When To Order Wedding Cake: Dos And Don’ts

If you’re unsure when to order wedding cake, it can be as early as four months. We will also talk about the groom’s cake and expectations regarding this custom. 

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when to order wedding cake

It’s always crucial that you know when to order everything you’ll need for the wedding to ensure that you’ll get what you want when you need them. 


When Do I Order My Wedding Cake?

It’s best to order your wedding cake at least four months before the wedding. Some bakeries even recommend placing the order six months before the wedding, especially if you want a custom cake. 

Remember that some shops limit the amount of work they’ll take, so it might be tricky for you to find a bakery that can produce your desired cake at a certain period. Also, you have to consider if the date is popular with celebrations because the shops might have their delivery schedules full. 

Try searching about different bakeshops six months before the wedding, so you can be sure who to choose regarding the reviews and reputation of the shop. The cake designer will also have enough information regarding your expectations. 

Do not worry if you don’t know everything you want yet for your wedding cake. Even if you order pretty early, the shop should assist you with every detail to ensure that you’ll get your desired design, style, or flavors of your wedding cake


How Far In Advance Should I Order My Wedding Cake?

You can order your wedding cake as early as six months before the wedding. You might assume that this is too early, but this is ideal, especially if your wedding date is during peak season. 

You might also want specific details on the cake that would take months to plan, or some ingredients wouldn’t be quickly available. By ordering your wedding cake early, you can ensure that you will get what you want, and the cakeshop can deliver it to your wedding date without issues. 

However, it would be best to order the wedding cake after you secure the venue. Then, the cake designer can have all the needed information when designing and shipping the cake since the location is influential.

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How early can you make a wedding cake? 

If you think you can manage your schedule well, you can make the wedding cake yourself. You can bake it a week before the wedding date, then refrigerate between 30 and 45°F.

As for the decoration, do it the night before the wedding to be set and be safe for transport. However, consider the icing and type of cake itself as some shouldn’t be stored for a long time. 


Who Pays For The Wedding Cake?

Traditionally, the bride’s family is responsible for the wedding cake and other expenses like the wedding dress, engagement party, wedding coordinator, photography, and even accommodation for the bridesmaids. However, there is no specific rule that the bride’s family must pay for the wedding cake. 

The couple decides the setup for the wedding expenses, and some opt to pay for the wedding cake themselves. It’s also possible for the groom’s family to volunteer to pay for the wedding cake, or you might have a friend that will give you the wedding cake as a gift.

If the wedding is sponsored by both the respective families of the bride and groom, then they can also split the costs for the wedding cake. So overall, the cake can be paid for by whoever wants to buy it and there is no right or wrong answer. 


How much do wedding cakes cost?

A wedding cake can cost anywhere from $350 to over $1,000. This is because different factors will affect the wedding cake pricing, such as the time, delivery fee, customizations, add-ons like cake stands and toppers, cake size, number of tiers, flavor, ingredients, frosting, and even the intricacy of the design and style. 


When Should I Order My Groom’s Cake?

You can consider ordering your groom’s cake three months before the wedding. First, however, consider when you will serve it because it’s traditionally served at the rehearsal dinner before the wedding. 

The groom’s cake can also be served at the wedding reception at some weddings. Again, consider the design, ingredients, and schedule to know when to order the cake for your groom. 


What is the purpose of a groom’s cake?

The groom’s cake is a custom where the bride gifts a cake to her groom. It is designed and created according to the groom’s taste, and the decorations might reflect his personality and passion. 

When served at the reception, the groom’s cake can also serve as another option for the guests besides the wedding cake. However, do not worry about formality since the groom’s cake is often presented with humor. 



Was this article helpful? You just learned when to order wedding cake, which can be anywhere from four to six months. 

This will ensure that you can get it delivered on schedule, especially if it’s peak season, intricate design, or some ingredients are tricky to find. We hope you can use this tip in your wedding preparation, and leave us a question if you have any. 


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