How Much Are Wedding Veils: Bridal Veil Price

If you’re unsure how much are wedding veils, you can consider a starting budget of $25. However, don’t be shocked if you find veils that go over $500. 

We will discuss what affects the price of a wedding veil and why they’re surprisingly pricey for an accessory. And of course, don’t forget to also read about how to wear a wedding veil

how much are wedding veils


How Much Are Wedding Veils: Bridal Veil Cost To Expect


How much is the average cost of a wedding veil?

The average price of a wedding veil range from $100 to over $600. Depending on the boutique or designer, you might expect veils at $250 to $400, especially those designed specifically for specific dresses. 

If you’re limited with your budget, it should still be possible to get a veil from $100 to under $200. But, of course, the material and intricacy of the design will ultimately dictate how pricey the veil will be. 


Are wedding veils expensive?

Some brides are shocked by how expensive their bridal veil can be, considering it’s something you’ll only wear during the ceremony. However, it’s possible to spend $25 only for the wedding veil if you’ll make one yourself. 

Of course, going to a coveted designer or high-end boutique will mean you’re looking at veils that are as costly as $600. But, overall, don’t feel the need to spend more than your capacity as there are other elements to prioritize for the wedding expenses.


What is a reasonable amount to spend on a wedding veil?

Consider your wedding budget to know what’s reasonable to spend for your bridal veil. You don’t want to buy something too cheap that it might get easily destroyed while you’re wearing it. 

Furthermore, the bridal veil should be stylish enough to complement your wedding dress. It’s an influential bridal accessory, and it even affects your entire wedding attire. 

But for a low-end wedding veil, $50 should be reasonable for something short and single-layered. Then if you want something longer with detailing like ribbon, pearls, or a blusher, consider spending $150 to $250. 


How Much Should A Veil Cost?

If you want a gorgeous wedding veil that pairs nicely with your wedding gown and if it’s made of quality materials and workmanship, then expect to spend about $270. But, of course, low-end wedding veils start at $20 to $50, which you shouldn’t feel terrible about if it’s what you can afford. 

Simple weddings with lowkey and short ceremonies where you don’t want to overspend on your bridal outfit can also call for mid-range wedding veils starting at $150. They are made of tulle, while pricier ones may have more beaded details, multiple layers, and use silk tulle

But to get the most of your money, make sure the veil you’re buying includes the fasteners to secure it to your hair. You can also ask the designer if there is a headpiece like a crown for a good price to get the most of its style. 


Why Is Wedding Veil Expensive?

Veils can get pretty expensive because of two things: material and workmanship. Therefore, if you want an intricate design for your bridal veil and have it made from luxurious fabrics and details, then expect to pay accordingly. 


Wedding veil material

Wedding veils can be made from different fabrics, usually tulle, lace, organza, and other materials typically seen on a bridal gown. These fabrics come in different price tags, which means a silk tulle veil will cost vastly differently from a nylon tulle veil. 

Some specific fabrics and clothes might be imported, which will elevate the price of the veil. So if you want to save on costs, compare different bridal veils to know which complements your wedding dress best but is still under the price you can afford.


Wedding veil workmanship

Plain and single-layered veils will be cheaper than veils with intricate details and decorations. However, finishing such a bridal accessory will take time and labor, so it’s only fitting for the boutique or designer to sell it at a high cost. 

Some details are even done by hand, or you might be ordering a custom-made or custom-designed veil last minute. Anything ordered during peak wedding season will be pricier than usual because of the high demand and potentially limited stocks. 


Are wedding veils worth it?

The bride gets to decide if she’ll wear a veil on her wedding day or not. You might be worried that it will be a tricky accessory, or you have always dreamed of wearing the traditional bridal attire with the veil. 

Regardless, there are many veils available from different designers. Select the length, design, and price that suits your needs to get the most out of your purchase. 


Are Veils In Or Out?

Veils are no longer essential in weddings. Instead, some brides opt to wear other head accessories such as tiaras or even flower crowns to match the wedding theme, type, and venue. 

Traditionally, the wedding veil symbolizes modesty, much like wearing a white wedding dress to signify chastity. But in modern times, the veil can be forgone, and it’ll still be a valid wedding. 



And that’s it! To recap how much are wedding veils, they can get as cheap as $25 or as pricey as $600 and over. 

The materials and workmanship for the bridal veil affect its price. But if you choose not to wear one, it is acceptable as it’s no longer a wedding necessity. 

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