Where To Buy Maternity Wedding Dresses And Style Tips

Those who want to know where to buy maternity wedding dresses in the US can consider three stores. They are Amazon, Tiffany Rose, and David’s Bridal. 

We will also guide you on finding the perfect maternity dress for your wedding and tips for choosing wedding maternity dresses for hiding the baby bump. And speaking of pregnant brides, do you know that some couples get married for such reasons?

where to buy maternity wedding dresses

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How To Shop For A Maternity Wedding Dress: Where To Buy Maternity Wedding Dresses



Nowadays, it’s no longer considered tacky to buy wedding dresses on Amazon, especially for frugal brides. And if you want a maternity wedding dress, the company offers an array of options. 

What’s convenient with Amazon wedding dresses is most people have an Amazon account, so ordering your pregnancy wedding dress will be convenient. Just make sure to know if it will arrive on time, then read the reviews for the dress and if it fits your wedding style. 

Some of the best maternity wedding dresses on Amazon include the ZIUMUDY maxi ruffled wedding gown. It comes in white and beige, but there are also other colors like red and pink if they suit your wedding theme better. 


Tiffany Rose

Tiffany Rose is famous for brides wanting an elegant pregnancy maternity wedding dress. And even if you’re in the US, you can get your Tiffany Rose maternity wedding gown delivered to your location. 

You can choose from free shipping, where the gown is delivered within 5 to 7 working days, standard shipping if you want it as fast as 3 to 5 working days, or if you wish the quickest delivery option, the express shipping takes 2 to 3 working days. But what are the maternity bridal gowns to expect in Tiffany Rose? 

Browsing their website is easy as you can quickly refine the wedding dresses based on sleeve type, length, and even how fitted or flowy you want the maternity bridal gown to be. A gorgeous and ethereal-looking maternity wedding dress perfect for romantic weddings is the satin ivory Zoey gown that allows pregnant brides to move thanks to the fabric, neckline, and skirt design comfortably. 


David’s Bridal

One of the most popular stores for brides looking for the perfect wedding dress is David’s Bridal. And did you know that you can also buy maternity wedding gowns from them?

You can find a maternity wedding dress in David’s Bridal for as affordable as under $200 or even $180 only if you’re a diamond member. And if you want to splurge, a $1,000 maternity wedding gown from David’s Bridal is perfect if you have a small baby bump and want a mermaid silhouette that features a sweep train and a low V-neckline, appliques, and lace. 

If you’re a plus-size bride, you can also find bridal maternity dresses in David’s Bridal. We found a gorgeous maternity dress if you’re a plus-size pregnant bride, and it comes from DB Studio with a stretch jersey, side zipper, and lace-trimmed slit. 


Can You Try Wedding Dresses On When Pregnant?

You can try wedding dresses when pregnant. But to ensure that you’ll find the perfect and most flattening maternity wedding dress, read these tips for wedding dress shopping when pregnant:

  • Tell the bridal shop and wedding dress consultant that you are pregnant 
  • Communicate your preferred style and comfort expectations
  • Know if you want to highlight or hide your baby bump; a mermaid silhouette is perfect for the former, while you can view empire waist maternity bridal gowns if you wish for an inconspicuous fit 
  • Be mindful of the material and fit regarding comfort; move and sit on the wedding dress to know if you’ll be comfortable 
  • Remember that you must size up depending on how far out the wedding will be

Since pregnant women should not get exhausted, please know how long are wedding dress appointments, so you can plan your day accordingly. 


What Can I Wear To A Wedding While Pregnant?

Here are tips you can use to decide among the different maternity wedding dresses in stores. Consider bringing your trusted friends and family when you shop for opinions. 

  • Set a wedding budget and stick to it
  • Decide a wedding dress style based on the wedding’s formality
  • Besides comfort for your belly bump, consider the wedding venue and season; you don’t want to feel too hot or cold 
  • The most pregnancy-friendly silhouette is the empire waist because it wouldn’t feel constrictive; smaller baby bumps or brides who want their belly to be the star can consider sheath wedding dresses
  • When selecting the fabric to wear when you’re pregnant on your wedding day, the comfortable options include jersey, chiffon, and cotton because they offer some stretch and are also breathable 
  • Size up so that the wedding gown can accommodate how large the baby bump will be on your wedding day
  • Opt for flats or low heels with your wedding dress 


When Should You Get A Dress Altered When Pregnant?

If you need to alter the wedding dress to accommodate pregnancy, it should be done 2 to 4 months before the wedding day. There is also time to order extra material for the skirt. 



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy maternity wedding dresses: Amazon, Tiffany Rose, and David’s Bridal. 

We also recommend being honest with the bridal shop when shopping for bridal maternity gowns so they can recommend the best sizes and styles for your baby bump.

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