How To Ask Groomsmen To Be In Wedding: 3 Unique Ideas

If you’re curious about how to ask groomsmen to be in wedding, consider three unique proposal ideas for these influential men of the wedding party. Much like how the bride makes an effort to ask her bridesmaids to take on such a role, the groom should also make the groomsmen feel special when asked. 

But what if some of these men are more than just groomsmen, in your opinion? If you want to have the best men instead, refer to how many best men are at a wedding.


How To Ask Groomsmen To Be In Wedding: Best Groomsmen Proposal Ideas


  • Groomsmen proposal gift 

All groom-to-bes must have different groomsmen gift ideas to make their groomsmen proposal more sentimental. One of the popular ones to give prospective groomsmen is a gift box consisting of items they can wear or use for the wedding. 

For example, it can be cufflinks, neckties, bowties, boutonnieres, socks, or if you’re feeling extra generous, gift the wedding suits to your groomsmen. You can also create a box with items they can use for pre-wedding celebrations like wedding showers. 

Your groomsmen will surely appreciate flasks, shot glasses, cigars, or edible goodies like beef jerky or sweets. And if all these item suggestions still didn’t inspire you, why not give your groomsmen a pampering or grooming kit with a razor, shaving cream, and styling gel?


  • Take your groomsman for a drink

If giving gifts is not your love language, the wedding party can celebrate before the wedding itself. You can also use this as an opportunity to ask these important male figures in your life to be with you at the front of the aisle. 

You can always take your future groomsmen out to drink at your favorite place. Another alternative is to talk with your partner and hold an event at home where you can ask your guests to be your bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

And since you’re drinking anyway, it might be more commemorative to give these men customized mugs, shot glasses, or even mini wine bottles. They’ll also remember that you’ve chosen them to be part of your wedding ceremony. 


  • Ask groomsmen while doing a hobby

The third fun idea to ask someone to be your groomsman is when doing a hobby you usually have for bonding. If you want to ask your group of friends in one go, this will also be excellent. 

What are the hobbies you usually do with the boys? Perhaps you can make the groomsmen proposal while playing video games, fishing, or watching a sports event.

Some large friend groups might even often play sports themselves. You can then reveal that you’d want them to be your groomsmen at the end of the game. 

Additionally, you may want to familiarize yourself with how many groomsmen in a wedding. This will help you plan these proposal events much better because you’ll know how many people to invite. 


When Should I Ask My Groomsmen For My Wedding?

Besides knowing how to ask groomsmen to be part of your wedding, you should also identify the proper timing to pop the question. For example, how early can you ask someone to be a groomsman?

The earliest you can ask someone is one year before the wedding, as it’s also when you’re starting contacting other wedding vendors, and you’ve probably secured the venue and wedding date. However, it’s more realistic to ask someone ten months before the wedding if there are changes.

You might need to shorten the wedding party suddenly or simply decide not to have someone as your groomsman. By doing the groomsmen’s proposal 9 to 10 months before the wedding, you can avoid awkward situations. 


How Do You Ask Wording For Groomsmen?

A simple “will you be my groomsman?” is ideal for proposing to your prospective groomsmen. It is straightforward, and the person can quickly answer with a yes or no. 

You can also use this simple phrase as your groomsmen invitation idea if you’re writing on a card or item when you want to pop the question. But if you want more clever ways to ask someone to be your groomsmen, consider these wording examples on gifts or cards:

  • Suit up! Will you be my groomsman?
  • [Friend’s name], how do you feel about free food and booze? If you like these things, you should be my groomsman!
  • So uhm, I’m saying goodbye to the single life. I kinda need you to accompany me on the aisle. Will you be my groomsman?
  • Requesting for [friend’s name] to be my groomsman.


Can I Text To Ask Groomsmen?

Depending on the situation and general closeness to the prospective groomsmen, it might be possible to text your proposal to them. However, it would feel more genuine if you make an effort to talk to them, give them a gift, or spend an activity with them, then ask them if they’d want to be your groomsmen. 


Are Groomsmen Supposed To Be Single?

Contrary to popular belief, groomsmen don’t have to be single. However, they should still be at that age that would enjoy drinking and partying as these are expected in a wedding. 



And that’s it! To recap how to ask groomsmen to be in wedding, consider giving a gift, taking them out for a drink, or propose during a bonding activity. 

It’s always better to have a fun and unique groomsmen proposal as it’s also a sentimental moment. Your groomsmen will indeed feel unique compared to just texting them. 

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