What To Wear Over Wedding Dress If Cold: 6 Styles

Those who want to know what to wear over wedding dress if cold can consider six stylish ways. We will also give brides ideas on wearing a wedding dress appropriate for a winter wedding. 

And, of course, guests can consider the tips below to stay warm for a cold wedding. You can also refer to what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding for additional ideas.  

what to wear over wedding dress if cold


What To Wear Over Wedding Dress If Cold: Stylish Cover-Ups For Brides


  • Scarf for brides

For brides who don’t want a coverup like a jacket, bolero, or blazer for their wedding dress, a subtler option to stay warm at a cold wedding is a scarf. Of course, you can also bring the scarf with you and use it if needed or during the evening at the reception.

So how would you tastefully wear a scarf over a wedding dress? An elegant way to style a scarf is to use it as an alternative to the veil. 

This style is also suitable for conservative weddings as you’re covering your head and neck region. Just select a scarf that complements your wedding dress style and have your makeup artist make your eyes pop more to look even more ethereal on your wedding day. 


  • Wraps for wedding dresses

If having a headscarf does not suit your style for your dream wedding attire, another way to protect yourself from the cold on your wedding day is a wrap. Shawls are also subtle, and you can adjust the wrap throughout the day depending on where you need the additional layer. 

A classic way to style a wrap over the wedding dress is to spread out the fabric and have it around your shoulders. Then, if it suits the wedding dress, leave one end of the wrap across your body and the other one on your other shoulder. 

If this look does not compliment your wedding dress, you can tuck one corner underneath the wrap behind the opposite shoulder and the other end to the other shoulder. There will be no tails from the wrap for a more sleek look. 

Here is also how to wear a shawl for a wedding for more ideas. 


  • Bridal cardigan

Another option for brides is to wear an heirloom clothing piece over their wedding gowns. Vintage bridal cardigans never go out of style, and it’s even sentimental to wear a family heirloom down the aisle. 

You can also ask the tailor or the shop where you bought the dress if they have a bridal cardigan that will look best with your dress. It can have the same textures, patterns, and embellishments for a cohesive look. 

A simple white cardigan can give the bride warmth if it’s cold at the outdoor wedding venue for casual and laidback weddings. Some brides opt for a basic white dress, which won’t need a very bridal-looking cardigan. 


  • Bridal bolero

You can choose a fitting bridal bolero to wear over your wedding dress if you don’t find the cardigan suitable for your bridal look. Bridal boleros come in different designs such as lace, satin, or even embellished to complement different wedding dress styles. 

Furthermore, some boleros come at a reasonable length, so you maintain the silhouette of your wedding dress better. And after some time, you can use it for other occasions to get the most out of your purchase. 


  • Capes for weddings

A unique wedding attire that brides can try is a cape with their wedding gown. The bridal cape can also replace the veil, especially if you want a modern bridal look. 

What’s fantastic with a bridal cape is not only does it provide warmth for a cold ceremony. The right style also looks seamless with the wedding dress, so the two pieces don’t look forced together. 


  • Wedding jacket

A wedding jacket or suit is handy for winter weddings. Depending on the theme, you can even consider leather and denim jackets.

Usually, the bride has these jackets customized to make them more fitting for the wedding. It can be whimsical and mention “just married,” for example. 


What Do Brides Wear For Winter Wedding?

A winter wedding will, of course, mean that the conditions will be cold. However, this doesn’t mean that the bride must sacrifice her preferred bridal look to keep warm. 

The proper wedding undergarments can provide warmth, or she can wear something over her wedding dress like a cape or bolero. Another option is to talk with your seamstress and modify the wedding dress length or sleeves. 

Here is how to add sleeves to a wedding dress, for example. Warm layers and fabrics can also make the wedding dress more fitting for the cold season. 


Can A Bride Wear A Sleeveless Dress To A Winter Wedding?

  • Consider a shawl or coverup to add to the sleeveless wedding dress
  • Choose a dark color for the wedding dress
  • Have the wedding dress made from satin or velvet
  • Select an indoor wedding venue
  • Do the ceremony in the afternoon



Was this style guide helpful? To recap what to wear over wedding dress if cold, you can try a scarf, shawl, cardigan, bolero, cape, or jacket. 

You can also choose a sleeved wedding dress, have it made from warm colors and fabrics, or simply opt for an indoor winter wedding for cold protection. 

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