What Is 18th Wedding Anniversary: Symbols And Gifts

The answer to what is 18th wedding anniversary is it’s the porcelain anniversary. We will discuss the symbolism behind this anniversary milestone and why porcelain is chosen as its traditional gift. 

You’ll also know about the other symbols related to 18 years of marriage, such as its stone and color. And after a year, you can read what is the 19-year wedding anniversary gift to celebrate with your spouse. 

what is 18th wedding anniversary


What Is 18th Wedding Anniversary And What Is It Called?

The 18th wedding anniversary is also called the porcelain anniversary. But even though porcelain is not known as among the most durable materials, it’s still a sentimental representation of 18 years of marriage. 

For example, you can consider a marriage that lasted 18 years, similar to how porcelain is made. Materials were heated to create porcelain, which is then turned into various items. 

Some porcelain items, like pieces of dinnerware, are so gorgeous that they can be considered artworks. And compared to regular china, porcelain is a durable and strong ceramic that can withstand daily use. 

For a marriage to last for more than a decade, you will undergo challenges like porcelain needing to be heated. But all of this is worth it as you become stronger and ready to conquer the following marriage milestones. 


Is the 18th wedding anniversary special?

The 18th wedding anniversary, like all wedding anniversaries, is special. Even though it’s not included in the significant milestone anniversaries like the 5th, 10th, and 25th marriage milestones, you should take the time and effort to celebrate your 18 years of marriage with your spouse. 

You have overcome the most challenging years of marriage, like the first two years and even the formidable so-called seven-year itch. You are even close to being married for two decades. 

Couples who have been married for 18 years surely have matured together and grown as individuals and partners. Try to make this anniversary memorable and make sure you take the time to appreciate each other. 


How to celebrate 18 years of marriage?

You can celebrate the 18th wedding anniversary like other marriage anniversaries. For example, some people use this anniversary day to renew their wedding vows. 

You can also celebrate by traveling far or doing activities you have been delaying because of work and other responsibilities. Alternatively, why not celebrate the 18th wedding anniversary with family and friends?

You can prepare a video with throwback clips and photos from your wedding. Or, since it’s the porcelain anniversary, you can do something related to porcelains, such as an afternoon tea date or by bonding with DIY porcelain clay at home


What Is The 18 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift?

As one can assume, the wedding anniversary gift for 18 years of marriage is also porcelain. Interestingly, both the modern and traditional gifts for the 18th wedding anniversary are porcelain. 

Unlike other wedding anniversaries, there is no alternative or different gift for the 18th wedding anniversary. That said, it’s pretty easy to come up with porcelain gift ideas for her and him. 


What do you get your wife for your 18th anniversary?

  • Porcelain jewelry
  • Porcelain jewelry dish
  • Porcelain wall art
  • Porcelain baking dish
  • Porcelain bowl


What do you get your husband for your 18th anniversary?

  • 18-year scotch
  • Porcelain cookware
  • Porcelain espresso cup
  • Porcelain mugs
  • Porcelain bracelet


What Is 18th Anniversary Stone?

If you can’t find a porcelain gift to give for your 18th wedding anniversary, then try the stone associated with this marriage milestone. The 18th wedding anniversary stone is the cat’s eye, which makes it unique as it’s not well-known and common. 

The symbolism behind the cat’s eye gemstone for 18 years of marriage is that it relieves stress and encourages good luck. It is also believed to bring prosperity, which makes it a fantastic gift for a couple who’s been married for a long time. 


What Is 18th Anniversary Color?

Another option to celebrate your 18th wedding anniversary is to have an anniversary party with blue as your theme. Blue is the 18th anniversary color, symbolizing trust, sincerity, and even stability. 

The couple must have these character traits for a long-term marriage to last. You can even consider blue items as gifts for the 18th wedding anniversary if you can’t find a porcelain item you think your spouse can enjoy. 


What Is The Theme For 18 Years Of Marriage?

Porcelain can be your theme for 18 years of marriage. If you’re decorating for the 18th wedding anniversary party, you can display porcelain items around the room. 

It can also be your gift or the trip idea when celebrating your 18th wedding anniversary. You can read where to go for a wedding anniversary if a vacation fits your milestone better. 

Overall, you know your spouse best and don’t need to follow these symbols when deciding what gifts to give. Instead, think of something sentimental that you think they’ll appreciate best.



And that’s it! You just learned what is 18th wedding anniversary, and it’s the porcelain anniversary. 

This is the symbol and gift for 18 years of marriage, as porcelain represents the hardships you will endure to become stronger in a long-term marriage. Cat’s eye and blue are also the gemstone and color symbolizing the 18th wedding anniversary; if you need more theme and gift ideas. 

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