What To Put In A Wedding Gift Basket: 3 Best Ideas

You can try three DIY gift basket ideas if you don’t know what to put in a wedding gift basket. These basket ideas will make the perfect gift for all types of guests.

And best of all, each of these wedding gift baskets is easy to do, and you won’t be breaking the bank. And if you need more wedding favor ideas, feel free to browse our blog. 

what to put in a wedding gift basket

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DIY Ideas On What To Put In A Wedding Gift Basket For Guests


  • Relaxing and pampering gift baskets

A fantastic wedding gift basket to give your guests is a collection of items for pampering and relaxing. These items will be especially appreciated as gifts for guests at a destination wedding. 

They can use the lotion, face sheet mask, essential oils, and other products to prepare for the weeklong wedding celebration. You can also select this type of gift basket for your wedding party. 

For example, your groomsmen and bridesmaids can use the items while preparing with you on your wedding morning. And for brides who also want to do photoshoots with their bridal party, you can add what to wear getting ready for the wedding with your gifts for your girls. 


  • Wine gift basket

Wedding gift baskets with alcoholic drinks like wine bottles or whiskey sets might be something that couples overlook because they can get pricey. However, you can give these wedding gifts to only the wedding party and other close people to you who are attending the wedding. 

You can even customize the glasses to serve as a memento of the occasion. Furthermore, you don’t need to give large sizes of alcoholic drinks, and there are many mini wine bottles to try. 

Another tip to save on costs is to provide a single bottle of wine and then add an opener or a wine glass. You can even order these gifts at the same place where you’ll buy the wedding drinks, as buying in bulk might mean discounts. 


  • Edible gift basket ideas

If you want to give wedding baskets that guests will surely love, consider filling each basket with edible goodies. You can also order the sweets and pastries at the same bakeshop where you’re buying the wedding cake to save on costs. 

But if you don’t want to give gift baskets with sweets, other edible items you can provide guests include coffee, jam, tea, or even savory munchies like nuts and other salty snacks. You can buy large bags and then DIY the wedding baskets by putting the foods in cute containers.

Couples who love cooking can also showcase their skills by doing the edible wedding baskets themselves. And if you have a business to promote, you can put your logo on the items. 


How To Make A Wedding Gift Basket?

Making a gift basket for the wedding does not mean you have to spend a fortune. You can buy cheap baskets in bulk, then decorate and fill each gift basket yourself. 

To save on time, write a list of the guests you’ll give a wedding gift. Then, set a schedule, so the wedding gift baskets are ready before the big day. 

  1. Paint the baskets if their original color does not match the wedding theme
  2. Place the items like the wine bottle or jars of jam inside
  3. Add fillers such as cutout papers or whatever suits the wedding theme
  4. Put a personalized card in the basket for added sentimentality
  5. Add flowers and other decors so the basket won’t have too much empty space inside
  6. Wrap ribbon around the basket and glue details such as beads or pearls, whichever suits the wedding
  7. Leave the basket open or wrap it in see-through paper or mesh fabric
  8. Use the basket handle for adding fabric strips or garlands if needed


What Do You Put In A Welcome Basket For Out Of Town Guests?

The wedding gift baskets can be your favors that the guests can bring home after the wedding. However, you can also use these gifts to welcome your guests to your destination wedding. 

There is usually a welcome party once the guests arrive, or you can hand them these gift baskets when they arrive at the hotel. Some items you can put in a wedding welcome basket include:

  • Trinkets and souvenirs unique to the wedding location
  • Maps of the area and schedule of the weeklong wedding 
  • Public transportation information 
  • Snacks and goodies
  • Toiletries, first-aid kit, or sewing kit
  • Towels or robes
  • Corsages and boutonnieres
  • Gift cards 

If you’re leaving the gift hamper in their hotel, read what to put in bathroom baskets for the wedding


Do We Really Need to Give Guests Welcome Gifts?

Welcome gifts are not mandatory, but guests will surely appreciate them, especially at destination weddings. They can also include information cards regarding the activities in your chosen wedding location. 



And that’s it! To recap what to put in a wedding gift basket, try three things. 

You can fill the gift baskets with pampering products, wine kits, or edible goodies. You can DIY each wedding basket, and don’t forget to include a short note to show your appreciation, especially if they’re for the wedding party. 

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