Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple Who Already Live Together

There’s no need to panic if you can’t come up with wedding gift ideas for couple who already live together because we listed the top five! These are unique and thoughtful wedding gifts that any couple living together will surely appreciate. 

We’ll also share some ideas for your registry if you’re getting married and don’t think you need anything. And for added tips, we wrote a separate list of what to put on the wedding registry if you already live together

wedding gift ideas for couple who already live together


Unique Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple Who Already Live Together


  • Gift cards will make the perfect wedding gift for the couple already living together

You can never go wrong with gift cards when it comes to wedding gifts because it gives the couple complete control over what they want to buy. They’ll get what they need and eases the stress on you who can’t decide on the gift.

Some of the best gift cards to give a couple, especially those who already live together, include a Visa or Mastercard gift card because they can use it on almost anything. You can even have it personalized with their photo to make your wedding gift card more sentimental for them. 

If you know the couple frequenting specific stores, you can also get gift cards in places like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or even Amazon. And of course, there are restaurants, spas, or even leisure centers that offer gift cards if you want to give the couple a date experience. 


  • Luggage and travel accessories as the ideal marriage gift

A couple that lives together will surely appreciate items that they can use for traveling. They usually have home items complete and what they’ll need is something for when traveling out of town or out of the country for vacations and other matters.

You can never go wrong with luggage as a wedding gift, and it’s even one of the most common things that couples include in their wedding registry. You can get a multi-piece set or a classy getaway bag. 

And while you’re at it, you can even throw in some travel accessories like bag organizers, luggage tags, or a luggage scale. 


  • Kitchenware is always appreciated by couples who already live together

Kitchenware will always make excellent wedding gifts. After all, the couple might need to replace their home items, or you can give them kitchenware that’s unique and often overlooked when buying essential home appliances. 

For example, some like-to-have home items that couples might not buy yet despite living together include an espresso machine, pasta maker, pressure cooker, water purifier, or even an induction stove. If the newlyweds want to expand their kitchen or move somewhere, they might also need a new refrigerator, oven, microwave, or toaster. 

If you visit their home often, why not look around the kitchen to get some ideas on what wedding gift to give them? 


  • Appliances are thoughtful wedding gift ideas

Besides kitchenware, home appliances will always be considered a thoughtful gift to give any newlyweds. But, more so, those who live together already need items to improve their home and life quality. 

Cleaning items like a vacuum cleaner, broom, steam cleaner, humidifier, or air purifier are always lovely. The couple might also be moving to a bigger place, so they might’ve dedicated areas like a laundry room or outdoor patio. 

Why not get the couple a washing machine, dryer, or iron? Outdoor appliances are often overlooked by couples living together, so consider giving them a lawnmower, blower, fans, or even a charcoal grill. 


  • Personalized art pieces and other personalized wedding gifts

It’s hard to come up with unique wedding gifts for someone living together with their partner for a long time. So a route you can take is to have them personalized items for added sentimentality to your gift. 

A personalized artwork such as a wall portrait or decor can enhance their home. If you know their hobbies and interests, use them as inspiration on what to give. 

Perhaps both are chefs, so engraved knife sets and chopping boards will be fantastic. You can also make them customized quilts, clothing accessories like socks or scarves, calendars, or even lamps. 


What Do You Put On A Wedding Registry If You Don’t Need Anything?

Understandably, couples living together can have a hard time developing ideas on what to put to their wedding registry. You and your partner are likely to feel like you don’t need anything since your home feels more complete than couples that’ll only live together after marriage. 

Therefore, consider a charity close to your heart. You can learn how to say no gifts please on wedding invitations and redirect guests to a charity, and make a donation in your name instead. 


What Do You Give The Couple Who Have Everything?

A fantastic gift to couples who are together for a long time and seem to have everything is monetary. They can use it to fund their honeymoon, future home expansion, or even for their kids. 



And that’s it! The best and unique wedding gift ideas for couple who already live together include gift cards, travel items, kitchenware, home appliances, and personalized items. 

These are things that they’ll surely need and use, and they’re also very thoughtful. And when in doubt, check their registry for more ideas. 

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