When To Send Wedding Thank You Cards: The Best Time

If you’re unsure when to send wedding thank you cards, the best time is three months after the wedding. We will discuss everything you need to know about the etiquette for wedding thank you notes in more detail below. 

But more than knowing when to send thank you cards, you should also familiarize yourself with the proper wording. For example, do you know the wedding thank you card wording for someone who didn’t attend?

when to send wedding thank you cards


Exact Time When To Send Wedding Thank You Cards

When sending wedding thank you cards, you should mail them within one to three months after the wedding. This period is ideal for you as the sender and your guests as the receiver. 

You won’t feel overwhelmed with the number of thank you cards to do and send, and the guests will receive them on time without feeling that they’re forgotten. It’s better to allocate some time to do your thank you cards to ensure that you won’t miss any guests. 


How to send wedding thank you cards on time

To avoid missing the ideal timing, try these tips:

  • Divide the tasks of doing and sending the thank you cards between you and your spouse
  • Schedule a time in the day or day in a week to do thank you cards
  • Set a deadline among yourselves on when you must finish the thank you cards
  • Double-check the cards before sending
  • Consider starting sending some of the finished cards earlier than others 


How Long After You Get Married Should You Send Thank You Cards?

You have as long as three months after marrying to send all your guests their wedding thank you cards. This is reasonable because you also probably send some guests their thank you notes much earlier, especially if they send the gift before the wedding itself. 

And speaking of which, it’s ideal to send your thank you card two weeks after receiving your gift if it arrives before the wedding. Then after the wedding, it’s understandable that the couple will be busy, so a month to three months is the expected timing etiquette for the thank you cards. 


Why does wedding thank you card timing matter?

But why is it important to time your thank you cards accordingly? The two reasons are that life can get in the way, and you might accidentally forget doing or sending them; the other is related to ensuring that your guests know you’re grateful for their presence and/or gift at your wedding.

Waiting too long before sending the thank you cards can make you more prone to having additional tasks, especially with your new married life. And of course, it might come across as rude if you forgot to thank your guests. 


Do You Have A Year To Send Wedding Thank-Yous?

Etiquette guides are mentioning that a year is a good time for the couple to finish sending their wedding thank you cards. After all, there might be different reasons why you’ll need a year to send them, such as long-distance travel and work, moving, family-related manners, or potential personal problems. 

If you find yourself in a situation where it’s been a year after the wedding, and you forgot to send thank you cards, remember that it’s not too late. You can briefly explain your situation without being too detailed. 

Instead, be direct and focus on your gratitude regarding the guest’s presence or gift. You can also set a gathering with them to feel more appreciated. 


Is It Rude Not To Send Thank You Cards After A Wedding?

It is rude not to send thank you cards after the wedding. You have no excuses because you can also do online thank you cards if mailing them physically is impossible. 

Remember that those who attended your wedding made an effort to be present in your union. Some might even give gifts that have helped you and your partner as you enter married life. 

Speaking of gifts, if you find yourself invited to a wedding where the couple has been living together for a while, you can try these wedding gift ideas for the couple who already live together


Who Do You Send Wedding Thank Yous To?

In general, you must send thank you notes to everyone who attended the wedding, regardless if they’re part of the people who contributed, such as wedding vendors or if they gave wedding gifts. The same rule applies to guests who can’t attend but still sent a gift or best wishes to show that you’re grateful that they’ve still thought of you. 


Wedding Thank You Wording Examples

  • Thank you for celebrating with us on our special day. We are grateful for your gift, and we look forward to sharing with you more memories to come. 
  • We are thankful for your generosity. Your wedding gift has made it possible to xxx
  • Thank you so much for being with us on the most memorable day of our lives. We felt so much love from you. 



And that’s it! To recap when to send wedding thank you cards, do it three months after the wedding. 

It’s also ideal to send thank you notes two weeks after receiving the gift if it’s sent before the wedding. We hope this wedding thank you card timing etiquette guide helped; let us know below if you have tips to share. 

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