What Is A Fascinator For The Wedding And How To Wear

If you want to know what is a fascinator for the wedding, it is a type of hat worn on this special occasion. However, please understand that fascinators are not only exclusive to weddings; you must know what fascinators to use and how to wear one to a wedding. 

An example of a wedding with guests wearing fascinators is if its theme is in the 20s. Refer to what to wear to a 1920s-themed wedding if you want to know more. 

what is a fascinator for the wedding


Ultimate Guide On What Is A Fascinator For The Wedding


What is a fascinator for the wedding?

A fascinator hat is a type of hair accessory the wedding guests can wear. In addition, distinguished guests or close family members like the bride and groom’s mothers and grandmothers can also wear fascinators.

The specific fascinator used at weddings is the hair fascinator because of its formal look. But depending on its design, it can also be appropriate for semi-formal or cocktail weddings. 

Fascinators also come in different colors and designs, so make sure it fits your overall guest attire to remain wedding-appropriate. That being said, expect that a fascinator more or less is composed of the following:

  • Fabric base molded into a shape
  • Decors like beads, feathers, and fabrics
  • Attached on a hairclip, comb, or headband for wearing 


What is a bridal fascinator?

The guests are not the only ones who can wear a wedding fascinator. There is a specific fascinator reserved for brides called the bridal fascinator. 

If the bride prefers not to wear a wedding tiara or veil, she can choose a bridal fascinator for her head accessory. You can quickly identify that a fascinator is bridal because it comes in traditional colors like white, ivory, cream, blush, or other pastel colors. 

Then, expect to see materials like veiling fabric, lace, satin, and details like pearls, crystals, rhinestones, and other embellishments seen on a wedding gown or veil. Therefore, please ensure that whatever fascinator you’ll wear to a wedding as a guest should not have these details because it will look bridal and disrespectful.


Types Of Fascinators 

Weddings differ in dress codes, themes, and venues. Therefore, you have to familiarize yourself with different fascinators to select the appropriate one for the wedding you’re attending. 


Ladies’ hats

If you need a formal fascinator, the best one to wear is the ladies’ hat. This hair accessory is perfect for glamorous weddings, but keep modesty in mind because you don’t want to grab attention with your fascinator. 

Furthermore, you may want to select a ladies’ hat design that is more lowkey and use fewer materials. Remember that guests shouldn’t look like they’re trying to be a part of a wedding party


Pillbox hats

Those who prefer a simpler fascinator can wear a pillbox hat. This brimless hat is flat at the top with upright sides from the name itself. 

It is usually made from velvet fabric, but it can also have flowers and other embellishments. You can then secure it to your head with a clip. 



While it is quite sizeable, it’s possible to wear a hatinator to a wedding. However, this disc-shaped fascinator might be more appropriate for the bride and groom’s mothers and grandparents. 

If you are only a guest, you want something more lowkey. Try the fascinators below for something more dainty for a wedding. 



Small fascinators include clips that you can add to your hair. For example, a popular small fascinator is floral clips, which you can provide for your bridesmaids. 



For the boho bride, she can try a headband fascinator. Think of a floral garland wrapped around the head, similar to the crown worn in festivals.  


Is It Okay To Wear A Fascinator To A Wedding?

It’s usually okay to wear a fascinator to a wedding, especially grand and formal weddings. However, be mindful of the fascinator size, color, and embellishments, so it doesn’t look bridal. 

You also want to avoid fascinators like what the bridal party is wearing. And when in doubt, ask the maid of honor regarding the fascinator you’ll wear. 


Why Do You Wear A Fascinator To A Wedding?

The fascinator is a formal wedding hat, making your overall attire more elegant-looking. It can also create a better silhouette and offer some sunlight protection, especially at an outdoor wedding. 

The bride can also opt for a bridal fascinator. But if you still want veils, here is how to wear a wedding veil


What Is The Difference Between A Fascinator And A Hat?

Fascinators are lighter and more decorative, while hats are meant for functionality and practicality. Hats are also plainer, while fascinators are known for embellishments. 

Furthermore, you wear a fascinator using the clip or comb. On the other hand, a hat already has a shape that makes it ready to wear.


When Should You Wear A Fascinator?

  • Formal weddings
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Themed weddings



And that’s it! We just learned what is a fascinator for the wedding, which is a decorative headpiece. 

It comes in different designs, colors, and sizes, so you can find the one appropriate for the wedding you’re attending. There is also a bridal fascinator that uses pearls, lace, and other bridal materials as an alternative to a bridal tiara. 

Overall, we hope this helped you familiarize yourself with this wedding accessory. Let us know below if you’ll wear one.

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