Where To Buy Modest Wedding Dresses: Best 3 Shops

Those who want to know where to buy modest wedding dresses can consider three places. Your wedding ceremony venue or type of wedding might require you to wear modest bridal wear, so it’s always helpful to know what stores and boutiques offer modest wedding dresses.

You’ll still feel confident in modest wedding dresses without worrying that you’ll wear might be potentially disrespectful to your wedding. Feel free to also browse our blog for different dress buying guides to suit different brides. 

where to buy modest wedding dresses

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Exactly Where To Buy Modest Wedding Dresses



A fantastic place to buy modest wedding gowns is Etsy because of the competitive prices. For example, a classy, modest bridal gown costs only under $600 as of this writing. 

It has a V-neck, long sleeves, and a long skirt with lace details to still look stylish for any wedding theme. If the neckline is too low, you can always wear a lace cami underneath for added chest coverage. 

For semi-formal or lowkey weddings, the bride can also try a modest dress from UnonaShop on Etsy. It costs under $300, and you’ll get a flowy A-line and long-sleeved dress that is not too long or shapeless. 


Mon Cheri Bridals

Another bridal shop to try if you’re looking for modest dresses to wear on your big day is Mon Cheri Bridals. They have a specific collection called Modest by Mon Cheri where indeed every bride will find her dream dress without losing sophistication and style. 

The silhouettes range from ball gowns to mermaids and A-line to help you select the best wedding dress silhouette for your needs. For example, try the STYLE TR22058, an A-line with cap sleeves if you don’t want long sleeves for your modest look. 

Some brides might also want to cover their arms but not with solid fabrics. You can check their STYLE TR22186 with beading and applique on the sleeves instead of a solid fabric cover. 



If you want quality, modest wedding dresses and your budget allows you to get a dress for $999 and up, why not try LatterDayBride? Of course, you can search for cheap modest wedding dresses, but it’s better to spend a bit if it means getting quality materials and flattering designs.

Most brides, on average, typically spend $1,000 and up for their dress anyway. But if you’re on a limited budget, there are modest dresses and gowns on sale that you can also browse on their website.

As of this writing, they offer the Gracie design for only $1,000 from its previous price of $1,595. It has a fitted silhouette to give you an hourglass figure but maintains modesty.


How Can I Make My Wedding Dress More Modest?

Try these tips on adding coverage and making your bridal gown more modest in case you purchase something that might look too sexy for the type of event you’re having:

  • Discuss with your seamstress regarding the alterations you can do on the sleeve type, neckline style, length, and back of the gown
  • Consider wearing a solid-colored undergarment to provide coverage on the see-through panels of the wedding dress
  • Use pins or skin tapes to ensure that the wedding dress areas like the neckline will remain snug against the skin
  • Wear a layered necklace or have your hair down to cover the chest or back of the gown
  • Consider a stylish veil for added coverage
  • Wear a bridal bolero or jacket to make the wedding dress top modest

Do you want to wear a sleeveless bridal gown you saw at the boutique, but you need more coverage for modesty? Read our style guide on what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding


How Do I Make My V Neck Wedding Dress More Modest?

The v-neckline is a popular choice for bridal gowns. But if purchasing a wedding dress where you think the V-neck is too plunging, you can do the following:

  • Have your seamstress create hidden snaps so you can close the lowest portion of the neckline
  • Wear a big pendant to cover the skin that’s showing
  • Opt for a cami or any undergarment that can cover the chest area
  • Wear a shawl that is tied strategically to cover the chest and neck area 
  • Have your dress altered with a lace panel on the neckline


Should Wedding Dresses Be Tight?

There are no rules regarding how wedding dresses should fit. Instead, the factors to consider are the type of wedding and what silhouette flatters the bride’s body shape. 

Some modest wedding dresses can be considered fitted, but the volume on the hem and sleeves make them less sultry-looking. On the other hand, of course, you don’t want to wear a dress that is too loose that you can’t highlight your natural body shape. 

If you’re worried that fitted dresses like the mermaid and trumpet bridal gowns would be too tight that they’d be sexy for your type of wedding, then consider A-lines or ball gowns. You won’t lose the flattering figure, but the voluminous skirt will create a modest style. 



And that’s it! You just discovered where to buy modest wedding dresses: Etsy, Mon Cheri Bridals, and LatterDayBride. 

They offer competitive prices and a wide selection of styles to suit different brides and weddings. Feel free to browse our blog for more dress-buying guides. 

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