What To Wear Over A Sleeveless Dress To A Wedding

Try six cover-ups if you don’t know what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding. This list has options for all wedding dress codes to ensure that you’ll still look classy for any wedding. 

For brides who also need to modify their sleeveless wedding dress, here is a tutorial on how to add sleeves to a wedding dress. There are many potential reasons why you’d want your arms or chest area covered when attending a wedding, so it’s always helpful to know how to fix a sleeveless dress. 

what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding


What Can I Use To Cover A Sleeveless Dress For A Wedding?


  • Blazer

The blazer is one of the best clothing pieces to wear over a sleeveless dress when attending a wedding. It’s ideal for formal dress codes, and you can experiment with the color combinations with your sleeveless dress. 

Another way to wear a blazer to cover a sleeveless dress is to close it entirely so you’ll look like you matched it with a skirt. This helps with modesty, especially if your sleeveless dress is also backless. 


  • Jacket

If you can’t find a blazer that suits your sleeveless dress, you can consider a jacket. A stylish option is a cropped jacket to help you retain the silhouette of your sleeveless dress, especially those A-line styles

Brides who want to put their personality into their wedding outfits even wear non-conventional jackets with their sleeveless wedding dresses. For example, you’ll find brides wearing denim or even leather jackets with attractive prints at the back when they walk down the aisle. 


  • Cardigan

If you’re unsure of what to wear to a backyard wedding or any wedding with a more relaxed dress code, you can opt for a cardigan and a cocktail or midi dress. What’s fantastic with a cardigan is that you can dress it up or down, and it’s comfortable enough even if the wedding is outdoors or the weather is hot. 

It’s lighter and breathable compared to jackets and blazers, and you can easily pack it in your bag at the reception when you can wear your sleeveless dress. You can even opt for longer cardigans to provide more coverage, especially at the back down to your legs, and you won’t feel hot. 


  • Coat

Winter weddings or evening weddings where you need cover-up not just for modesty but also for the chilly weather are perfect for wearing coats. What’s fantastic with wearing a coat over a sleeveless dress is that you can also utilize its pockets, so you won’t need to bring a more oversized bag. 

Another stylish way to wear a coat with a sleeveless dress is to drape it over your shoulders simply. Just be mindful of colors, primarily white and related shades, because you don’t want to look bridal. 


  • Kimono

If you don’t like the combination of a cardigan with your sleeveless dress for a wedding, you can consider a kimono over it instead. The light and flowy kimono work especially great in destination or beach weddings. 

Kimonos also come in many exciting prints and patterns, so if you find your dress too plain-looking, this cover-up is the best option. Here is a guide on how to dress up a plain dress for a wedding for more tips. 


  • Cape

If you don’t need that much coverage on your arms to the wedding, you can consider cape or cape-style jackets and blazers over your sleeveless dress. This style is also ideal for formal and evening weddings than kimonos and cardigans that may look too casual. 

However, remember that you don’t want a cape that’s too eyecatching or even in color white as you might look bridal. A tip for maintaining subtlety is to choose a cape the same color or tone as your dress. 


How Can I Cover My Arms With A Sleeveless Dress For A Wedding?

Cover-up clothing pieces like jackets, blazers, and cardigans are the easiest way to cover your arms if you’re wearing a sleeveless dress for a wedding. Some weddings are held in conservative locations, or perhaps it’s a formal event where wedding guests must maintain modesty and not show skin. 

But if you only need some coverage on your chest and upper arms for sun protection or general comfort, you can read about how to wear a shawl for a wedding. Depending on how you style the shawl, it can cover more or less of the upper body. 


Can I Wear A Sleeveless Dress To A Wedding?

The answer if you can wear a sleeveless dress to a wedding depends on the type of wedding. Some religious and conservative ceremonies or those held in worship might consider sleeveless dresses revealing and disrespectful

On the other hand, some weddings are more laid back, especially those held outdoors. In this type of setting, shorter dresses and even sleeveless dresses are allowed as long as the style is not very sexy that you’d seem like you’re overshadowing the bride. 

When in doubt, do not hesitate to ask the bride and groom or their closest friends regarding what to wear. You can always bring a jacket or coat as well, just in case. 



Was this outfit guide helpful? We just learned what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding: blazer, jacket, cardigan, coat, kimono, and cape. 

Choosing among them depends on the type of wedding and coverage you’ll need. Keep in mind that some are also warmer than others. 

Let us know in the comments what style you’d go for.

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