How To Tie Wedding Knot At Your Wedding Ceremony

It’s easy to learn how to tie wedding knot because it’s only two steps. We’ll guide you from the officiant announcing the wedding knot tying ceremony and what specific knot you’ll do for this wedding tradition. 

You will also find out below some ties you can try for your wedding not so that you can practice the knot for your ceremony. And for grooms and male guests who don’t know how to tie their necktie, you can also read how to tie a tie for a wedding

how to tie wedding knot


How To Tie Wedding Knot In Two Steps 


The wedding officiant announces the tying the knot ceremony

  • Check different knots before the marriage ceremony, so you and your partner can practice; for this tutorial, the easiest way to learn how to tie the wedding knot is with the fisherman’s knot
  • Discuss with your wedding officiant that you’ll do the wedding knot tying tradition on your wedding day; check various weddings and how different couples do their wedding knot as inspiration
  • Typically, the officiant will announce the tying of the knot after the exchange of vows and rings by the bride and groom; your officiant will prepare the wording for this, and they will also hand each of you a strand of rope to tie 
  • The officiant will also discuss what these ropes represent; the meaning of tying the wedding knot is it symbolizes two separate lives becoming one
  • The officiant can continue that the knot symbolizes the marriage and how strong it will be; different sources also state that the origin of the wedding knot roots in handfasting, which is an ancient Celtic ritual where the couple’s hands are bound together to represent their unity


The bride and groom will do the fisherman’s knot on the rope

  • The best way to tie the wedding ceremony knot in weddings depends on the couple, whichever they find the easiest; if you want an easy way to learn how to tie your wedding knot, consider the fisherman’s knot 
  • After the officiant announce the wedding knot ceremony, receive the ropes individually and proceed to make the fisherman’s knot; from a symbolic perspective, this knot is also resilient, which can represent your future in marriage 
  • Align the ends of the two ropes, so they are parallel to each other; use the end of one rope to wrap around the other and itself twice
  • Thread the end of the rope through the X created by the overlapping rope and pull to tighten the knot; you can also make a second knot by taking the end of the other rope and using it to make a similar knot, then pull both ropes ends to tighten and secure the knot
  • The wedding officiant will then announce that you have tied the knot and how its durability represents the strength of your and your partner’s love for each other; the officiant might also plan this with you where they’ll announce the symbolism first before you do the final tightening of the knot


Which Knot Is Best For The Rope Tying Ceremony At A Wedding?

There are many ties you can try to make your wedding knot. But the easiest one to do is the fisherman’s knot, and it’s also strong to represent your love and marriage from a symbolic perspective. 

Some other knots you can practice to learn how to tie the wedding knot are the following:


True lover’s knot

  1. Make a loose overhand knot on one rope and pass the end of the other rope through this knot’s middle
  2. Continue the second rope under itself to create a twist and pull it up and through the twist to make the second overhand knot
  3. The two knots should look the same


Weaver’s knot

  1. You can make a knot with two ropes of different sizes with the weaver’s knot
  2. Take one rope and create a loop on its end
  3. Pass the free end of the other rope under the opening of the loop
  4. Have it around the first rope and under itself 
  5. Finish and tighten the knot by pulling the four ends 


How Do You Tie A Romantic Knot?

A way to tie knots in weddings, especially for tying the knot ceremony representing the union, is the true lover’s knot. This is a sweet technique you can consider when you don’t know how to tie the marriage ceremony tie yet. 

From the name itself, the true lover’s knot came from two overhand knots intertwined together. You can follow the tutorial earlier if you want this for your wedding. 

Another romantic knot to try at your wedding is the love knot, where your wrists will be bound with your partner using several ribbons. The officiant will tie them loosely under the hands; then, the ribbons are removed and tied into a basic knot that you can keep after the wedding. 

And if you want another wedding tradition to represent your union, you can also read what is a unity candle at a wedding



And that’s it! You just learned how to tie wedding knot where the officiant will announce the ceremony first.

Then, you’ll tie two ropes with a fisherman’s knot or double fisherman’s knot. You can also do the true lover’s knot for added sentimentality. 

We hope this was helpful; let us know below if you have any questions. 

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