What Anniversary Do You Upgrade Wedding Ring

If you don’t know what anniversary do you upgrade wedding ring, consider various types. This article will learn that you can upgrade the wedding ring anywhere from the 1st to the 50th anniversary. 

You can even do so every anniversary, and there are different types for each year. We will go through the expectations regarding getting an anniversary ring to help you further. 

what anniversary do you upgrade wedding ring

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What Wedding Ring Upgrade For Each Anniversary?


1st anniversary

A common anniversary for couples to consider upgrading a wedding ring is after their first year together. The anniversary ring for one year is traditionally gold without any customary gemstone compared to other wedding ring upgrades for longer anniversaries. 


5th anniversary

A more major milestone worth celebrating is your 5th anniversary together. After five years, the suggested gemstone is sapphire for the ring as it symbolizes loyalty. 


10th anniversary

The most common anniversary for couples to upgrade their wedding ring is on their 10th anniversary. Ten years of marriage calls for a diamond ring, a gorgeous and tough gemstone that symbolizes eternity, making it the most fitting for a married couple who have been together for a decade.


15th anniversary

It’s not common for married couples to upgrade their wedding rings on their 15th anniversary, but ruby is the gemstone recommended for it if you do. Ruby is a symbol of passion and love, and it’s also aesthetically pleasing, both with gold or silver bands. 


20th anniversary

A significant anniversary worth a wedding ring upgrade is your 20th wedding anniversary. Being together for two decades calls for an emerald anniversary ring, a rare gemstone signifying intuition as if preparing you for the significant anniversaries to come. 


25th anniversary

Some couples only upgrade their wedding ring after their 10th wedding anniversary and then to the major ones starting at their 25th anniversary. The 25th wedding anniversary is a major celebration where you can give your partner’s favorite gemstone on a silver band. 


30th anniversary

You can also celebrate your 30th anniversary by upgrading your wedding ring to a pearl ring. The band itself will be a matter of personal preference, but it looks gorgeous in a yellow or rose gold band. 


40th anniversary

Similar to your 15th wedding anniversary, your 40th wedding anniversary can call for a wedding upgrade with a ruby gemstone. After all, it symbolizes being in love


50th anniversary

Some couples only upgrade their wedding ring after their 25th year during their 50th wedding anniversary. The recommended ring for this is gold with stones like diamonds or others that might be meaningful to you as a couple. 


How To Upgrade Wedding Ring

  • Consider the wedding ring upgrade as an anniversary gift 
  • Getting the ring cleaned and refined is the perfect opportunity to consider for a wedding ring upgrade
  • If the wedding ring got lost, damaged, or doesn’t fit well anymore, can call for an upgrade
  • The jeweler can repurpose parts of the original wedding ring for sentimental purposes 
  • Work and communicate with the jewelry studio regarding the design you want 
  • Research about the expected gemstones for each wedding anniversary

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Is It Normal To Upgrade Wedding Ring?

It is normal to upgrade the wedding rings for many reasons. The most common one is celebrating the years of being together, especially during significant milestones such as being together for a decade, 25 years, or even 50 years of marriage. 

Some couples also upgrade their wedding rings when the original ones need refinement or simply because they don’t fit like they used to. The rings might also be damaged or deformed, so it would be better to replace them. 

Finally, being together for years also means that you both mature, so getting a ring upgrade can mean choosing rings that show your increased social or financial status. Perhaps the old wedding rings were bought when you can’t afford something as nice as you’d want, so now that you can afford bands made of gold with gemstones, it’s the perfect time to upgrade. 


Can You Upgrade Your Wedding Band?

You can upgrade your wedding band, but there are no strict rules of when you must do it. Traditionally, you can upgrade the wedding rings for every anniversary milestone, but some couples also upgrade their rings according to their preference. 

Additionally, it’s okay not to upgrade your wedding band as well. If there are financial constraints, you can always give the upgrade a bit late to celebrate your anniversary. 

In the meantime, know how should a wedding ring fit because it might need refinement if your fingers are hurting. 


What To Do With Old Wedding Ring After Upgrade?

You can use the old wedding ring elements on your upgrade, but some also pass down their old rings as family heirlooms. 



And that’s it! You just learned what anniversary do you upgrade wedding ring, where it can be anywhere from the 1st to the 50th anniversary. 

The most commonly celebrated are the 5th, 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversaries. However, the choice is yours when you want an upgrade. 

We hope you learned a lot; leave us a question if you have any. 

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