How Much Is Too Much For A Wedding Dress

If you’re unsure how much is too much for a wedding dress, remember that the maximum for most brides is $1,500. Nonetheless, we will talk about when it’s okay to splurge so that you won’t feel guilty but still get the dress of your dreams. 

Are you also curious about why are wedding dresses so expensive? Consider reading the discussion about it to appreciate the workmanship of wedding dresses and why they can get pricey. 

how much is too much for a wedding dress


How Much Is Too Much For A Wedding Dress: Is It Okay To Splurge?

Going over $1,500 for a wedding dress can be too much, but this depends on every couple’s budget for their wedding. Some setups also have the bride allocating a specific budget for her dress, and others even offer the wedding dress as a gift to the bride, regardless of its price. 

If the wedding must follow a strict budget, you must discuss the costs you expect to spend on the wedding dress with your partner. Maintain good communication on both ends, so no one feels unheard, and the bride is still satisfied with what she’ll wear on this special day. 

Is it okay to splurge on a wedding dress? It’s worth spending extra on a wedding dress because it makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. 

After all, it’s your wedding day, and it’s one of the most important milestones of your life. Just remember to be still considerate, so your partner wouldn’t feel like he’s compromising too much on his end. 


Why do people spend so much money on wedding dresses?

People are willing to spend so much money on a wedding dress because it’s their wedding after all. It’s as simple as that; the wedding is among the most important occasions and the dress they’ll wear on that day is worth spending for.

Some brides are even looking forward to this special day, and they might’ve already been eyeing a specific wedding dress no matter the cost. They might have been saving for it, so even if it’s over a thousand dollars, it wouldn’t be an issue for the rest of the wedding budget. 

Finally, one can spend a lot of money on a wedding dress if it’s meant to be a family heirloom. Most mothers are looking forward to passing down the special dress on their daughters once it’s their time to get married. 


What Is A Reasonable Price For A Wedding Dress?

A thousand dollars should still be a reasonable price for a wedding dress, especially if you want something made from quality materials and have intricate details to look special. After all, you can’t expect a $200 dress to look as good as something that took long to design, decorate, and finish. 

Furthermore, be prepared to spend over a thousand dollars if a famous designer makes the dress. However, there’s no reason to feel bad if you also think that getting something at $500 or lower is reasonable.

You might score a sale, or you have transformed a plain dress into something elegant using accessories. A bride wearing a dress that’s only a couple of hundred dollars is just as special as a bride who spends a thousand or more. 


How can I spend less money on my wedding dress?

  • Make sure to start shopping as early as 9 months before the wedding to avoid rush charges and extra costs, especially if it’s peak season
  • Have different shops and bridal salons in mind, so you’ll know their sales or when they’ll offer a new collection where dresses from the past seasons will be at lower prices
  • Be upfront with the bridal consultant that you are only planning on spending a specific budget for the wedding dress
  • Be open-minded with simple wedding dresses because they can always be styled with accessories or even altered to look more fitting for the wedding

Here is where to buy wedding dresses off the rack for brides on a budget. 


What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding Dress?

As of this writing, the average cost of a wedding dress is $1,650, with a starting price of $280. Of course, most brides spend a thousand dollars on their wedding dresses as well. 


Is 1000 dollars a lot for a wedding dress?

A thousand dollars is not a lot for a wedding dress, considering that it’s the average price most brides in the US are willing to pay for. However, not every bride is the same, so spending $1,000 on a wedding dress might still be too much for others. 


How to make a cheap wedding dress look expensive?

The easiest way to transform a budget wedding dress into something that looks expensive is to bring it to a seamstress for alterations and embellishments. First, get the dress altered to fit your body perfectly and highlight your natural shape, then select wedding dress embellishments that will complement your jewelry, shoes, hair, and makeup. 



And that’s it! We’ve just discussed how much is too much for a wedding dress, which is over $1,500.

Still, note that weddings have different budgets. Some brides might be willing to go over a thousand dollars, and it won’t affect the wedding budget, while others might need to stick to a dress under $500.

We hope this helps your search for the best wedding dress; feel free to browse our blog for more wedding dress tips.

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