How To Replace Motor Coupling On Kenmore Washer? 10 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to replace motor coupling on Kenmore washer? There are ten easy steps that you should execute. Yes, you spare a specific day of the week to do laundry, and when you turn on your washer, it does not spin. And now you are wondering, what might be the possible cause? Are you looking for an easy yet effective solution? Do not worry; this article will guide you through replacing the motor coupling on the Kenmore washer.

If your washer is functioning but is not spinning, this problem may be due to the motor coupler’s improper working. The overall running system of the washer depends upon the motor coupler as it links the motor with the gear case.

how to replace motor coupling on Kenmore washer

The different reasons for mal-functioning of motor coupler include; overloading the washer, putting less water than required, and a worn-out motor coupler. Here is a step-to-step guide to replace a broken motor coupler on the Kenmore series. Let’s begin to read this article!


Steps To Replace Motor Coupling On Kenmore Washer

By following the below-discussed steps accurately, you can easily replace the motor coupler on the Kenmore washer. Do not miss any stage, and try to repair the washer at home. Before everything else, here are the tools that you need to prepare:

  • Hammer 
  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves
  • Wrench set

Now, here are the steps on how to replace motor coupling on Kenmore washer:


Step #1.  Turn off the washer

Before proceeding with the whole process, make sure you turn off the appliance. Never try to repair any gadget without turning off its electrical connection. It will save you from severe injuries.


Step #2. Remove water from the washer

You are all set to start the repairing process but wait; you still have not removed water from the washer? Removing water from the washer is very important. Otherwise, you cannot work on your plan. However, once the washer is empty, you can easily carry on your work.


Step #3. Pull the washer out in a leaning position against the wall

Setting a washer in this position will help you with the repairing process.


Step #4.  Separate the control panel from the washer

The control panel is where the buttons to control the working of the washer are present. Try to find screws with which the control panel is attached to the washer. The screws can be present at the sides or behind the washer. Take a screwdriver and start loosening the screws until the control panel is quickly moved away from the washer. Use little force to separate both.


Step #5.  Move the cabinet forward

Once you unclasp the control panel from the washer, move the cover of the washer forward and set it aside.


Step #6. Find the motor

Try to find the motor of the washer. The motor is present at the bottom of the machine. Before accessing the location of the motor, dismiss the water pump. Then, use a screwdriver to remove the pump off the motor.


Step #7. Pull the motor out

In this step, you need to pull wires off the motor before pulling it out. For this purpose, use a screwdriver to unclasp the remaining screws or clips. The motor is bulky, put a hand down the motor, or you can ask someone to help you with it.


Step #8. Install new coupling

First, remove the old or defective coupler from the motor drive shaft. Then, install the new coupler at its place, fit it perfectly.


Step #9. Place the motor back

After fitting the coupling at the place, arrange the loss projections on the outer surface of coupling with the help of an isolator. Place the motor in its respective position. Restore the screws and clips to their original position and adjust the motor—plug in the wiring harness. Put the water pump back on the motor. 


Step #10. Restart the washing machine

Put the cover back on the machine and clasp the panel cover, reversing how you removed it. Then, restart the washer and enjoy a good washing day. I guess it’s helpful to read about how can I reset my washing machine.


Top 5 Excellent Kenmore Motor Coupler

These 5 Kenmore motor couplers are ranked higher in the market based on their quality. So you can have a look:

  1. 285753A; this motor coupling kit is compatible with your Kenmore washer.
  2. 62672; this is a heavy-duty replacement for your Kenmore washer washing machine.
  3. 285753A; this works best with your Whirlpool washer, thanks to its metal-reinforced core.
  4. 285753; this non-metal motor coupling fits AP3963893 PS1485646.
  5. Marks 285753A; ideal for your Whirlpool and Kenmore washer, thanks to its metal-reinforced core.


Preventive Measures

This process is straightforward, but one should always adopt preventive measures.  Follow the instruction properly. Do not start the repairing process unless you understand all the steps correctly. Be careful with the power equipment. Finally, take care of your and your loved ones’ life.


It’s A Wrap!

A washing machine is one of the most frequently used appliances. Anyone can face issues in the washer’s coupling. To solve this issue, one should know all the guidelines for replacing the motor coupling on a Kenmore washer. Proper following of these guidelines can help you repair your washer at home. Now, you know how to replace motor coupling on Kenmore washer. You may also be interested to know about how to operate a Kenmore washer machine and how to reset the Kenmore washer.

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