What Goes Under Wedding Dress To Make It Poofy

The answer to what goes under wedding dress to make it poofy can either be an underskirt or crinoline. These terms are also sometimes used interchangeably and refer to a slip, so you must know their difference. 

You must get the wedding dress of your dreams, and our blogs are here to help you alter and improve it. More than changing the shape, such as making it poofier, we recommend reading about ways to change or add features to the wedding dress in case you need it.

what goes under wedding dress to make it poofy

For example, read how to add sleeves to a wedding dress if you think it will be more flattering or the dress needs more coverage for the arms to maintain modesty.  


What Goes Under The Wedding Dress To Make It Poofy?



You can volumize and make the bottom part of your wedding dress poofy by wearing an underskirt underneath. The name itself is a skirt that serves as an extra layer under the wedding dress to add volume and make it poofy if it looks flat on its own. 

Some designers also recommend brides wear an underskirt with their wedding dress to make mobility easier since the added poof will keep the dress hem from wrapping around the feet. If the dress is also made from heavy fabrics, the underskirt can remove some weight without losing its flowy characteristic.

This is compared to more rigid structures like the crinoline, making dresses poofy but less flowy. If you’re wearing a ball gown or A-line wedding dress, consider wearing an underskirt to make it poofy and add shape to the waist. 



Back in the day, women wear a crinoline underneath their dresses to make them poofy. Unlike the flowy underskirt, the crinoline is a stiff structure that dramatically volumizes the lower portion of the dress because of its size. 

For wedding dresses, crinoline is also sometimes called slip made of a stiff net-like material. It is ideal for ball gown wedding dresses, especially if you want to make your dress look more royal. 

However, it’s essential that your designer plan the overall structure of your dress with the crinoline. It would also help you try it long before the actual wedding day so you can get the gist of moving with this stiff structure. 


How Do You Make A Wedding Dress Poofy At The Bottom?

Besides adding volume by wearing an underskirt or reshaping the dress waist down with a stiff structure like the crinoline, other hacks can make your wedding dress poofy at the bottom. For example, tighten the waist with a belt to add more volume to the wedding dress skirt. 

You can also have the wedding dress altered on its waistband to add more width to the wedding dress skirt. Or, if there is enough time, the designer might add more fabrics to make the dress poofy at the bottom. 

Finally, a trick to make a wedding dress poofy at the bottom without adding fabrics is to create box pleats on the skirt. These folds can create an illusion of more volume at the wedding dress skirt without actually adding fabric layers. 


How Can I Add Volume To My Wedding Dress?


Add tulle fabric layers

Your seamstress can use tulle fabric layers to add volume to your wedding dress waist down. Tulle fabrics can make the skirt itself, or it may be turned as the skirt lining or separate petticoat to wear with the wedding dress. 


Improve the wedding dress silhouette with organza fabric

Sheer fabrics like organza have some stiffness to them that they’ll also be helpful to volumize and make a wedding poofy. The seamstress can add it underneath the wedding dress skirt or over it to enhance its silhouette.  


Stiffen the wedding dress skirt with interfacing

If you need to volumize the wedding dress but have limited time left, you can consider using fusible interfacing. This material can easily be attached by pressing a hot iron to add shape and stiffen the wedding dress.


Add structure with interlining

A layer that’s meant to be between the inner lining and outer fabric is the interlining. The seamstress can strategically attach this to the wedding dress to give shape and add volume. 


What Do They Put Under Their Wedding Dress?


A-line wedding dress

Crinoline petticoats add fullness to the bottom of the wedding dress, and some are specifically structured for A-line wedding dresses. However, there should also be an extra layer of fabric to keep the itchy net-like material from the skin. 


Ball gown wedding dress

The ideal accessory underneath them for ball gown-style wedding dresses would be a hoop slip with boning. These are stiffer undergarments that will widen the bottom of the wedding dress, but they might be removed after the ceremony since it’s hard to sit and walk with them.



And that’s it! We just learned what goes under wedding dress to make it poofy, which are underskirt and crinoline. 

They add volume to the skirt and improve the overall silhouette of the wedding dress. And to get the best fitting, we also recommend reading how to measure for a wedding dress to ensure that you’ll get the best look on your special day. 


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