What To Wear To A Cold Outdoor Wedding: Best Outfits

If you want to know what to wear to a cold outdoor wedding, consider these five tips for your wedding guest attire. They will keep you warm, but you’ll also remain formal for the wedding.

And speaking of cold seasons, you can also read about what to wear to a winter wedding. Please browse our blog for different outfit ideas for various wedding locations.  

what to wear to a cold outdoor wedding


What To Wear To A Cold Outdoor Wedding: Wedding Guest Attire Ideas


Sleeved outfits

If you’re attending a cold outdoor wedding, long-sleeved outfits will help you stay comfortable throughout the ceremony. Think of long-sleeved dresses or blouses for female guests or a long-sleeved buttoned shirt for male guests. 

What’s fantastic with sleeved guest outfits is they are applicable even if it’s not very cold. So, for example, fall weddings can feel cool but not as chilly as winter weddings. 

So if you’re a guest at an outdoor fall wedding or the ceremony is by the sea with a strong breeze, you can stay comfortable with sleeved outfits. In addition, you won’t feel too hot since you’re not layering your clothes. 


Material suitable for the winter wedding attire

Besides the style of the outfit itself, the fabrics and materials of your clothes can keep you warm at a cold outdoor wedding. So instead of light and breathable fabrics, you want something warm and heavy

Consider a dress or suit made of velvet, nylon, hemp wool, flannel, or fleece. You can also consider clothes with multiple layers, so you don’t need to wear another clothing piece over your wedding guest outfit. 


Comfortable colors for the outdoor wedding

Do you know that some colors retain heat better? Therefore, you want to select colors that will keep you warm at an outdoor wedding. 

Think of rich and dark tones like black, navy blue, burgundy, or even jewel tones like emerald for your outfit. But of course, remember that you’re attending a wedding and you still need to follow the theme indicated on the invitation. 

You also don’t want to stand out or wear the same color as the wedding party. And finally, some dark colors won’t be suitable if the outdoor wedding is held in the morning or afternoon. 

To help you avoid them, here are the colors that you shouldn’t wear to a wedding


Undergarments to wear

The undergarments you’ll wear with your wedding guest outfit can also help you stay comfortable at a chilly outdoor wedding. For example, you may want to wear a specific dress, but it’s too short and would be cold for the outdoor wedding venue. 

The solution would be a pair of solid-colored tights with fuzzy material underneath. On the other hand, male guests can wear long underwear similar to tights underneath their dress pants. 


Coverup for the wedding guest attire

The quickest and most stylish way to keep warm at a cold outdoor wedding is by wearing coverups over your outfit. They can also enhance the formality of your attire, perfect for black-tie weddings. 

Think of dark-colored coats, blazers, or jackets made from thick and fluffy materials. A coat will pair well with a jumpsuit for female guests, while there are different styles of jackets for men that will suit various wedding themes.  


How Should I Dress For An Outdoor Winter Wedding?

While winter is not the most popular season for outdoor weddings, more and more couples entertain the idea of a winter wonderland wedding. They’ll have their ceremony outdoors and take advantage of the gorgeous white backdrop. 

That being said, what should a guest wear to an outdoor winter wedding? 


Check the wedding invitation

While you should opt for warm clothing, you don’t want to look out of place at the wedding. Follow the dress code indicated in the wedding invitation. 

Try the following suggestions and dress up or dress down accordingly:

  • Black tie outdoor winter wedding: tux made from warm materials, dark-colored long-sleeved and floor-length dress 
  • Semi-formal outdoor winter wedding: blazer and buttoned shirt, blouse and skirt with tights and jacket
  • Casual winter wedding: tweed jacket and denim, jumpsuit and coat


Adjust according to the weather and location

Will the outdoor winter wedding be held on the day expected to be the coldest of the month? Is the outdoor location an utterly open area?

While you should expect the winter wedding to be cold, you can adjust your outfit materials, layers, and colors according to the venue and wedding date. For example, you might get away with a shawl, or you might need to bring different coverups. 


What Do You Wear To A Casual Winter Wedding?

Like any other wedding, you still want to maintain formality as basic guest etiquette. So for casual winter wedding attire, denim might be welcomed but choose plain and dark-colored jeans instead of ripped ones. 

And if you’re wearing a jacket or any coverup, it shouldn’t have any graphic print or word. Then, select a dressy pair of boots, so you won’t look like you’re going to a themed party. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a cold outdoor wedding, consider long sleeves, warm fabrics, dark colors, the proper undergarments, and something to layer over your outfit. 

You still want to follow the wedding dress code, so be mindful of your overall attire. We hope these tips help you; let us know below what you’ll wear to an outdoor cold wedding. 

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