outfit to avoid stealing the spotlight from the bride. Make sure that green is also accepted with the wedding you’ll attend. 


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