How Long Does It Take To Make A Wedding Dress

If you’re curious about how long does it take to make a wedding dress, it can be eight months. Remember that the designer will need a couple of months for alterations to ensure that you’ll get the perfect wedding dress.

We will also talk about when you must order the wedding dress, including tips for shopping for one. But more than this guide, make sure to do your research about the designers and boutiques you’re eyeing to know what to expect from them. 

how long does it take to make a wedding dress

Furthermore, it’s possible to buy a ready-made wedding dress instead, then have it altered to your size. This won’t make you feel as pressured with the time, and you’ll also be saving a couple of bucks than a custom-made wedding dress. 


How Long Does It Take A Seamstress To Make A Wedding Dress?

A wedding dress can take eight months to make, but this will vary for every sewist and designer. Some can produce a wedding dress after six months, while others prefer their client to visit as early as ten months before the wedding. 

Making a wedding dress will also only begin after the bride is measured and all the necessary payments like the deposit are paid. You will also be asked regarding your desired specifications about the overall design of the dress. 

This includes the details, embellishments, and materials you’d want for the dress. Finally, the seamstress will finish the wedding dress with three fittings left before the wedding day itself. 

This way, they’ll have enough time for alterations and other potential suggestions from the bride. Therefore, the emphasis is necessary on never shopping for a wedding dress too late, like five months before the wedding, or you risk being limited or paying more for rush fees


How Many Weeks Does It Take To Alter A Wedding Dress?

Getting a wedding dress altered depends on the complexity of the needed alterations or the design of the dress itself. On average, your seamstress may request four months to alter a wedding dress. 


First fitting

You should go in for fitting three months before the wedding day. This will help your seamstress know if parts should be altered, removed, replaced, or even added. 

The fitting for the wedding dress alteration three months before the wedding will also find out the ideal hem length and where the tailor recommends attaching the bustle


Second fitting

After the initial alterations, you will be doing a second fitting six weeks before the wedding day. Because you’re much closer to the special date, make sure you are happy with the fit, length, and added customizations. 

A helpful tip is to wear the wedding shoes or a pair of the same height as what you’d wear on your wedding day so you’ll know the ideal dress length. You can also bring the veil and accessories you intend to have on the wedding day to ensure that they will complement each other. 


Final fitting

Some brides are usually happy by the second fitting, but it would be best to make a final one two weeks before the wedding day. This is just to make sure if everything is according to your liking or for last-minute alterations and adjustments caused by weight loss or weight gain. 

During the final fitting, your seamstress will teach your maid of honor or bridesmaid regarding the bustle for your wedding dress. Bustling can be tricky at first, so your trusted friend should know how to do it in the reception. 

If the adjustments are minor, consider learning how to alter a wedding dress yourself


How Many Sizes Can A Wedding Dress Be Let Out?

Depending on the wedding dress design and time for alterations, a wedding dress can be taken one size up or up to two sizes down. This is why it’s better to get a dress that’s a tad larger than your actual size, so the seamstress can easily make adjustments on the dress for it to fit you perfectly. 

Make sure that you’re familiar with how to measure for a wedding dress to ensure that you’ll get the perfect fitting. Some brides might also be ordering ready-made dresses online, so you want to know your size when buying one. 


How Much Does It Cost To Manufacture A Wedding Dress?

A custom-made dress can cost anywhere from $2,000 to over $5,000. It will depend on your chosen designer, the materials, and if you need to pay rush fees.

Read why are wedding dresses so expensive to appreciate the labor that goes into this symbolic dress more. 


When To Buy Your Wedding Dress

Consider shopping for your wedding dress eight months before the actual wedding day. This will help you get enough time for alterations and also several months to shop for the accessories you’ll wear with it. 

Furthermore, some shops and designers will be hard to book if you do not buy your wedding dress early. And if you want a custom-made gown, it would be impossible to have it finished if you consult the tailor late. 



Was this article helpful? We just found out how long does it take to make a wedding dress, which can be around eight months. 

This will allow your seamstress to give you three fittings to ensure that you’ll get the perfect dress for your wedding. We hope you learned a lot; leave us a question if you have any. 

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