When Do Wedding Dresses Go On Sale: Best Time To Buy

You can know when do wedding dresses go on sale by checking three instances. We will also share the best times in the year to buy a wedding dress to save money. 

But first, why are wedding dresses so expensive anyway? Feel free to read our discussion to know how much should you pay for one while still being reasonable. 

when do wedding dresses go on sale


Learn When Do Wedding Dresses Go On Sale To Save Money


Clearance sales

It’s always helpful to have a list of bridal shops so that you can keep track of potential clearance sales. Of course, they might differ on the dates they’ll offer huge discounts, so it’s best that you sign with their newsletters or even follow them on social media for announcements. 

When the shops are going to introduce a new collection, it’s also likely that they will offer a clearance sale for the current wedding dresses to empty their inventory. Consider marking your calendar for potential sales at the beginning of the year or during summer. 

However, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s possible for some shops not to have sales. In this case, there are two other instances where you can score gorgeous wedding dresses without breaking the bank. 


Returned dresses

Some designers might offer returned dresses, which of course, no longer will have the same price tag as their original price. These dresses might be from canceled weddings or returned for various reasons. 

The only consideration is to check the overall condition of the dress. It might have some damages or need cleaning, so be prepared to spend for these extra adjustments upon getting your wedding dress. 

Here is where to get wedding dresses cleaned if you need it. 


Discontinued dresses

Similar to clearance sales, some stores will still sell some of their dresses considered out of style. However, they might be discontinued and kept in the backroom, so try calling the store if they will sell them at a lower price. 

Please keep an open mind with discontinued wedding dresses because you can still modify and alter them to be as stylish as the current dresses of the season. But of course, that would warrant a visit to a seamstress, which will be another expense for the wedding dress. 

Another specific example of a discontinued wedding dress is the sample wedding dress. If you’re eyeing a designer, you can check their shop for sample wedding dresses, which are essentially the ones tried on the bridal salon but never worn outside or altered. 


When Is The Best Time To Buy Your Wedding Dress 



The best time to buy a wedding dress is in January. The beginning of the new year is when boutiques usually introduce new collections or restock their dresses, so brides have more choices for their wedding dresses. 

January is also deemed the best month to begin wedding dress shopping because the holidays are usually the engagement season. Designers and dressmakers see this as an opportunity to offer exciting dresses to cope with the expected demands next year. 


Summer and early winter

Some other occasions to mark your calendar for wedding dress shopping are in the summer and early winter. These two seasons are usually when bridal salons hold sample sales. 

Samples sales are when shops and designers offer the dresses they usually have for fitting for sale, which means it’s possible to score gorgeous dresses at a lower price. If you are a fan of a specific designer, make sure to visit during sample sales, and you might get your dream dress. 


6 months before the wedding day

In general, you should start looking for wedding dresses for at least six months before the wedding day. This will ensure that you have tried everything you’ll potentially like instead of settling with what’s available according to schedule. 

Dress shopping early will also allow the designer or seamstress to give you three fittings and do the necessary alterations. If your wedding day is during peak season, you no longer need to worry that your dream dress will become unavailable. 


How Much Should You Pay For Your Wedding Dress?

A reasonable price for a wedding dress is around a thousand dollars. However, the average cost that brides are willing to spend is even $1,500, so this price range can still be considered acceptable for a wedding dress.

Nonetheless, you will ultimately decide how much you’ll be willing to spend on the wedding dress. So just make sure that the other expenses for the wedding won’t be affected. 

If you need more information regarding this part of the budget, read how much is too much for a wedding dress.  


What Should I Know Before Buying A Wedding Dress?

  • Mark your calendars for potential sales and discounts
  • Set a budget for the wedding dress beforehand
  • Make wedding dress trial appointments at least six months before the wedding day
  • Determine the wedding dress features that are acceptable to your culture, religion, or place where the wedding will be held



And that’s it! To recap when do wedding dresses go on sale, consider clearance sales or watch out for returned and discounted dresses.

Then, the best times of the year to buy a wedding dress is on January, early winter, and summer. We hope you learned a lot; let us know how your dress shopping goes. 

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