Where To Buy Flip Flops For Wedding Guests: Best 3

Those who are unsure where to buy flip flops for wedding guests can consider three places. We’ll help you find quality flip flops for wedding guests that you can purchase in bulk to save on wedding costs. 

You will also learn the best materials for flip flops and how to decorate them. And as for the other gifts and favors you want to give your guests, you can read what to put in a wedding gift basket

where to buy flip flops for wedding guests


Where To Buy Flip Flops For Wedding Guests In Bulk



One of the best stores to purchase flip flops for wedding guests is Etsy. As of this writing, you can give your guests many different affordable options of flip flops in bulks. 

Some flip flops can be for the guests to dance at the wedding reception. There are also flip flops that your guests will appreciate for a beach destination wedding. 

You can purchase 48 pairs with custom bands for your wedding for under $220. And as for the costs of dancing slippers for the reception, there’s an option to get 20 or 50 pairs made from memory foam and satin.



If you already own an Amazon account, you can get your wedding flip flops from them as well. You may be giving the flip flops to the wedding party as a gift or adding to what you’ll wear with the bridesmaids while preparing for the wedding in the morning. 

Various packs on Amazon contain 26, 48, and even 96 pairs, suitable for small to big weddings. An affordable option you can buy comes from Winterlace, where you’ll get 48 pairs for $109.99 only. 

There are also the quality and comfortable pairs like the ones from Chuarry. You’ll get 26 pairs of slippers ideal for a beach wedding or pool party reception. 



Wholesale flip flops are the answer for buying many slippers for the wedding. You might be including the flip flops in their welcome package when they arrive at their hotels or when you meet at a destination wedding. 

And for these needs, you can consider buying the pairs at FlipFlopStore. When buying packs, you can choose from 48 pairs and 32 pairs with small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. 

FlipFlopStore also offers custom bands, which makes them ideal for wedding favors. The costs range from $19.99 to $95.99, so you can comfortably plan your budget for the wedding flip flops


Which Material Flip Flops Are The Best?

When ordering flip flops for wedding guests, you should know what materials are best for the quality and comfort of the pairs. Your guests wear them at the destination wedding or even for dancing at the reception, so always select the best materials for the flip flops. 


Flip flop materials

  • Foam: lightweight and comfortable; ideal for walking because shock absorbing
  • Rubber: cheap and bendable; ideal for quick replacements and portability
  • Polyester: good for water and comfortable; ideal for beach and pool weddings
  • Neoprene: soft and durable; ideal for wear and tear


Flip flop footbeds

  • Light foam: cheap and not as supportive to the foot
  • Contoured: fantastic for long-term use
  • Molded: great for walking because of shock absorption
  • Blended: durable and made for wear and tear


What Are The Softest Flip Flops?

The softest flip flops should have footbeds made from quality materials like EVA foam. In addition, they should offer cushioning with midsoles that help with shock absorption. 

And besides the footbed, the flip flops should have comfortable straps made with soft materials like leather or polyester to prevent blisters or chaff. And finally, opt for rubber or synthetic soles because they provide better traction, comfort, and safety from potential slips. 

Speaking of comfort, do you already know what shoes to wear to a wedding?


How Do You Decorate Plain Flip Flops?

Instead of buying flip flops with custom bands, if you are only giving a few pairs, you can personalize your wedding flip flops to save on costs. This will also make them more special since you decorated the pairs to give to your guests. 



  1. Mark the flip flop straps on where you’ll put the faux flowers
  2. Apply hot glue on the spot one at a time
  3. Position the flower onto the glue and press
  4. Hold for a while and let it dry



  1. Mark the flip flop straps or sides where you’ll put the stones
  2. Pick one stone at a time with tweezers
  3. Tap the stone on the glue gun to pick some glue and position it over the flip flop
  4. Press and let it dry



  1. Apply the glue on one side of the flip flop strop and wrap a ribbon strip around the strap
  2. Overlap the ribbon to hide gaps until your reach the other strap side
  3. Apply glue outside the strap side and pull the ribbon tight before pressing it onto the glue
  4. You can also make bows and stick them in the center of the flip flop strap



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy flip flops for wedding guests from Etsy, Amazon, or FlipFlopStore. 

Buy the pairs in bulk to save on costs, then consider getting those with custom bands to make them more unique. You can also decorate the slippers yourself if you have the time. 

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