Where To Buy Hair Pieces For Wedding: Best 5 Places

Those who are unsure where to buy hair pieces for wedding can consider five places. These stores offer bridal hair combs, wedding hair pieces, and other accessories to elevate your bridal hairstyle. 

We will also discuss what bridal hair pieces you can wear and if they are necessary for your wedding day. And as for the veil, you can read how much are wedding veils if you haven’t bought one yet. 

where to buy hair pieces for wedding


Here Are Where To Buy Hair Pieces For Wedding



Consider browsing Etsy for your wedding head accessories if you want unique clips for your bridal hair. The prices range from $20 to $80 and up, so it should be easy to find the one that suits your budget.

If you want combs for brides, Etsy offers pearl or crystal wedding combs for $28 only as of this writing. There are also sizeable bridal hair pieces for under $50 to make your hairstyle look more eye-catching. 

Check the products offered with 24-hour shipping and free delivery to save time and costs. And, of course, read the piece’s reviews to ensure you’ll get what’s expected. 



If you’re on a budget, you can shop at Kohls for bridal hair pieces that cost under $60. You can even score discounts with codes from time to time to get the prices at 25% off. 

What’s fantastic with ordering online is that you can pick up the accessory in their store and see it firsthand. And if you’re also buying wedding accessories for your bridal party, this place is ideal for staying on a reasonable budget. 


David’s Bridal

When it comes to brides not knowing where to buy their bridal needs, David’s Bridal is often suggested. You can also order your hair pieces from this store, whether you need wedding veils, combs, headbands, hairpins, tiaras, flowers, hats, blushers, and clips. 

You can even buy girl’s headpieces from David’s Bridal if you want to treat your flower girl and other young members of the wedding processional. And as for the prices, diamond members get discounts, and some pieces are offered 50% off if you buy another piece.

Brides can get a gorgeous cubic zirconia floral tiara for only $159.95 as of this writing. You can even finance it for six months using the store’s credit card if you’re limited with cash. 



Another place to get bridal hairpieces is Nordstrom. The prices of wedding hair accessories range from $60 to $200 and up, but most are offered with free delivery, so you get to save on some costs.

As of this writing, there is a bridal satin veiled headband from Kate Spade New York for only $60, and you can even get it in four interest-free payments using afterpay. You can also try applying for their store’s credit card if needed. 


Untamed Petals

If you still don’t know where to buy combs and wedding hair pieces, try Untamed Petals. The prices range from $68 to over $200, but you’ll get gorgeous accessories that elevate your bridal look. 

The store also offers veils and pins to order classic bridal accessories. A unique hair piece you can try is their Beatrix bow, which can be paid for using afterpay. 

It’s a made-to-order hand-sewn English net bow with Swarovski crystals. For made-to-order hair pieces, you can contact Untamed Petals for rush availability or expect them to be produced between 2 to 6 weeks. 


How Do I Choose A Wedding Hairpiece?

  • Consider your personal style
  • The hair piece should be comfortable with your hair type
  • Choose a wedding hair accessory that complements your bridal jewelry and wedding gown
  • Use your wedding theme as inspiration 
  • Be practical with your wedding budget
  • Familiarize yourself with different kinds of wedding hair accessories
  • Discuss with your wedding hair stylist what piece to add to your hairstyle

If you don’t like clips and common wedding hair pieces, try reading about what is a fascinator for the wedding


Do I Need A Hair Piece For My Wedding?

The choice is up to you if you want a hair piece for your wedding. If you think it completes your bridal look and feels more confident with this accessory, there’s no reason to not get a hair accessory for your wedding. 

Just consider if it will complement your hairstyle for the big day and if it’s also cohesive with the rest of what you’re wearing. You want to wear a hairpiece that highlights your beauty and does not take attention away from you. 


How Do You Secure A Bridal Hair Piece?

Elastic hair bands and hair pins the same color as your hair or the wedding piece itself are the secrets to securing bridal hair accessories. Your hair stylist will fix the hair piece to ensure it won’t slip out. 

Some wedding hairstyles like braids and updos are also preferred because they offer spots where the hair piece can be secured. Also, choose a hair comb or piece with built-in pins or clips so they’ll be easy to attach. 



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy hair pieces for wedding: Etsy, Kohls, David’s Bridal, Nordstrom, and Untamed Petals. 

We hope this selection provided you with your dream pin, veil, or hair piece to complete your bridal look. Remember our tips on choosing the hair accessory, and leave us a comment if you have any questions. 

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