When Do You Ask Groomsmen To Be In Your Wedding

The answer to when do you ask groomsmen to be in your wedding is as early as two months after the official engagement. We’ll also tackle when it would be too early or too late to ask your groomsmen and bridesmaids. 

Note that these timelines also apply to the best man and maid of honor, as you’ll usually ask for the wedding party at the same time. Then, feel free to refer to how to ask groomsmen to be in the wedding for proposal ideas to ask your groomsmen. 

when do you ask groomsmen to be in your wedding


Here Is When Do You Ask Groomsmen To Be In Your Wedding


Best time to ask groomsmen

The best time to ask your groomsmen is two months after the engagement. One would say that this is too early, but remember that every groomsman will tackle different responsibilities as part of the wedding party. 

You can also have an official engagement party, then schedule a month after for a party to propose to your prospective groomsmen. This way, your closest friends and family already have an idea that you’ll have an upcoming wedding. 

Another ideal time when you should ask your best man and groomsmen is when you and your partner have secured the wedding date and venue. This means it can be nine months to a year before the wedding so that every groomsman can prepare for the upcoming activities like the bachelor party and wedding shower. 


When is it too early for asking groomsmen? 

Do you know that you don’t need to ask someone to be your groomsman as early as more than a year before the wedding? Remember that many things can happen, and no one can promise you that they can attend with this proposal too early. 

Some would say that one year before the wedding is even too early to ask someone to be a part of the wedding party. And worst, you might downsize the wedding or cancel the wedding when someone has already cleared their schedule for you. 

Before asking your groomsmen, ensure that they are the people you’d want for this role. You also want to be sure about the wedding date so they can prepare their schedule. 


When is too late to ask your groomsmen?

While you shouldn’t ask for someone to be a groomsman too early, you shouldn’t also ask too late. This is even terrible because it’s not easy to plan a clear schedule on a whim. 

You may be having your wedding and other pre-wedding events somewhere, forcing someone to book a trip and accommodation immediately. It may also read that you forgot about them and only invite them last-minute.

Once you have secured the venue and date for the wedding, don’t wait too long before finishing your wedding party. Then, together with the bride, come up with the list of bridesmaids and groomsmen so they can prepare as well. 

Please read how to choose the wedding party for tips on selecting the people in it. 


When Should I Ask My Best Man?

You can ask the best man while you ask groomsmen to be a part of your wedding party. You can even ask the best man earlier, the year before the wedding day, so he can help manage the groomsmen with you. 

The best man is not only the groom’s confidant, but he also leads the groomsmen. Therefore, it makes sense to ask him first so that he can plan the other events as well. 


How Much Should Groomsmen Be At A Wedding?

There are no rules on the ideal number of groomsmen at your wedding. However, you can always match the number of bridesmaids, so you and your partner have equal sides at the altar. 

The bridesmaids and groomsmen also typically walk in pairs at the introduction. And, of course, you don’t want to seem like you have more wedding party members than the bridal party. 

For a more in-depth discussion, read how many groomsmen are in a wedding


Do You Give Gifts When Asking Groomsmen?

It’s not mandatory, but you’ll typically give them proposal gifts when you ask the groomsmen to be at your wedding. The item can be something they can wear at the wedding, such as a boutonniere or cuff links to commemorate their role. 

You can even customize gifts like shot glasses or grooming kits that you can use with the groomsmen on wedding activities and when preparing for the big day. These gifts can be given not just when proposing but also on the night before the wedding to thank them. 


Who Are Usually The Groomsmen?

The groomsmen are usually the closest male friends of the groom, but siblings and other family members can also be a groomsman. Nowadays, some grooms even get their dads as groomsmen for a unique wedding party. 

Ultimately, you want your groomsmen to be reliable and the people you’d enjoy celebrating with. You can also include a bride’s brother or close male friend if you’re fond of them. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned when do you ask groomsmen to be in your wedding, which can be after the engagement party or once you secure the wedding venue and date. 

Overall, it would be best if you didn’t propose to your groomsmen too early or too close to the wedding. You want to give them enough time to prepare and don’t forget to show your appreciation with a gift. 

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