Wedding Thank You Card Wording For Someone Who Didn’t Attend

Do two steps to learn the best wedding thank you card wording for someone who didn’t attend your wedding. We will also provide wording examples to help you thank the guest, especially those who sent gifts despite not being available on your wedding day. 

This guide will also provide wordings for wedding thank you cards for someone who wasn’t invited but gave you a wedding gift. And for cards sent before the actual wedding, feel free to browse our guide for writing tips. 

wedding thank you card wording for someone who didn't attend

Perhaps you want to know whose name goes first on the wedding invitation, for example. 


How To Write A Wedding Thank You Card For Someone Who Didn’t Attend


Step 1. Remain grateful even if they didn’t attend the wedding 

Guests who can’t attend the wedding will typically include their explanation in the RSVP. Therefore, there’s no need to convey any disappointments in your wedding thank you cards. 

Instead, you want to express your gratefulness that they still sent a wedding gift. Then, you can use that item or monetary gift as an inspiration when writing your wedding thank you note. 

For example, you can say that you appreciate that they’ve thought of you and how their gift meant to you. You can also mention how you wished they could have made it, but assess your tone as you don’t want to sound like you’re guilting them. 


Step 2. Keep your wording straightforward

When writing a wedding thank you card for someone who can’t go to your wedding, you don’t have to pen an essay. Likewise, the guest didn’t have to know unnecessary details as remember that some wordings might not even convey as you want them when read by another person. 

You can use templates and thank you card wording examples when writing. Then, don’t forget to personalize the phrases so that the guest can feel your sincerity. 

If needed, read the wording out loud so you can get its overall tone. You can also consult a trusted friend and read them your thank you note. 


What To Write In A Thank You For Someone Who Didn’t Attend?

Here are some examples of thank you card wording ideas for guests who didn’t attend your wedding. Feel free to modify them accordingly, and don’t forget to mention the name of the person to make the thank you note feel more personal and genuine. 


3 best thank you card wording samples to give to someone who didn’t attend


  • Dear guest, 

We are sorry that you can’t make it to our wedding. We surely missed you, and we’re thinking of you on such a beautiful day. Thank you for the gift you sent us. 

Best wishes, xxx and xx


  • Dear guest, 

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives. We appreciate your generosity on our wedding day. 

Best wishes, xxx and xxx


  • Dear guest,

We are thankful that you’re thinking of us on our wedding day. We are grateful for the gift you sent us. We love you, and we hope to celebrate the future with you as we begin this journey. 

Best wishes, xxx and xxx


How Do You Thank Someone For A Wedding Gift That Wasn’t Invited To The Wedding?

You must know how to thank someone for a gift if they weren’t invited to the wedding to ensure they know you appreciate their gesture and generosity. It can feel awkward, and that’s okay, but you must maintain tact and not remind them that they’re not invited. 


3 best examples of wedding thank you cards for someone who wasn’t invited but sent a gift


  • Dear guest,

We are very thankful for your generosity, and we appreciate that you’re thinking of us. We can use this gift for xxx and begin the next chapter of your lives. We hope to see you soon.

Love, xxx and xxx


  • Dear guest,

Thank you so much for your good wishes and generous gift. Thanks to you we can xxx, which is something special to us. Let us catch up soon. 

Love, xxx and xxx


  • Dear guest,

Thank you so much for the generosity! We’ll never forget this thoughtfulness from you. We hope everything is well and hopefully we can see each other next time. 

Thanks again, xxx and xxx


Do You Send Thank You Cards To Everyone Who Attended A Wedding?

You will write wedding thank you cards to anyone who attended the wedding. And when deciding on the wedding thank you note wording, you must write it with sincerity and appreciation. 

Some examples include wedding thank you notes for your parents, wedding party, and even those who contributed to the wedding day like the vendors. The guests who took the time to travel also deserve gratitude. 


When should wedding thank you cards be sent?

Ideally, you want to send the wedding thank you cards three months after the wedding. This should be enough time to write for each guest, and it’s a nice gesture coming from you as newlyweds. 

Are you the one who can’t attend the wedding? Read how to fill out the wedding RSVP



And that’s it! To recap the wedding thank you card wording for someone who didn’t attend, you must express your gratitude for their gift and how you’ve wished to celebrate the special day with them. 

Make sure to read your wording to understand the message and personalize it accordingly. We hope this helps; leave us a question if you have any. 

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