What To Wear To A Winter Wedding Men

If you want to know what to wear to a winter wedding men, there are five considerations to build your wedding attire. We will also discuss the etiquette of dressing for a wedding while remaining appropriate for the cold winter weather. 

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what to wear to a winter wedding men


What To Wear To A Winter Wedding Men: Winter Wedding Male Guest Attire


Check the dress code for the winter wedding

Before anything else, read the wedding invitation or website for the guests’ dress code or expected attire. Usually, winter weddings are formal, but you’ll only know how to dress up or down, depending on the dress code. 

Winter wedding outfits for men can be anywhere from a tuxedo, classic suit, three-piece suit, or even a simple single-breasted jacket, depending on the formality. What’s fantastic with these types of clothing is they are warm enough for a winter wedding. 

As for the color and material to wear, continue reading below for guests’ etiquette of winter wedding attire. You might also attend a themed wedding that will help you determine what style and patterns to wear. 


Choose comfortable fabrics for your winter wedding guest outfit

Comfort is a significant factor when deciding what to wear to a winter wedding. You don’t want to be freezing during the ceremony, or you might not last long in the reception. 

Therefore, opt for warm fabrics for the clothes you’ll wear to a winter wedding. Men can start with something warm and knitted for their inner, like a wool polo shirt, and then layer it with a dressy jacket for a semi-formal or dressy casual wedding. 

On the other hand, a simple button-down shirt with a herringbone, tweed, or even flannel suit would be perfect for a more formal winter wedding. And of course, don’t neglect your pants as they should be equally comfortable. 


You can never go wrong with dark colors for men 

Male winter wedding attire is usually in dark colors. Dark colors would be comfortable for the cold weather and formal enough to help you look sophisticated for the wedding. 

Men’s wedding outfits for the winter are usually in dark colors like navy, dark green, gray, or even maroon. Of course, you can wear black, but you can also consider patterns like check for a more modern winter wedding look. 

Jewel tones are popular with winter weddings for the glamorous appeal. That being said, you still want your attire to be lowkey and don’t look like you’re upstaging the groom. 


Winter-friendly shoes for male wedding guest attire

The final part of your wedding attire for the winter wedding is the type of shoes you’ll wear. Of course, it should suit the winter weather but also look cohesive with the rest of your attire. 

The shoes for the men’s wedding outfits typically include loafers, Derbys, and other formal leather shoes. Outdoor winter weddings might also be perfect for men’s dressy boots. 

Ultimately, wear something comfortable for the winter wedding venue type. And like with other weddings, don’t wear something casual like trainers. 


Layer your winter wedding outfit if needed

Dressing for a winter wedding means being appropriate for the event’s formality while maintaining comfort. So if it’s frigid, don’t hesitate to layer your wedding attire. 

Wear a coat that would be dressy enough, such as an overcoat. You can also bring a more comfortable parka and remove it indoors. 

If you want to wear something over your winter wedding outfit, a stylish tip is to select a jacket with a structured shoulder, and its length is longer than your main suit.  Peacoats will look neat for men attending a winter wedding. 


What Color Suit Do You Wear To A Winter Wedding?

The most common winter wedding attire for men is suits because these outfits are both formal and comfortable if you don’t know what to wear as a male guest. But to be more appropriate while remaining dapper, wear dark and rich colors.

Suits in autumn colors of dark reds, greens, and browns will be classy for a winter wedding. You might also want something that looks black but would register differently in other light conditions. 


Should Men Always Wear A Suit To A Winter Wedding?

You might need to wear a suit to a winter wedding if it’s a black-tie or formal wedding. Otherwise, cocktail, semi-formal, and dressy casual weddings during winter can have male guests in blazers and proper trousers. 

You can also get something dressy like a blazer with a pocket square or is fitted like a suit. And depending on how cold it is, you can get away with lighter colors and fabrics for your jacket. 

What about winter wedding brides? For comfort, read what to wear over the wedding dress if cold



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a winter wedding men, it depends on the dress code, but the typical attire is a formal suit in dark colors and warm fabrics. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, especially for an outdoor winter wedding. But then, you can always wear a peacoat over your outfit to add warmth if needed.

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