What Is A Pest Control Operator? 7 Essential Duties

A pest control operator is someone homeowners call to rescue them from their pest problems. Read more to know exactly what is a pest control operator and why he is someone who can help you.

Pest problems may not appear serious in the beginning, but they may develop into more significant issues in no time. To avoid getting yourself in situations that might put your health and property in danger, it is important to hire good pest control operators who can do the job right.

what is a pest control operator


Pest Control Operator

Commonly known as an exterminator, a pest control operator is someone who uses treatments, special equipment, and preventive measures to control or eradicate animal and insect infestations in your home, land, or commercial areas.

A pest control operator may be independent or may work for a pest control company. Some are also hired as full-time employees in companies where pest control is a serious concern, like food manufacturing or processing industries.

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What is a certified pest control operator?

A pest control operator may also take certification examinations. A certified operator is a person who has taken and passed the examination administered by FDACS.

The operator can be certified with on either just one or on all of these categories:

  • General Household and Rodent Control
  • Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control
  • Termite and Wood-Destroying Organisms Control
  • Wild Life
  • Fumigation


What are the roles of a pest control operator?

A pest control operator’s duties are not simply getting rid of the unwanted creatures that invaded your house, land, or commercial space. There are versatile services that an operator can do to make sure your environment is pest-free.

  • Examining and identifying the pests
  • Getting samples from the dead animals or insects as part of the analysis
  • Identify potential pests that may also enter the area
  • Spraying chemicals to exterminate any type of insect
  • Utilize preventive tools to prevent pigeons from using your property as a place for nesting
  • Setting traps to get rid of rodents
  • Educate the customers about the future-proofing of their space from pest invasion 


What do customers expect from a pest control operator?

Customers should be provided with nothing but appropriate and sufficient services, especially when dealing with pest infestation issues. We have put up a list of standard services that a customer should expect from a pest control operator.


1. On-time arrival

Regardless of the type of service or job, being punctual is very important. It is especially true for pest control operators as no time shall go to waste because the problem worsens in a short period of time.


2. Appearance

Pest control operators will often get dirty while doing various activities associated with their job, which is inevitable. However, they should be in uniform and with the proper personal protective equipment when doing the work.


3. Inspection

As part of the essential tasks in pest control, a thorough inspection inside and outside of the property is a must. The pest control operator should check the windows, doors, pipes, attics, and other crawlspaces in order to determine the possible entry points, sources, and degree of infestation.


4. Discussion

Before the actual extermination, a pest control operator is to conduct a pre-service discussion to answer the infestation-related questions of the customer. It will help provide a better direction to the whole pest control process.


5. Treatment

Of course, as the central part of the service, the pest control operator must utilize applicable methods of treatment to exterminate the pests in the area. There are various techniques to choose from, so here is a guide on what are the 3 methods of pest control that you can check out.


6. Post-treatment recommendations

One of the things that makes a good pest control operator is educating the customer on how to prevent future infestations. He will provide them with tips and techniques to protect their spaces from unwanted guests.


7. Written report

Last but definitely not least, a pest control operator must leave the customer a copy of a detailed report regarding the whole pest control service. Also, the exterminator must discuss aftercare instructions to complete his job.



Regardless of the type of premise you are in, may it be a house, a farm, or a commercial or business building, pest infestation is one of the issues you may encounter. Although it does not sound too serious and alarming at first, it may be hard to manage, especially when it gets worse.

You can do home remedies and techniques to deal with the pest problems yourself, like setting traps or using natural techniques like essential oils. However, there is only much that we can do, and in some situations, we will need the help of exterminators.

Now that you know what is a pest control operator, we are hoping you will be confident enough to trust an expert to get the job done for you. Be comfortable working with a technician for a pest-free, cozy home.

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