How To Transport A Wedding Cake In 4 Easy Steps

You can learn how to transport a wedding cake in four steps. We will start with the proper cake preparations and then tips on driving with the tiered wedding cake. 

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how to transport a wedding cake


How Do You Transport A Wedding Cake In A Car?


Step 1. Assemble the cake tiers

  • Determine the number of layers for the wedding cake and decorate each tier accordingly 
  • Some would assume that it’s better to travel with the cake tiers individually, but this would just put you at more risk for damaging the wedding cake during transport
  • It will also be more time consuming to decorate each cake layer at the site, not to mention the pressure of making the cake with other staff around 
  • After decorating the cake tiers, stack them together before transport, but only if it’s under three tiers or shorter than 16 inches; otherwise, travel with the cake layers in groups
  • Check the placement of the bottom cake layer to the cake board and frost around it for added security and decoration since it hides the seams 
  • Dowel each layer of the wedding cake before stacking to create a better structure and support to the tiers
  • Put each cake tier over each other on cardboards, then frost around the base of each stack in a way that’s also appropriate for the overall design of the wedding cake 
  • Put a dowel through the center of the wedding cake, ensuring that it also bores through the cardboard on each tier to further discourage the layers from sliding around 


Step 2. Chill the wedding cake overnight

  • Since most wedding cakes use buttercream frosting, it’s best to chill it overnight before transport 
  • Cold icing helps stabilize the cake tiers further because it won’t longer make each layer slippery 
  • If your fridge can’t accommodate the stacked wedding cake, the steps will be modified
  • You will chill the individual layers overnight then do the stacking before the drive 
  • However, it would be more ideal for chilling the stacked cake because the frosting around each base that helps with stabilizing the tiers will also be cold


Step 3. Bring the cake to the car

  • Before bringing the tiered wedding cake to the car, prepare the back area of your vehicle
  • Make sure your vehicle’s back portion is spacious enough for the cake
  • Clean the vehicle to ensure that there is no dust 
  • Turn the car’s air conditioner as a hot vehicle will be detrimental to the icing and stability of the layered wedding cake 
  • Leave the car chilling for about 5 minutes
  • Place a non-skid liner in the center of where you’ll put the cake 
  • Bring the chilled cake over and place it over this liner 


Step 4. Drive to the location with care

  • Carry some extra cake frosting and tools with you for the cake’s touch-ups after arrival
  • Drive with care towards the wedding venue
  • Be mindful of stepping on the brakes and gas to avoid accidentally jolting the layered wedding cake forward
  • Stay on the lookout for potholes and bumps that can jerk the car 
  • Follow the speed restrictions, but it’s better to arrive at the site quickly
  • Do not be nervous when driving with a wedding cake, and make sure you’re also using the right lights and signals to notify the other people on the road if you have to drive slowly
  • Call the venue so the staff will be prepared for the cake’s arrival
  • Request a cart, so you don’t have to carry the wedding cake around the site nervously
  • Prepare the metal cake plateau on the site and then place the wedding cake over it 
  • Do the necessary touch-ups with frosting after setting up the wedding cake
  • Notify the caterers of any additional instruction regarding the cutting and serving of the wedding cake


How Do You Travel Long Distance With A Wedding Cake?

  • Stack the cake layers before transport
  • Plan a cake structure and how you can link them
  • Stabilize the cake tiers with wooden dowels
  • Ice around each cake layer for added protection against slippage
  • If the wedding cake is not high, get a box that can accommodate the cake plate at the base so that it’s touching the sides of the box and the cake won’t move around
  • Before bringing the cake to the vehicle, place a non-slip mat on where you’d put it
  • Make sure the car is cold to keep the wedding cake from sweating, especially long distance


How Do You Transport A Cake Without It Melting?

  • Chill the cake, so the frosting has more body to it
  • Consider other decorating options such as fondant to cover the frosted cake as it’s less likely to melt
  • Transport the cake in the morning inside a cool car to avoid direct heat from the sun



And that’s it! You just learned how to transport a wedding cake, which means you must stack, link, and chill it before the transport day. 

Then, chill your car and place the cake over a non-slip mat. From here, you only need to be careful driving.

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