What To Ask Wedding Photographer: 5 Crucial Questions

There are five questions to know what to ask wedding photographer. After all, it can be overwhelming to try and memorize over 20 questions to ask your photographer for the wedding. 

So to help you remember all the critical questions to ask to ensure the best wedding photos, we group questions into five categories. And besides knowing what to ask wedding photographers, you can also check what to ask a wedding videographer to ensure that you will have the best memories from your special day to view afterward. 

what to ask wedding photographer


Here Are The Good Questions To Ask Wedding Photographers


Experience in wedding photography 

  • How long have you been in the wedding industry?

Couples can ask their prospective wedding photographers about their industry experience. You can even talk to the photographer if they have worked on your wedding venue or wedding theme before with other couples. 

Seasoned professionals will, of course, have an exciting portfolio and proof of their abilities, but it’s also worth asking the same question to new photographers. Some couples also hire a relatively new wedding photographer because they cost lower than senior and experienced photographers. 


Wedding photography style

  • How would you describe your style in wedding photography?

Besides asking the photographer regarding his experience with shooting weddings, you can interrogate them to know more about their wedding photography style. You might have a certain aesthetic you want for your wedding photos, so learning about the photographer’s style can help you decide if they’re the one. 

The photographer will likely show you their portfolio or sample wedding photos. If they’ve done the same wedding theme as yours, you can see the pictures if they match how you imagined yours would look. 


Sample prices and packages

  • What are your packages and prices?

Wedding photographers differ in rates and offers. Some might have a flat fee, offer packages with add-ons, or work by the hour. 

By asking about how they’re paid, you can find the ideal photographer for your wedding budget. Don’t forget to clarify everything, including what’s included in their package and if there are potentially other costs to cover. 


Expectations on the wedding day

  • What is it like to work with you at the wedding?

It’s better to know what to expect from your wedding photographer to avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings down the line. For example, will they be the one shooting, or will they hire another photographer?

How many photographers or staff will also come? You can also talk with the photographer regarding the specific shots, which parts of the wedding will be included, and the number of portraits and candid wedding photos. 

Read about what is the first look at a wedding because the wedding photographer often shoots it. 


Service expected after the wedding 

  • How long does it take to get my wedding photos back?

It’s best to ask the wedding photographer the expected time you’ll get your wedding photos. This way, you can follow up when needed, and you won’t feel like you’re waiting very long. 

At this point, you can also talk about the photographer’s solutions if problems like lost or broken files happen. And of course, will you only be getting digital photos or select prints?

What about the legality of your photos? Know what to expect with how long does it take to get wedding photos back


What Should You Never Ask A Wedding Photographer?

  • Can you change what I look like? 
  • Can the price be lower?
  • Why do you charge so much compared to xxx?
  • Can I edit the photos myself to save on costs?
  • Can you add xxx to the package as a gift for us newlyweds?
  • Can I get the wedding photos very soon?
  • Can I have all of the wedding photos?
  • Can you do these exact same wedding photos?
  • Are you sure you’ve taken pictures of xxx?
  • Can you also take photos with my phone/camera?
  • Why does your camera have a lower mp than my phone?
  • Can you do portrait shots for free since we’re only a few?
  • Do you think I can also be a wedding photographer because xxx?


What Should I Expect From A Wedding Photographer?

These are the typical inclusions in a wedding photography package, but please remember to clarify with your photographer beforehand:

  • Depending on your chosen package, you may also have your photographer during your engagement, welcome party, rehearsal dinner, first look, and reception
  • Travel and accommodation, which may be charged to your total bill
  • Own shooting equipment and staff if needed
  • Wedding preparation photos
  • Family and group portraits
  • Candid shots during the event
  • Coaching and tips for the best photos
  • Potential outfit, style, and venue recommendations
  • Choosing and editing the best wedding photos
  • Reasonable waiting time to receive photos
  • Teaser photos
  • Drive for the photos
  • Select printed images if part of the package
  • Contract
  • Copyright release



And that’s it! We found out what to ask wedding photographer by creating five categories.

You need to know about their experience, style, prices, service, and expectations before and after the wedding. Asking about these five areas should help you find the ideal wedding photographer for your wedding and desired photos.

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